Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Whitney Cummings Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Whitney Cummings is a popular American Comedienne and actress. Her age is now in the mid thirties. Being the creator of NBC sitcom Whitney, she is under constant observation and comments from her fans. Some of the alleged Whitney Cummings plastic surgery speculations include a nose job, facial fillers and eyelid surgery. Whitney Cummings before and after photos might provide a clue.

Photo Credit: (left) Frederick M Brown Getty Images, (right) Jesse Grant Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Frederick M Brown Getty Images, (right) Jesse Grant Getty Images

Whitney Cummings began her career the hard way. Starting from the humble beginnings as a stand up comedian in 2004, she got her big break when she appeared in the audition for Last Comic Standing. Her exposure in the two popular shows, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and Last Call with Carson Daly, propelled her to the level of elite comedians.

Whitney Cummings was not contented with just honing her humor. She tried her hand in producing several shows. In 2011, her two shows, 2 Broke Girls and Whitney, were selected by major broadcast network companies. However, things were not smooth sailing for the Whitney show. It was terminated after two seasons.

The show Whitney was not her only setback. Her other talk show, Love You, Mean It With Whitney Cummings on E! was also cancelled after just 11 episodes. But that did not dampen the spirits of Whitney Cummings. She plays a part in Season 3 of Undateable.

Watch Whitney Cummings in an interview back in 2009:

Compare that to a recent Whitney Cummings interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Show:

Whitney Cummings and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are the favorites of many celebrities. A well executed nose job will enhance the beauty of any female superstar as it is the central feature of the face. However, one small wrong move will result in an imbalanced or collapsed nose. For botched nose jobs, it is very difficult to correct. Revisionary rhinoplasties might worsen the situation further.

Most celebrities want a sharper nose tip and narrower nose bridge as the desire outcome. Often, the effect of the nose job is visible after two weeks.

Photo Credit: (left) Patrick McMullan Getty Images, (right) Rich Polk Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Patrick McMullan Getty Images, (right) Rich Polk Getty Images

For Whitney Cummings, earlier photos show the same nose shape as it is now. She has a narrow nose bridge all along. Cummings’ nose is already quite sharp and her recent photos does not show any significant changes. Thus, all the Whitney Cummings nose job rumors are not true at all. Check out the photos above and see if you agree.

Whitney Cummings and Facial Fillers Rumors

As a woman approaches mid thirties, signs of aging begin to creep in. For celebrities, the stress and pressure of performance schedules accelerate the aging process. Proper care of the skin and diet is essential to preserve their good looks and figure. However, some celebrities take the short cut to hide the aging signs.

One popular way to tackle those fine lines and wrinkles is the use of facial fillers. But they should be used sparingly. The common mistake is to overdose on facial fillers. The outcome of fillers overdose is a lumpy and ugly face.

Photo Credit: (left) Barry King Getty Images, (right) Frederick M.Brown Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Barry King Getty Images, (right) Frederick M.Brown Getty Images

For Whitney Cummings, her cheeks are looking very puffed up. The position of her cheeks have moved higher compared to her earlier photos. Cheeks sag with aging due to gravity. Such abnormal lift of the cheeks gave rise to the facial fillers rumors. Looking at the before and after pictures, what do you think?

Whitney Cummings and Eyelid Surgery rumors

Fine lines around the eyes are the first signs of aging. Eye wrinkle treatment is big business nowadays. It does not necessarily mean wielding the knife. There are many eye creams and eye patches proven to reduce those lines around the eyes.

Photo Credit: (left) J Vespa Getty Images, (right) Laura Cavanaugh Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) J Vespa Getty Images, (right) Laura Cavanaugh Getty Images

But for the impatient, eyelid surgery is the way to go. Despite the pain, the promise of bigger eyes, lesser crows’ feet, and reduced eyebags have led many to undergo this painful process. For Whitney Cummings, her eyes look bigger in the later photos. However, you can see that she put on heavier eyeliner in her later photos. And we know eye makeup can create a big illusion. But there is enough difference to spark eyelid surgery rumors.

Was it just simple makeup or was it due to eyelid surgery? Have your say below:

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Whitney Cummings and Facelift Rumors

Another Whitney Cummings plastic surgery rumor is the facelift. Facelifts are used to add life and lift years off an aging face. As with facial fillers, facelifts should not be done excessively. Mulitple facelifts will result in a taut and tight looking face.

Photo Credit: (left) David Livingston Getty Images, (right) Jeffrey Mayer Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) David Livingston Getty Images, (right) Jeffrey Mayer Getty Images

On NBC’s Today Show, her face change did not go unnoticed as show host Kathie Lee Gifford mentioned that Whitney Cummings is unrecognisable. But Whitney Cummings’ response was not an admission to plastic surgery. She said “Well, I did get a new face.I did this weird thing that nobody likes to do anymore where I gained weight. I gained like 25 lbs., which I think I needed to. I was way too skinny before. Here’s the thing: When you’re on television, you get confused. I looked like I was passing away and I put on, like, 20 lbs. I think it filled out… people think I got a face-lift.”

Then, she attributed her enhanced looks to an LED machine, saying “Did you see Eyes Wide Shut? It’s like a white mask that you put on. You look crazy and a couple restraining orders have already come in,” she said, saying the machine also “lifts and tightens” the skin. “I’ve been using it for like three months and everybody thinks [I had a face-lift].”

Overall, Whitney Cummings is still looking like her old self. Whitney Cummings has never admitted to any plastic surgery procedures and there is no way for anyone to be conclusive about it. Only Cummings knows the truth. Let’s look forward to more shows by Whitney Cummings and hope that she does not overdo any procedure on her face. What do you think of Whitney Cummings plastic surgery rumors?

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  1. Irena says:

    The center of her nose has been ever slightly narrowed, and from the profile, ever slightly shaved
    She’s had fillers for sure but what’s making her look older is natural aging of the eyes. Also the heavy liner and penciled poorly arched brows
    If she was going to choose something I would’ve choose an upper eye lift to open the heavy upper lid. Heavy eyeliner only makes a droopy eye look worse
    her original sparse but good eyebrows were well spaced out for her face
    She’s aged a lot in the past 5 years. I would definitely get some dermabrasion on that forehead and start botoxing it properly; not just the arch Botox weird eyebrow thing
    I can still see all the horizontal lines pretty bad and when she winces to make her poor little innocent girl face it’s an awful mess of unnatural creases
    Sorry I just watched her special and I couldn’t get over how different she
    The comedy was not great unfortunately, most comedians reach a point where they become a certain age and become pretty bitter / jaded ( by relationships, hecklers, life lol) instead of fresh and funny
    I sense a lot of anger and judgment and resentment so I guess I watched her face more than I listens to the show (for 15 minutes)

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