Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Song Ji Hyo Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Song Ji Hyo is one of the most famous actresses in South Korea. According to the show Running Man, she has the facial ratio of a beauty and is very well liked by her fans and audience. However, due to her beauty, she is often the subject of plastic surgery rumors. Most notably, there are lots of discussions about her nose becoming sharper over the years and jawline reconstruction.

Song Ji Hyo and Nose Job

Song Ji Hyo plastic surgery before and after photos

Comparing her before and after photos, despite heavy allegations about a nose job, he nose seems to be of the same shape all along. Throwing back to her younger years, she had a bulbous nose and a reasonably pronounced nose bridge. Even today, she seems to have the same shaped nose as before. Thus, we feel that it is quite possible that Song Ji Hyo did not undergo any plastic surgery on her nose at all. Because if she did, her desired results should be sharper than the nose she is having now. Anywa, what’s the point of having plastic surgery when your nose shape hardly changed?

Song Ji Hyo and Jawline Reduction

Some other rumors about Song Ji Hyo include jawline reduction. However, some of the netizens compared her younger photos to her present photos. It is common for everyone to have some sort of baby fat on our cheeks and jawline but such netizens seem to have ignored that. They claim that her now slimmer jawline is primarily due to jaw reduction surgery. Furthermore, they tend to compare photos that might be heavily photoshopped to her untouched younger pictures.

In our view, we feel that Song Ji Hyo has not really undergone extensive plastic surgery. Song Ji Hyo seems to be the natural beauty everyone has grown to love over the years.

Song Ji Hyo Denies Plastic Surgery

In the one of the recent episodes of Running Man, Song Ji Hyo denies ever having plastic surgery. She backed up that fact by allowing one of her co stars to pinch her nose and drag her nose upwards. True enough, although its cruel to see a beauty like Song Ji Hyo being treated this way, she has proven beyond doubt that she had plastic surgery.

Song Ji Hyo nose job debunked

Allegations of her having eye lid surgery were also dispelled during that short segment of the Running Man. Though the short segment was only a few seconds long, it has solved the mystery of Song Ji Hyo’s “sharper” nose over the years. This has proven to us that sometimes, it is not what it seems. And rumors can be utterly false.

Overall, we feel that there should be proper appreciation of what Song Ji Hyo stands for – beauty without surgical intervention. Being a popular superstar on television, we are glad that she has set a shining example for many fans to follow. The co star who pinched her nose in the show did not allow another person to pinch his nose as he has done a nose job himself. In the land of plastic surgery of South Korea, it is rare to find a celebrity like Song Ji Hyo who is willing to stand up and say that natural looks is the best. Though the same cannot be said of other Korean celebrities like Park Shin Hye, Han Ye Seul and Park Bom. What do you think of Song Ji Hyo plastic surgery?

8 replies on “Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Marie says:

    Song Ji Hyo is a stunning natural and classic beauty

  2. gary says:

    wow, I adore her childhood photograph! She looks better then bc I’ve never seen that pretty korean childhood photos..hehe.

  3. popo says:

    how about her boobs? look bigger nowadays

    • amigio says:

      ever heard push-up bra? i don’t think she would have a time to do plastic surgery because for the last 7 years she has been filming Running Man and acting all the time, to have plastic surgery you need to take a few months off.

      • Oh says:

        You are so naïve. She had quite smaller breast compared to now (she was like a small b cup and now she had like a big d cup). You cant make your boobs that big with a pushup bra. Plus it shows when you wear a push UP bra unless you are not observant, and that is not the case for her.

  4. Mae says:

    As someone who is also a cup b. I can really say that with the right push up bra it can look like a D and also a woman’s menstrual cycle plays a big role on making it look big on certain days. I also tried to research all of her photos. Her boobs don’t look the same always. Look at it closely. I’m saying this not as a Song Ji Hyo fan but as a woman who goes through this shit every month. We just can’t determine when it deflates and when it swells

  5. Kehrahn says:

    She is filming RM every week since 2010, where got time to do breast surgery? Surgery will need at least a mth to rest. And if she did breast surgery before, will she dare to play rough game in Running man show?

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