Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Carol Vorderman Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Carol Vorderman, who has wowed audiences on television since 1982, has been the subject of much plastic surgery gossip in recent years. Often the host of television shows, Carol Vorderman’s face is always at the forefront of the cameras. Any slight alteration is easily spotted by observant viewers and fans. At Carol Vorderman’s age of 55, one expects some deep wrinkles to form on the face. But all the audience see is a perfect looking wrinkle-free face. Some of the speculated plastic surgeries include botox injections, facelifts, eye lift and a nose job.

Photo Credit: (right) Wireimage

Photo Credit: (right) Wireimage

Carol Vorderman is a British television personality. She was most well known for hosting the game show Countdown from 1982 to 2008. She also hosted other shows like Better homes, The Pride of Britain Awards for ITV. From 2011 to 2014, Vorderman was also a presenter for ITV’s Loose Women. Up till 2016, Carol Vorderman is still playing a role in I’m a Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here!

Her constant appearances in front of the cameras make looking good a necessity. There is no way for the presenter of a show to look haggard or old. Perhaps it is the need to keep herself looking younger that keeps Vorderman going.

Watch a young Carol Vorderman presenting an interesting How 2 Episode in 1995:

And this is Carol Vorderman in 2011:

And here is Carol Vorderman in 2016:

Carol Vorderman and Botox Injection Rumors

Some view Botox as one of the greatest plastic surgery inventions. Its ability to remove fine lines and wrinkles with such convenience is unparalleled. The relative ease of administration and the short recovery time required, makes botox injections the obvious choice for a quick fix.

Photo Credit: (left) Channel 4, (right) David Giles PA

Photo Credit: (left) Channel 4, (right) David Giles PA

For Carol Vorderman, some observers say that her wrinkle free face comes with and immovable forehead. Her smooth and wrinkle free forehead has many speculators talking. Some also feel that Vorderman’s face does look slightly unnatural. But it could have been the effect of thick makeup too. What do you think? Botox or no botox?

Carol Vorderman and Facelift Rumors

Her bright and full facial skin has got many people suspecting that she might have had a facelift. Facelifts are popular because they can take years off the person’s face. If done the right way, a facelift can make a person look a decade younger. Some tell tale signs of excessive facelifts include an overly tight-looking face and restricted facial expressions.

Photo Credit: (left) Neil Munns PA

Photo Credit: (left) Neil Munns PA

For Carol Vorderman, she does look younger than her actual age. However, her facial skin does not seem that taut to arouse suspicions of multiple facelifts. But nonetheless, there seems an inherent difficulty to express herself. But that can be due to botox use too.

Carol Vorderman and Eye Lift Rumors

As a person ages, the muscles around the eyes start to weaken. For some, there will be some skin folds developing in the upper and lower eyelids. If left alone, the eyes will make the person look older than her age. Thus, eye lifts are used to remove such drooping skin and in the process make the eyes look brighter and bigger. Some patients will also request to have the area around their eyes “tightened” to remove their crows feet. Eye bags are often also removed during the same process.


For Carol Vorderman, her eyes look sparkling and wrinkle-free. The area around her eyes are void of crows feet and eye bags. However, there is still some signs of eye bags but they are not obvious. Some say that its the clever use of make up that hides the wrinkles but if you look closely, the physical appearance of her eyes is so different from earlier photos that make up could not be the cause.

Carol Voderman and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs, the most important plastic surgery at the center of the face, is one of the top plastic surgeries in United States today. Not wanting to look flat-nosed, many celebrities pursue their perfect noses despite the long recovery time required for nose jobs. Common outcomes wanted by celebrities include a sharper nose tip, a narrower nose bridge, as well as smaller nostrils. Depending on the shape of the nose, some nose jobs require foreign objects to be inserted to create the desired shape.

Photo Credit: (right) Yui Mok PA

Photo Credit: (right) Yui Mok PA

For Carol Voderman, there were rumors that she underwent a nose job because there were changes in her nose shape back then and now. However, rumors has it that she might have undergone the surgery for repair work on her nose due to an accident rather than for vanity purposes.

It might be true because if you look at the before and after photos, Carol Voderman’s nose shape did not change drastically. Her nose tip still looks sharp ( it was sharp originally anyway) and her nose bridge looks exactly the same. For nose restoration purposes, it idea is not to change the nose shape dramatically. Her consistent nose shape seems to fall in line with her rumored nose accident story.

Carol Voderman and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Breast augmentation is commonly used to correct breast sizes. Depending on the individual, most opt to have bigger breasts instead of smaller ones. Some opt to undergo breast augmentation to correct unequal breast sizes. Though many know about the dangers of silicone implants, breast augmentation remains as one of the top plastic surgeries in the world today.

Photo Credit: (left) Michael Crabtree PA, (right) Ian West PA

Photo Credit: (left) Michael Crabtree PA, (right) Ian West PA

Photo Credit: (left) Dailymail , (right) Joel Ryan AP

Photo Credit: (left) Dailymail , (right) Joel Ryan AP

For Carol Voderman, her perky and round boobs have attracted lots of attention throughout her career. Being in front of the camera most of the time, the round edges of her “bigger” breasts have caught the attention of gossip mongers. But it is still hard to tell if she underwent breast implants surgery as the same effect could be produced with good push up bras. Looking at the pictures, what is your opinion?

Overall, Carol Voderman’s beauty has stood the test of time. She does not seem really bothered by all the plastic surgery rumors, choosing instead to focus on what she does best, and that is to present television programs to her fans. One thing is for sure, her sex appeal remains unchanged in many of her fans’ minds. This is proven by her everlasting popularity on television now in her mid 50s. What do you think of Carol Voderman plastic surgery rumors? Did she or did she not?

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