Pixee Fox Plastic Surgery Herself To Smallest Waist In The World

Pixee Fox Cartoons And Disney Pursuit – Plastic Surgery Extreme

Pixee Fox is on a mission.

Pixee has spent almost $120,000 on cosmetic procedures in her pursuit to look like cartoon characters such as Jessica Rabbit.

The curves and tiny waists of the cartoon characters have given her inspiration behind her plastic surgeries.

Pixee Fox Eyeing On The World Record

Born in Sweden, her goal is to beat the current Guinness World Record Holder, Cathie Jung, for the smallest waist in the world.

And the record stands at 15 inches. Pixee is going for 14 inches.

In order to achieve this monumental feat, Pixee Fox has decided to go ahead with the operation to remove six ribs. Crazy as this may sound, Pixee says that “getting my ribs removed has always been a dream of mine”.

Pixee Fox Finally Finds A Surgeon For the Operation

Pixee had difficulty finding a surgeon willing to do the operation but she eventually found Dr Barry Eppley, who explained that the operation is “nothing complex or extraordinary”. However, Dr Barry says that it takes an “extremely motivated patient” to undergo such surgery.

The operation took 5 hours and ultimately turned out to be successful one. Thought he recovery was expected to be completed in 5 to 6 weeks, Pixee was already out and about in 2 weeks.

And for the record, she already had rhinoplasties to get her perfect nose, breast augmentations to boost her breast sizes and bum lift to create that perky look.

Looks like she is getting really near to her inspirations such as Jessica Rabbit, Aurora From Sleeping Beauty and Hoolli Would from Cool World.

Pixee Fox Has A Message To Her Fans

Despite all her plastic surgeries, Pixee Fox insists that her message to her fans is not about getting plastic surgery. The message she wants her fans to know is that one should never give up on pursuing their dreams.

And that’s a very noble message, don’t you think?

We admire the courage of Pixee Fox to achieve her dreams of becoming a Disney cartoon character and take inspiration from her determination. What do you think of Pixee Fox’s transformation using plastic surgery? Does Pixee Fox plastic surgery journey inspire you in anyway?