Adele Plastic Surgery Rumors Before and After Photos

Did Adele Undergo Plastic Surgery?

In social media, Adele has recently been the hot topic of plastic surgery gossip. Her rise to superstardom in recent years has increased the scrutiny showered on her. Having a great voice was how Adele became famous. Some netizens suggested Adele plastic surgery procedures include a nose job and liposuction. It is often helpful to look at the development of a celebrity’s career before passing any remark on their transformation. So, let’s dive in!

Who is Adele?

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Kempin Getty Images, (right) Mike Marsland Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Kempin Getty Images, (right) Mike Marsland Getty Images

Adele is an English Singer-Songwriter who is known for her deep and strong vocals. Born on 5 May 1988 in London, Adele started singing at age 4 and developed a keen interest in voices. It was reported that Adele was more interested in singing than reading during her childhood days.


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Watch Adele in a short interview on BRITS in 2008:

Compare that to a recent interview on the Ellen Show. Adele definitely looks better – BUT NOT necessarily due to plastic surgery. Adele is INCREDIBLY HUMOROUS! :

Adele and Her Early Demo on MySpace

Not long after graduation, she caught the attention of XL Recordings via a simple demo posted on Myspace through a friend in 2006. Very quickly, almost a year later, she was awarded the “Critics’ Choice” award and won the BBC Sound of 2008 poll. Her first appearance on television, performing Daydreamer on BBC, caught the attention of the audience. After her breakthrough song “Hometown Glory” was released in October 2007, the rest was history. Here is Adele back in 2007:

Photo Credit: Hege Saebjomsen Getty Images

Photo Credit: Hege Saebjomsen Getty Images

Always looking slightly chubby, Adele struck a gothic look with amazingly beautiful eyes. Already looking more modern than 2007, Adele has shown a great taste for clean and plain makeup colors. Looking all natural no signs of plastic surgery at all.

And we found this precious video of Adele performing Hometown Glory back in 2007. Enjoy:

By February 2008, Adele was touted to be one of the future superstars in singing. Here she is attending the Brit Awards in 2008:

Photo Credit: Leon Neal Getty Images

Photo Credit: Leon Neal Getty Images

In this photo, Adele decided to tone down on her eye makeup. Less of a gothic look but still with neat eyelashes lined up to perfection. A little change in her hairstyle though. Her neatly tied up hair gives her an exquisite elegant look. Still, all natural and no signs of any surgical alteration.

Adele and Her Breakthrough In America

Being a British singer, there were doubts that Adele’s fame in Britain cannot be replicated in the United States. Just think of famous British acts like Take That, who never really became popular in America. Nonetheless, Adele was prepared to go on tour in United States in 2008.

However, things came to a halt when she decided to cancel her tour to be with her boyfriend at that time. Besides, Adele was still a young girl and susceptible to the occasion homesickness. Towards the end of 2008, it looked as if her venture into the US market was a failure.

But things took a turn on 18 October 2008, when Adele performed two songs, “Chasing Pavements” and “Cold Shoulder”,on the NBC’s Saturday Night Live Show. It got an instant approval with viewers. The impact of her performance was tremendous. “Chasing Pavements” cracked into the Top 25 on Amazon and her album rose to number 11 on the Billboard 200. Here is a rewind back to 2008 when Adele performed Chasing Pavements:

Her album 19 eventually went on to sell 2.2 million copies by July 2009. Her meteoric rise to superstardom was aided by her Grammy Awards haul in February 2009. Adele won the award for Best New Artist and “Chasing Pavements” was nominated for Record of The Year and Song of The Year.

Adele between 2011 and 2014 – Further Success and Awards

Following on her initial success in America, Adele released her second album, 21, in January 2011. The album was such a success that it stayed at the Number 1 spot for 26 different countries. Adele went on to set the record for the the first artist to sell more than 3 million albums in a year (in the UK).

Her is a photo of Adele on NBC Today Show in Feb 2011:

Photo Credit: NBC News Today Show Getty Images

Photo Credit: NBC News Today Show Getty Images

Adele looks beautiful as ever with her lightly toned cheeks. Her flower themed earrings is a nice touch to blend in with her mild colored makeup. And her hair neatly tied up together exudes and image of elegance and confidence. Plastic Surgery? Not at this time.

When Adele won those Grammy Awards in 2012 (see photo below) , her natural smile and facial features did not suggest any plastic surgery at all. Adele has been consistent with her makeup style, choosing to have low key makeup than to shock. Wonderful.

Photo Credit: Kevork Diansezian Getty Images

Photo Credit: Kevork Diansezian Getty Images

Her surgery to remove a benign polyp in her vocal chord did not stop her for long. She came back stronger than ever after making a full recovery. Adele’s strong comeback saw her winning the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Skyfall”. By 2014, Adele was nominated for 9 World Music Awards. This is an incredible feat when many thought her venture into the US market was a failure – just a few years ago.

Adele in 2015 to present – Her Release of 25 The Album

The release of her album, 25, marks the last time Adele is going to use her age as the album’s name. Sales rocketed through the roof as 25 broke album record sales for UK, selling more than 800,000 copies in its first week. It also sold 3.38 million copies in the US in its first week.

Her enthusiasm for new music never faded. Armed with her strong vocals, Adele continued to break records as she continues her musical journey. Her appearance has also largely remained the same.

Here is a photo of Adele in 2015, looking happy and all natural at the same time:-

Photo Credit: Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle Getty Images

Photo Credit: Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle Getty Images

And here is another photo (below) of Adele entertaining and taking snapshots with her fans. Truly a humble superstar. She is a master in eyelash curls, and her facial colors are in perfect balance:

Photo Credit: James Devaney Getty Images

Photo Credit: James Devaney Getty Images

Photo Credit: Luca Teuchmann Getty Images

Photo Credit: Luca Teuchmann Getty Images

Here is Adele in 2016 (above), again with her haul of awards. She looks happy receiving awards and is used to all these recognition. No more swept back hair or hair in a bundle this time, just letting her hair down naturally. Adele deserves all the awards she has won in her career. Any signs of nose job or liposuction? Not a chance.

Adele and Nose Job Rumors

The bugging nose job rumors surrounding Adele is getting intense online. Such cruel assumptions could be due to jealousy. Nose jobs are used to reshape and resize the nose. Most celebrities who undergo the procedure will experience visible results, such as a thinner nose bridge. a sharper nose tip and even smaller nostrils.

Photo Credit: (left) Jeaneen Lund Getty Images, (right) Samir Hussein Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jeaneen Lund Getty Images, (right) Samir Hussein Getty Images

However, you can see none of this in Adele. Adele’s before and after photos show the same nose. Some say that her nose looked more bulbous when she was younger but that is just because she looked plumper in her younger days. The difference in her nose shape is simply down to the different angles from which the photos were taken.

Adele and Liposuction Rumors

The good news about Adele is that she has lost considerable weight from her debut days. She looks healthier and more beautiful than her debut image. This has led to many speculations about her weight loss. Some cruel people just assume that she has undergone liposuction to achieve her weight loss.

It is unlikely that Adele has undergone liposuction. If you look at the career development of Adele over the last 8 years, you notice that she hardly had any breaks at all. Apart from her surgery to remove the benign polyps, she was working on her oncoming albums.

To take time off for vanity purposes is almost an impossibility for Adele.

And Adele is known for her powerful voice. She was already famous without even needing to lose weight. So why would she undergo liposuction? It is unlikely for Adele to have undergone liposuction

Overall, Adele is a bright shining example for us to follow. Adele focused on her dreams of becoming a superstar and she took active steps to achieve it. Along the way, she has remained humble despite her success. Plastic surgery is not necessary for Adele and we hope she will never undergo any procedure. Let’s look forward to another new record breaking album from Adele, shall we? What do you think of Adele plastic surgery rumors? Add you comments in the box below.

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