Isabelle Huppert Plastic Surgery Before and After

isabelle huppert plastic surgery before and after

Staying young is a dream of every person, especially women in the world. They could do anything to keep themselves ageless in order to attract other people’s eyes. When even the ordinary people feel this way, celebrities have stronger desire about it. They built their career to entertain their viewers, and beauty is a powerful tool that they need to have besides talent.

Based on that need, most of the American celebrities use plastic surgery as their favorite way to maintain their appearance. They believe that it can produce fast and efficient differences unto their face. Contrary to American stars, French celebrities prefer the natural way to maintain their beauty than using short cuts like plastic surgery.

Then, when Isabelle Huppert, an actress from France attracted attention about possible plastic surgery done on her, we had doubts about the truth of the matter.

isabelle huppert plastic surgery cannes

Looking into her face in the past and her face nowadays, there is no significant difference between them. Isabelle Huppert stayed young in her 62th ages. This triggered the rumor that she have used plastic surgery to maintain her youthfulness. The public assumed that she used Botox injections and face-lifting to let her appearance looking younger. But we cannot say that the rumor is true, because there is fifty-fifty chance that she might now have gone for any plastic surgery at all.


We do not strongly believe that plastic surgery was done because one closer look, there is no obvious sign of any treatment done. The wrinkles that should have gone with Botox treatment are still clearly visible . The question is, If she had done plastic surgery procedures, why did she leave this sign of aging (even though it was almost unseen) on her face?

That might tell us that actually she had not undergone any plastic surgery procedures. She could have just committed herself to a healthy and good life-style like other French women. Spa, massages, and facials also could be an alternative for French Woman to maintain their beautifulness.

French women also avoid having too heavy foundation and makeup. They’d like to be seen as natural as possible. Those habits protect their faces from damage,because heavy foundation can emphasize pores and causing wrinkles. We believe Isabelle could have kept to a healthy lifestyle. Her recent appearance at the Cannes Festival showed hardly any signs of plastic surgery

Part of her beauty lies in the simplicity of appearance. The minimal makeup creates a natural look that make her look younger. But then again, all this is up to speculation. What are your thoughts on this? We welcome any comments you may have below.