Jang Nara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jang Nara Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jang Nara has been in the entertainment circle for almost 20 years. Despite being under the limelight for so many years, it is incredible that Jang Nara has largely managed to look the same. That’s why netizens start to speculate on Jang Nara plastic surgery use. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include an eyelid lift, nose job and botox injections.

Jang Nara Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Jang Nara is a South Korean singer and actress. Some of her noteworthy performances include television roles in New Nonstop, Successful Story of a Bright Girl, Bratty Princess, School 2013 and I Remember You.

The video below shows Jang Nara 7 years ago in 2009:

Compare that to the recent appearance of Jang Nara below:

Jang Nara and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

One of the popular plastic surgeries among Asian actresses is eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery result in bigger looking eyes and the presence of double eyelids. It is generally accepted that one looks prettier with bigger eyes. It also helps to remove fine lines around the eyes and perhaps could also remove the eyebags.

Jang Nara cosmetic surgery photos

For Jang Nara, her eyes look the same as ten years before. Looking at Jang Nara before and after photos, her eyes look the same. The only differences are due to the use of eyeliner and fake eyelashes. Even her eye bags are still present today. Thus, to say that Jang Nara underwent eyelid surgery is quite ridiculous.

Jang Nara and Nose Job Rumors

Having a sharper and more delicate nose is the dream of many women and men alike. Asians generally have smaller and flatter noses. Thus, nose jobs remain a hot item on the plastic surgery menu.

For Jang Nara, her nose has largely remained the same. Some might argue that her current nose bridge looks more distinct than olden days. However, if she indeed underwent a nose job, it is rare for her to make so minor changes for a nose job. Most people want a more visible difference for their noses. Thus, it is unlikely that Jang Nara had a nose job. She just had a very skilful makeup artist for her.

Jang Nara and Botox injection Rumors

Another popular Jang Nara plastic surgery rumors is about Botox use. Botox is widely used as a quick remedy for fine lines. However, many overly ambitious patients overdose on Botox. An overdose of Botox can cause an unnatural and lumpy look.

For Jang Nara, her face looks the same compared to her earlier days. Her recent photos show a well relaxed Jang Nara with no hint of expression difficulty. Furthermore, at her age of 35, there is nothing much botox can do for her anyway, because there are hardly any fine lines.

Overall, Jang Nara has transformed herself from a normal looking girl to the look of a hot celebrity. It is not easy. And when Jang Nara has accomplished it with such astounding results, it is only natural that some jealous fans got curious. What do you think of Jang Nara plastic surgery rumors?