Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery Before and After

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Smeal Getty Images, (right) Jim Smeal Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Smeal Getty Images, (right) Jim Smeal Getty Images

Marie Osmond is an exceptionally capable lady from America, and she is truly well known for her ability as an artist. Marie, 55, additionally gets more appealing because of her effective plastic surgery that she did lately. Obviously, from the appearance, we can see that she attempted to battle the effects of aging.

Marie Osmond and Her Musical Career

Marie Osmond was born on 13 October 1959. She is now of age 57 and still active as a singer, actress, doll designer and a businesswoman. Her solo career in country music in the 1970s and 1980s made her a household name around the world.

One of her greatest hits is a cover of the song ballad “Paper Roses”. It went all the way to the number 1 spot in the Country song charts and reached the Top 5 in the Billboard magazine pop chart. Such crossover success is pretty rare.

Want to know the reason why it is such a big hit? Well, we share a video with Marie Osmond singing the song back in the 70s. Watch a young Marie Osmond singing:

Here, you can see that Marie Osmond had natural beauty at a very young age. Her eyebrows were impeccably trimmed and she had a natural smooth complexion. She had an amazing voice as well. Marie Osmond went on to have further success in another single ” In My Little Corner of The World” in 1974.

Here are some Flashback photos of Marie Osmond. Let’s enjoy while we travel back in time to see how she evolved from the 1970s to now:

The photo below was taken in 1970. Back then, Marie Osmond just burst onto the scene was popular with her fans. Her cute looks gave a big boost to her popularity.

Art Zelin Getty Images

Art Zelin Getty Images

You can see from the above photo that Marie Osmond was a natural beauty. Even with a short hair bob, she exuded the cuteness of a young girl. Below is another shot of Marie Osmond in 1974:

Chris Walter Getty Images

Chris Walter Getty Images

Obviously, Marie Osmond did not require plastic surgery back then. Her smile moved the hearts of many fans, men and women alike. She had naturally big eyes. But her nose was bulbous.

In 1975, Marie Osmond and her brother Donny worked together in a television show called Donny and Marie. The show was a phenomenal success. It was renamed The Osmond Family Hour in 1979. Here is a photo taken off ABC in 1976:

ABC Photo Archives Getty Images

ABC Photo Archives Getty Images

With this color photo, it confirms Marie Osmond was one of the most beautiful women on television in the 1970s. Check out those curls at the hair ends. It was one of the most popular hairstyles in the 1970s.

Here is a shot (below) of Marie Osmond in the special episode of “The Donny and Marie Christmas Special” in 1979. The picture shows Marie Osmond slimmer. Her face looked more triangular compared to previous years. But it had nothing to do with plastic surgery or jaw reshaping. Probably just due to a strict diet and exercise.

ABC Photo Archives Getty Images

ABC Photo Archives Getty Images


Marie Osmond Comeback in the 1980s

After her initial success, Marie Osmond hit several misses. One of the biggest flop was her album released in 1977 called This is The Way That I Feel. Undeterred, Marie Osmond decided to make a strong comeback in the 1980s.

In 1985, she had her breakthrough again in country music, scoring two number one hits in the country charts. The two number one hits were Meet Me in Montana and There’s No Stopping Your Heart.

Let’s relive the special moments of magic between Dan Seals and Marie Osmond in the video below. They perform live the song Meet Me In Montana. This video is in the 1980s.

Here, you can see that Marie Osmond has transformed herself from a young girl in 1973 to a beautiful lady by 1985. She had incredibly beautiful natural features, including a naturally sharp nose and a chiseled jawline. At this time in the 1980s, there was no reason for Marie Osmond to undergo any plastic surgery. She looked splendid in the 1980s.

Here are some photos of Marie Osmond in the 1980s. Compare them with her in the 1970s.

In 1982, Marie Osmond played the role of Maria Rosselli in “The Love Boat”. Here is a photo of her in the show The Love Boat:

ABC Photo Archives Getty Images

ABC Photo Archives Getty Images

Her beautiful facial features remain the same. Seemed to have gained some weight from the photo in 1979. Still was a major draw on television drama series.

Marie Osmond also fared well in her musical career.

The album that brought her great success in 1986 was “There’s No Stopping Your Heart”. She had a number one hit with the song You’re Still New to Me. Well, we cannot help but share with you a video of Marie Osmond performing the song with Paul Davis. Oh, and those eyebrows and eyeliners of Marie Osmond just look incredible on her:

Up till now, Marie Osmond still looks perfectly natural. After all, she was only in her mid-20s having a great success in her country music career.

Marie Osmond in the 1990s

In the 1990s, Marie Osmond stayed out of the limelight. Her music career came to a standstill. The only single that created waves was the 1995 single called “What Kind of Man (Walks on a Woman)”

However, Marie Osmond continued to build on her television success. She tried to revive her television career in the 1995 show Maybe This Time. In 1998, she co-hosted the show Donny and Marie with her brother for two seasons.

Ron Tom Getty Images

Ron Tom Getty Images

In this photo, you can see that Marie Osmond has aged. Her slight weight gain is showing all over her face. Her cheeks seemed plumper and her chin has turned from sharp to round. Definitely not linked to plastic surgery. Most likely to be a large intake of food over the years.

Marie Osmond is a legend in the Country Music scene. In the photo below, she attended the 34th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards at the Universal Ampitheater in Universal City, California. Comparing the photo to the photo in 1995, her nose seemed to have gotten narrower at the nose bridge. Was it due to a nose job? Only Marie Osmond knows. 

Jim Smeal Getty Images

Jim Smeal Getty Images

Marie Osmond in the 2000s

In the 2000s, Marie Osmond was in her 40s. Most people show signs of aging in their 40s. Did the aging signs appear on Marie Osmond? Let’s check out her photos in the 2000s.

Below is a photo taken in 2003. You can see that Marie Osmond has aged naturally. Her early young girl charm is gone for good. All you can see is a mature woman. Her eyes are still big though. At this juncture, she did not look like the woman men would die for.

Bruce Gilkas Getty Images

Bruce Gilkas Getty Images

Here is another photo of Marie Osmond in 2008. She was photographed arriving for the “Criss Angel Believe”. You can tell that she was aging fast. In 2008, Marie Osmond is of age 50. The challenge of any celebrity is to stay young and beautiful. Check out her photo in 2008:

Bruce Gifford Getty Images.

Bruce Gifford Getty Images.

In the next photo taken in 2012, Marie Osmond poses in green for the camera. This time, her lips seem too thick for her face. Some netizens spark rumors of a lip filler procedure. But it is still unlikely as Marie Osmond seems confident about herself.

Larsen&Talbert Photography Getty Images

Larsen&Talbert Photography Getty Images

Marie Osmond in 2016

After her success in the 1980s, Marie Osmond did not release any high profile albums. It was not only till 2016 when Marie Osmond reminded her fans what they have been missing by releasing Music is Medicine. It debuted at the 10th position on BillBoard Top Country Albums on 7 May 2016.

Her single Then There’s You was released on 27 March 2016. The video showcased her in incredible shape. There is no sign of her in her mid 50s. Dressed in an elegant black dress in the video, she looked nothing like her age. However upon closer observation, there seems to be some lumpiness on her face. It could be due to the use of facial fillers. But it could also mean the use of clever makeup. Watch the video below and judge for yourself:

Other Plastic Surgeons’ View on Marie Osmond

Dr. Anthony Youn saw that plastic surgery played a part in restoring her look and appearance after contrasting her before and after pictures. Also, Dr. Paul Nassif reported that he can see indications of plastic surgeries like facelift and botox from her face. At any rate the two methods helped her considerable measure in restoring her look.


Watch Marie Osmond being interviewed back in 1980:

Compare that to one of the latest appearance by Marie Osmond below:


Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery Through Botox and Facelift.

Her smooth appearance was the motivation behind all her plastic surgery gossips. And since botox is a common treatment amongst Hollywood superstars, many suspect that she has used botox before.Marie-Osmond-Plastic-Surgery


In Marie Osmond’s smooth face, it appears the facelift and botox were done well. She got no hanging skin left, while the wrinkles on the brow had been uprooted with the botox. Her face looks so much more youthful today. On the other hand, some of her fans didn’t consider it as a success. They feel that the plastic surgery has eroded who Marie Osmond really is.

Besides all these, you will notice that she has fuller lips. Did you get it?

Marie has never clarified if she underwent plastic surgery but it does not really matter. We can see that she still carries on with her work with good attitude and metality. What do you think about Marie Osmond Plastic surgery? Improved?


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  1. dina says:

    She is starting to have features like Dr. Phils wife. Please no more.

  2. Jojo says:

    I’ve noticed on her commercials when she speaks, she is trying to sex herself up with her too big lips. Otherwise she looks good.if you don’t examine her to closely

  3. Jojo says:

    I’ve noticed on her commercials when she speaks, she is trying to sex herself up with her too big lips. Otherwise she looks good.if you don’t examine her to closely. Watche the Toni Tennille and the klg interviews the first was much better.

  4. Rachel says:

    at 59, she looks awesome.
    I want to know who her plastic surgeon is.
    You go, Marie!

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