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Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jennifer Aniston Defies all effects of Aging and is still a beauty to behold. Is Plastic Surgery the Secret to Jennifer Aniston’s Age-Defying Beauty?

The usual suspicions apply to Jennifer Aniston. The boob job rumours, the nose job, and even Botox is linked to Jennifer. Why would any one say such things to hurt a babe like Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston has looked beautiful since young

Photo Credit: (left) celebritiestan.com, (right) Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston sharp chin surgery before and after

Credit:(left) Ron Davis Getty Images, (right) Marc Piasecki Getty Images

Whether Jennifer Aniston underwent cosmetic surgery to maintain her flawless looks has been a huge debate among fans. For a 46 year old to look as hot as a newly promoted superstar is no small feat. The former star of the Friends comedy sitcom is proving that time does not erode her star appeal.

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