Amy Childs Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Amy Childs Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Amy Childs, who rose to fame on the back of popular television shows, is under intense critcism for her anti-plastic surgery ad. After much publicised plastic surgery procedures she had been through, many netizens feel that she is being hypocritical to stage a campaign against plastic surgery. Some of the plastic surgeries she admitted to having were a boob job and lip fillers.


Amy Childs is an English television personality, model and businesswoman who rose to fame when she first appeared in the ITV2 series The Only Way is Essex. She became so popular on TV that she had her own television reality show It’s All About Amy which lasted till 2012. As recent as 2014, Amy Childs appeared in the Channel 4 show The Jump. Still in her mid 20s, chances of her landing leading roles on television is still high and perhaps that is why she needs to look her best at all times.

Here’s a video where Amy Childs talks about plastic surgery in 2014 . She starts at 1:18 of the video:

And in 2016, she appears with even thicker lips on Loose Women. Check it out:

Amy Childs and Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery are popular among celebrities. Having a set of noticeable boobs is important for every woman. Some opt for the non surgical alternative like push-up bras or stuff themselves with padding. The bolder ones opt for breast augmentation which can inflict a lot of pain and requires long recovery time. However, for many, the trade off between a busty set of boobs and weeks of pain is worth the money.

Photo Credit: (right) WENN Phil Lewis

Photo Credit: (right) WENN Phil Lewis

For Amy Childs, her after photos show a distinct increase in breast size. Her breasts look rounder and perkier. To many, this is a successful breast augmentation. But to Amy Childs, she expressed some regrets in an interview.

She said “I’ve got quite a few surgery regrets. Obviously I had my boob job, and then obviously had lip fillers and it went totally wrong.

“But now [I’m] saying to these young girls: ‘Really think about it. If you want to have your boobs done, really think about it. Go to someone great.”

“I’m 25 and I don’t want to undergo another augmentation,” she said on Lorraine

And she fired a shot of warning to other who are contemplating plastic surgery,saying “When I was in TOWIE, everyone gives you stuff. You can have your lips done, you can have your boobs done, and you’re like ‘ooh, amazing!’.

“But actually you’ve really got to think about it and think, ‘No, I’m not going to rush into it. I’ve got to really think about it,

So, there should not be any fuss about her being anti plastic surgery now as she has been against it after undergoing through the procedures. So, what’s really wrong with that?

Amy Childs and Lip Fillers Injections

Lip fillers are widely used to enhance the sex appeal of women. Thick, luscious lips are considered to be alluring to men, though not all men will agree. The effects of lip fillers are not permanent. Time and again, the patient will have to undergo several more lip filler sessions to keep their pout trout lips. At least you have a peace of mind that any botched lip filler job can be remedied by simply waiting for the effects to wear off.

For Amy Childs, she openly admitted to the use of lip fillers. Her before and after photos look exactly that. Amy looks much better with the use of lip fillers and her boob job. One can say that she have had incredible enhancements from her plastic surgeries. However, somehow, her face still looks slightly unnatural. Maybe, its due to excessive makeup? Or is there something amiss?

Overall, we appreciate Amy Childs frankness about her past plastic surgeries. It takes a lot of courage to admit it. Not many celebrities are brave enough to stand up and own up to their plastic surgeries. But Amy Childs did. And we feel that she has done the right thing by sharing her experiences with younger people. It is indeed sound advice by Amy Childs to think twice before undergoing any plastic surgery procedure. What do you think of Amy Childs plastic surgery rumors?