Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Has Christina Aguilera been under the knife?

The lyrics to Christina Aguilera’s hit, Beautiful, are poignant.

They could reflect the pressure many stars face to stay in top form when you contemplate on them.

The singer faces the same stress. Many of her fans wonder if she could have used plastic surgery to cope with it.

A Little about the Beautiful Christina Aguilera

The singer’s first gained attention when she appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club in the 1990s. Her blond locks and fresh face captured the hearts of die-hard fans.

Her self-titled debut album peaked on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 1999. It spawned Grammy Award Winning Singles like What A Girl Wants and Genie in a Bottle.

She gathered as many fans with her blues-inspired album, Back to Basics.

Watch the video below for a glimpse of Christina Aguilera in 1999:

And here she is with the ever humorous Jimmy Fallon :

The Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Speculations

Christina has not revealed much about how much surgery she had. She has spoken about some of the procedures but has never told the complete truth about them.

Hence, the speculation that she has gone through plastic surgery is rife. She looks different from when she first launched her singing career.

Some people believe that the operation makes the superstar look awkward. Her nose appears more defined, and her face, flawless. She has more prominent cheekbones now. These changes have caused fans and surgeons to believe that she has undergone surgery.

Photo Credit: (left) Steve Granitz wireimage, (right)Steve Granitz Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Steve Granitz wireimage, (right)Steve Granitz Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Wireimage, (right) L Cohen Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Wireimage, (right) L Cohen Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Isaac Brekken Getty Images, (right) Celebrity Photo

Photo Credit: (left) Isaac Brekken Getty Images, (right) Celebrity Photo

Photo Credit : (left) Lewis Jacobs NBC, (right) Kevin Mazur Getty Images

Photo Credit : (left) Lewis Jacobs NBC, (right) Kevin Mazur Getty Images

Christina Aguilera and Cheek Enhancement

Experts weigh in on the difference in the star’s cheeks. They notice that her jawline is now fuller, giving her a more youthful appearance.

They also feel that the fullness makes her face look a bit heavier. Some fans believe that the puffiness is due to weight gain.

Christina Aguilera and Rhinoplasty

There is a change to Christina’s nose that is subtle, but clear.

Compare Christina’s earlier and later pictures. You will see that her nose looks narrower.than before. Her nostrils have done a vanishing act. They are not as visible now.

Its bridge is also better defined. The star may have reshaped it with surgery.

Christina Aguilera and Breast alterations

There have been changes to Christina’s breast size throughout her career. As expected, many fans have traced the transformation.

The singer claims that her breasts grew to a size E after she gave birth to her first child. She adds that she had her size reduced after that.

She has not confessed to having them augmented. You may have noticed that they grew after she released her debut album in 1999.

Christina Aguilera and Botox

The singer is 36 years old, but her face has no wrinkles at all. There are no crow’s feet around her eyes, and her brow has no furrows.She may have turned to Botox injections to keep it looking youthful.

Christina Aguilera and a Lip Reduction

The singer’s lips look thinner than they did in earlier years. Christina used to have a sexy pout. Her sultry lips got her a lot of attention at the beginning of her singing career. She still does, but her lips look less plump than they used to be.

Christina may have used surgery to cope with the pressures of stardom. Most of her fans are thankful that she did because she is as chic as ever. Christina is beautiful, no matter what people say.

3 replies on “Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Me says:

    You forgot Christina Aguilera’s newest 2015 butt implants.Christina Aguilera is on a mission to look like Marilyn Monroe with no success poor Christina.When will these celebs learn to not get plastic surgery and appreciate their natural beauty.

  2. Xtina forever says:

    She looks different from when she first came out because she was 17. No one looks like they did at 17 when they’re 36. Her nose hasn’t been altered she just uses a lot of makeup contour because nose jobs can mess with your register. She’s admitted to breast implants in 2002. Other than that the only thing she seems to have done is lip injections which I don’t understand because she’s always had the most beautiful lips. She is definitely someone who shouldn’t have plastic surgery anywhere on her mind. She is naturally one of the most beautiful people in the world. I really hope she doesn’t ruin her gorgeous face like other celebrities. Plus she’s part Ecuadorian, they all age beautifully.

  3. KDC says:

    OMG Christina was so perfect in “What A Girl Wants”! It’s got to be difficult to look like that and then grow out of it. Too many celebs try to either reinvent their look, or go back in time. She has tried a lot of different styles and looks, and then there was the baby weight. Nothing compared to her kickass breakout look! If only her Genie In A Bottle could bring her 18 year old self back!

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