Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Vivica Fox Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Vivica Fox, one of the most recognisable American actress and television host, is the subject of plastic surgery rumors recently. Though Vivica expressed that she only had breast implants and botox injections, many believe she had more work done on her face. Some of Vivica Fox plastic surgery rumors include a possible nose job and lip fillers.

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Vivica Fox has come a long way since those early days in television soap operas. She started in the show Days of Our Lives in 1988 and Generations in 1989. She earned her big breakthrough in 1996, featuring in Independence Day and Set It Off. Fox also ventured in producing drama series such as Lifetime and Missing. The latest project undertaken by Fox is her role as Jasmine Dubrow in Independence Day: Resurgence in 2016. With many upcoming roles in movies, it is important for Fox to enhance her looks to keep up with younger stars.

Watch this Vivica Fox interview on the Wendy Williams show years ago:

Compare it to another recent Vivica Fox interview on the Wendy Williams show again. Amazingly, Vivica Fox has not changed much. In fact she has gotten prettier it seems:

Vivica Fox and Breast Implants Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most sought after plastic surgery in United States today. In Hollywood, a pair of outstanding boobs can attract lots of attention from fans and talent scouts. Even with the usual warnings about failed breast implants and dangers of silicon implants, demand for breast implant surgery is not slowing down.

Photo Credit: (right)

Photo Credit: (right)

For Vivica Fox, she admitted to having breast implants surgery. Unlike many other celebrities who have undergone the knife, Vivica Fox is forthcoming with her cosmetic enhancements. Her current set of boobs definitely looks full and huge. This is made obvious with her constantly trying to show off her deep cleavage. For someone above the age of 50, her set of boobs looks astoundingly firm and tight.

Vivica Fox and Nose Job Rumors

Another popular Vivica Fox plastic surgery rumor is the nose job. Nose jobs are popular as most people desire a sharper nose tip and narrower nose bridge. However, a botched nose job can ruin the whole look of a person. Just think of what happened to Michael Jackson.

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

However that does not put people off nose jobs. They are still one of the top 5 most sought after plastic surgery procedures today.

For Vivica Fox, when you look at her before and after photos, there is not much difference in her nose shape. Her nose has largely remained the same. So, to say that she has undergone rhinoplasty is untrue. In fact, Vivica Fox has personally denied all the nose job speculations.

Vivica Fox and Botox Injections

Botox, one of the most popular remedies for fine lines and wrinkles, also has one of the fastest recovery times for any plastic surgery. The ease of application has shot Botox into a mainstream solution for the common people. The ability to take years off a face in an instant is Botox’s strong point. However, as Christie Brinkley said, it is always better to use Botox sparingly for the best effect. The rule of “lesser is more” applies to botox use.

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

For Vivica Fox, there is some signs of Botox use, especially in the cheek and chin area. Her cheeks look slightly puffy in her later photos. And on closer observation, her chin seems to be reshaped, though not necessarily through Botox. Her admission of having some minor Botox jabs also confirms the observations.

Vivica Fox and Lip Fillers

Lip fillers have proven to be popular in the last ten years. Pout trout lips, as some call it, is the dream of many female celebrities. The craze to have sexy puffier lips has driven some celebrities to the extreme. Farrah Abraham, for example, shared how an overdoes of lip fillers injections can result in seriously swollen lips.

For Vivica Fox, though her lips seem to be fuller in some photos, it does not confirm that she have had lip fillers injected. This is because fuller lips could also be due to clever lipstick application. And lipsticks of a different color do play a part in creating a “thickness illusion”. For Vivica Fox, it seems that her lips are not pouty enough. And the fact that Vivica Fox has denied all other plastic surgery rumor other than a boob job and botox says it all. In fact, her natural lips are looking full enough.

There is absolutely no need for her to pump up her lips further.

Overall, Vivica Fox has been honest and upfront about her plastic surgery procedures. Not one to stay away from controversy, Vivica Fox has won the respect of many fans and observers alike with her frankness. Fox certainly deserves all the success she has got so far. Let’s look forward to more productions from Vivica Fox that we all can watch and enjoy. What do you think of Vivica Fox plastic surgery rumors?