Tulisa Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Tulisa Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Tulisa, or Tulisa Contostavlos, has always been upfront about her plastic surgery adventures. However, as she reveals more and more of the plastic surgery procedures, there are speculations that Tulisa might be addicted to plastic surgery. Some celebrities get hooked on various plastic surgery experiences and cannot stop thinking of the next surgery. Common plastic surgery overdose includes botox fillers, lip fillers and facelifts.

Tulisa is famous as a singer-songwriter, actress and television personality. Her most prominent stint on television was as the judge of The X Factor. Subsequently, she released her solo album The Female Boss on 3 December 2012. The album did not do well and bombed during its first week of sales.

Tulisa looked so pretty and natural back then in 2012:


Compare to how Tulisa looks like in this interview in Feb 2016:

Being in the limelight most of the time, Tulisa has to look her best at all times. It is her latest posts on Instagram that had people wondering if she underwent drastic plastic surgery. Some of her followers on Instagram were concerned as Tulisa does not look like her usual self anymore, with her eyes looking wider and lips much more swollen than ever.

Photo Credit: (left) Tulisa Instagram

Photo Credit: (left) Tulisa Instagram

Some of the comments on her Instagram account include:

This was not the first time Tulisa got into plastic surgery rumors. Back in 2014, there was strong social media speculation about Tulisa’s transformation. Tulisa was not afraid to address those rumors. It was on the Jonathan Ross Show on ITV when she confessed about her plastic surgeries. She said: ‘I like having my lips done, it’s my personal thing, it makes me happy.’

Tulisa Plastic surgery before and after photos

She explained, ‘To clarify, I haven’t had surgery. Surgery is “going under the knife,” breaking bones, adding stuff in.

‘I simply just had cosmetic enhancement, it’s just a little bit of filler which I put a little bit in my cheeks and in my lips.’

She even explained why she looked so different after the plastic surgery. She said ‘Unfortunately I had water retention so my face reacted so I had to try and get rid of the filler I had in my cheeks and now I just have it in my lips,’ she told Jonathan.

She sees no reason to be embarrassed or secretive about the whole thing: ‘I’m honest about it, I could lie, at least I’m telling the truth!’

Latest Update: In a latest interview on Good Morning Britain, Tulisa expressed regrets over her plastic surgery two years ago. She felt that the botch job left her looking like “Finding Nemo”. This is what she said:

‘It was fillers and I had an allergic reaction and looked like Finding Nemo.

‘It does frustrate me a little bit, because I do understand from an outside point of view, someone looking in must go, “Why did you try to do that in the first place? Are you unhappy with yourself, have you got issues?” And I feel pretty detached from this, this for me is a shell.

‘The person that I am inside is very separate to me from this… you can get a bit carried away, and then I had the reaction and it was like ooh what have I done.’

‘But luckily it was all temporary so it dissolved.’
Tulisa young before plastic surgery

For her latest instagram posts, there are suggestions that Tulisa has undergone even more extensive Botox injections as her forehead looks full and taut. Furthermore, her eye brows are pointed upwards, suggesting the after effects of Botox. However, Tulisa has not admitted to the latest plastic surgery speculations. But, looking at her lips now and then in 2014, seems like Tulisa has learnt her lesson not to inject too much lip fillers. It is pretty obvious that her lips were well swollen beyond the norm during her court trial.

Whatever it may be, Tulisa is a very talented entertainer. Despite the dismal sales in her solo debut album, she is still trying to get back to her best. And that never say die attitude is for all to learn from. Many of her fans must be hoping that she does not get too much into plastic surgery, ending up with an unnatural look. What do you think of Tulisa plastic surgery rumors?