Madonna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Madonna Plastic Surgery Rumors – Did Madonna Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, has got her share of plastic surgery rumours over the years. And most of the rumours focus on various parts of her body. There were speculations about her forehead, cheeks, eye lifts, nose job, lip filers, skin infusions and neck lifts.

Watch Madonna back in 1989, she looked so young then:

Compare that to a recent interview she had on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

Madonna is now 57 years old and is an established American Singer, songwriter, actress and a businesswoman. She is known to push the boundaries of mainstream popular music and has a tremendous track record of number one hits. For the record, she has sold more than 300 million records world wide and is the best selling female recording artist of all time by Guiness World Records.

Madonna Plastic Surgery

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With her impressive track records, it is no wonder that Madonna needs to slow down the effects of aging to prolong her music career. Whether plastic surgery was required to keep her in the entertainment forefront is anybody’s guess. But it is natural that most ladies in Hollywood want to remain young looking forever.

Madonna with two different hairstyles and bleached hair

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The good news is that Madonna did not go overboard with plastic surgery procedures. Madonna did not go to the extent of Jocelyn Wildenstein, Pete Burns or Lil Kim. There were rumours (but never confirmed) that she started the cosmetic procedures as early as in the 1980s.

It is in the 1990s that the effects of the alleged plastic surgery procedures become more apparent.

Madonna And Her Forehead

Madonna has never admitted to any plastic surgery procedures. She once said that she does not like the idea of “someone putting you to sleep then taking knives to you”. However, there wasn’t any mention of injections. And we know Botox and other dermal fillers are administered with injections.

Madonna with a white faced look

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To achieve her ultra smooth forehead, rumours say that she might have had Botox injected. It is observed that her frown, forehead and crows’ feet appear amazingly smooth for a lady at her age. There is also a possibility of her undergoing a facelift to remove the wrinkles on her face.

Madonna and her Cheeks

Madonna has appeared fuller faced in recent photos. While Madonna attributed her healthy diet of grains, vegetables, beans and nuts as the main reason for her youth, she could not stop the waves of speculation about plastic surgery use.

Madonna is a successful music artiste

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Some experts say that it is possible that Madonna has maintained her excellent complexion through a healthy diet as Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables help to build collagen that can pump up skin cells.

However, other experts say that the fullness of Madonna’s face might be due to cosmetic help such as temporary fillers injected into the cheeks to keep them puffed up. Cheek implants seem unlikely as her cheeks are observed to lift and droop at different times.

Madonna and Her Eyes

Madonna attributes the tightness on her upper eyelid down to Dr Brandt lifeless eye cream. However, some believe that she has had blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery on the upper and lower eyelids.

Madonna and Rhinoplasty

Since the early 1990s, there has been rumours about a nose job done on Madonna. However, she has always denied the rumours and once said ‘I am not going to hold a press conference if I have plastic surgery. But I’ve said many times, I think about it and I sure don’t rule it out.’

Madonna seems to age very little

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Expert observers say that her nose looks radically different from her younger days. Madonna used to have a more bulbous and round nose. But nowadays she spots a more pointed and sharper nose. Some say they observe small lines on her nostrils that are tell tale signs of rhinoplasty. Do you spot them?

Madonna And Lip Fillers

Since the speculation about lip fillers while filming for her “Justify My Love” Video in 1990,Madonna has maintained very well shaped lips. In 2008, Madonna did mentioned about her old photos saying Sometimes, photographs that I see, I just think who’s that? I don’t know that girl. I don’t regret any of it, but I do sometimes think:  “Oh God, what was I thinking…”’

Madonna has changed her look over the years

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Some say that her full lips is the result of using lip fillers over the years. Some even suspected that a chin reshaping procedure was done.

Madonna and Her Beautiful Skin

Madonna has always maintained that the secret to her beautiful skin is because of the content use of Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream. But her insistence on using that cream does not stop rumours from forming. Though she claims that her face love the creams, many still suggest that her clear complexion is due to the use of laser treatments.

We guess nothing can satisfy the gossip mongers.

Madonna and Possible Neck Lift

After the 2009 Oscars fiasco where a scar was seen around Madonna’s earlobe, speculations still remain about her neck lift. Her present photographs show an amazing smooth neck for lady aged 57. Though the scars have disappeared for now, but still the rumours have spread far and wide. Her spokesperson never confirmed the neck lift but simply added the comment that ‘Whatever Madonna has had done — and I really don’t know — she looks truly amazing.’

Whether Madonna underwent plastic surgery or not, we cannot take away the fact that she has achieved so much in her musical career. Till today, Madonna is still pushing the boundaries of pop music, edging ahead of singers three decades younger than her. And to that, we truly respect Madonna for her determination to stay atop of the game for so many years. What do you think of Madonna plastic surgery?