Jessica Rabbit Look Alike – Plastic Surgery To the Extreme

Who is Jessica Rabbit and Why People Want to Be Like Her

Jessica Rabbit is a cartoon character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Known for her curves and bosomy figure, Jessica Rabbit is known as a leading sex symbol in animation world. Her favourite quote is “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way”

Jessica Rabbit Look Alike Ambition Spurred By Title of Sex Symbol

Jessica Rabbit’s status as a sex symbol in the cartoon world has aroused many women to look like her. And several attempts look horrendous, though they could not reverse the process. However, there are some who went all out to look like this beautiful fictitious character and become famous on tabloids and magazines.

There are several celebrities who tried to pull it off as Jessica Rabbit but ended up with mixed responses.

Heidi Klum’s Commendable Effort For Jessica Rabbit Look Alike

Heidi Klum’s latest effort in Nov 2015 for Halloween was one of the closest any celebrity ever got to Jessica Rabbit. Heidi underwent heavy makeup and managed to achieve the curves of Jessica Rabbit. Amazing long lashes, that deep eyelids and perfect bum dimensions. With this kind of effort, her temporary impersonation of Jessica Rabbit received rave reviews and praises from her co stars and editors.

Watch the entire transformation here:

Not bad for a temporary transformation.

But is there anyone who did a permanent transformation to look like Jessica Rabbit?

Yes, one will be mad to do so.

Cassandra A Big Fan Of Jessica Rabbit Did The Unthinkable

Well, presenting one of the most courageous and daring fan of Jessica Rabbit of all time, Ms Cassandra, a transgender lady who has spent almost $200,000 just to look like the sex bomb cartoon character.

It is reported that she has done numerous plastic surgery procedures to her breasts, hips, butt, eye brows, lips and cheeks.

And we feel there are more procedures than the above list.

In a recent TV show, Cassandra admitted she is having trouble breathing due to the numerous cosmetic procedures. Guess what, even with that problem, she requested for one more procedure to narrow her waistline to mimic Jessica Rabbit.

Looking at her video, does she really need to reduce her waistline further?

Perhaps this is perfection to the hilt, but we have to admire her persistence and boldness in pursuing her life goal to look like Jessica Rabbit. Any Jessica Rabbit Look Alike you have in mind? Share it in the comment box below.