Jeanine Pirro Plastic Surgery Lip Cheek Fillers Facelift Nose Job

Jeanine Pirro Plastic Surgery Rumours

Did Jeanine Pirro undergo plastic surgery? This question has been raised many times. The fact that Judge Jeanine’s face changes so drastically just add more fuel to the question. How does she look aged 40 when her actual age is 66? Some netizens refuse to believe that she achieved her good looks naturally. Some of the alleged Jeanine Pirro plastic surgery procedures include a nose job, Botox use, facelifts, cheek fillers, lip fillers and eyelid surgery.

Credit: (left) AFP

Who is Jeanine Pirro?

Jeanine Pirro is an American TV personality, former judge, prosecutor, and Republican politician in New York. She is now the host of Fox News Channel’s Justic with Judge Jeanine. She is a brilliant woman who can think on her feet. She was the first female judge elected to the Westchester County Court. She came to prominence as the District Attorney of Westchester County, focusing on cases of domestic abuse and crime against the elderly.

Despite her high position and heavy responsibilities, it is amazing that Pirro is able to maintain her youthful looks. Let’s take a look at those plastic surgery allegations against her.

Jeanine Pirro and Nose Job Rumors

Every one seems to prefer a sharper nose. A sharper nose creates a more handsome or beautiful look. In the case of Jeanine Pirro, she might desire a sharper nose to look better in front of television audiences.

With the recent advancement in rhinoplasty, a well-performed nose job can be undetectable. Unlike those days when Michael Jackson had disastrous nose jobs, nose jobs today are safer. Let’s take a look at the before and after photos of Jeanine Pirro:

Jeanine Pirro and Botox Rumors

Botox is one of the greatest inventions in plastic surgery. When used appropriately in controlled doses, Botox can turn back the clock for many people. One of the most prominent users of Botox is Christie Brinkley.

As Jeanine Pirro age, she might have noticed those fine lines and wrinkles on her face. One of the easiest and quickest ways to remove them is using Botox injections. But despite all the allegations in tabloids and gossip sites, Pirro did not publicly admit to the use of Botox.

Here is another set of before and after photos of Jeanine Pirro. Take a look at her forehead and cheeks. Were there any differences?

Credit: (left) fameflynet

Jeanine Pirro and Facelift Rumors

Other than Botox injections, another popular way to reduce the effects of aging is the use of facelifts. Facelifts work by removing some excess fats on the face and repositioning the facial muscles and tissues. It can be a painful procedure. Facelifts are actually considered intricate surgeries.

With the loss of elasticity and collagen, many celebrities opt to undergo facelifts to improve their looks. Their relentless pursuit for positive comments about their everlasting youth drives them to endure the pain.

For Jeanine Pirro, her current facial skin looks very tight, suggesting she might have undergone a facelift. What do you think?

Credit: (right) Jeanine Pirro Instagram

Jeanine Pirro and Cheek Fillers Rumors

Cheek fillers can be injectied without undergoing the knife. It is one of the most popular, non-surgical options for solving saggy cheek problems. Saggy cheeks exert an unsightly pull on a person’s face, resulting in a droopy look. Nobody likes to look droopy in front of television audiences. So there is every chance that Jeanine Pirro might have used cheek fillers.

For Jeanine Pirro, it is hard to tell if she used cheek fillers. Her before and after photos do not show distinct differences. Check them out below:

Credit: (left) Gabe Palacio Getty Images, (right) Jeanine Pirro Instagram

Jeanine Pirro and Lip Fillers Rumors

Lip augmentation is a procedure that can give you fuller and plumper lips. Hyaluronic acid fillers are commonly used in lip augmentation. Collagen was used extensively in the past but not anymore. Lip fillers can improve the shape, structure and volume of the lips.

It is difficult to determine whether Jeanine Pirro underwent lip injections because the effects of lip fillers fade away after about 6 months. Thus, to capture a moment when Jeanine Pirro had just finished lip augmentation is impossible. However, one can gauge from some of those photos where she had abnormally huge lips to determine if she underwent lip filler injections. Looking at the photos below, what do you think?

Credit: (right) Jeanine Pirro Instagram

Jeanine Pirro and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

As a person age, fine lines form around the eyes. The muscles supporting the eyelids start to weaken. Eyes start to look droopy and “thick” at the top. When a person smiles, their crows’ feet will betray their age.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, helps to reduce the bagginess from lower eyelids and removes the excess skin buildup from the upper eyelids. However, an eye lift does not reduce the crow’s feet.

For Pirro, her eyes still look amazing to this day. Despite her busy schedule, one wonders how she manages to keep her eyes looking so bright. The sparkle in her eyes led many to believe that she underwent eyelid surgery. Let’s not rule out the possibility that Pirro might have used eye creams or other eye care products. Check out the photos below and decide for yourself:

Overall, Jeanine Pirro is a very beautiful woman. At her age, she is still actively pursuing her political ambitions. Whether she underwent the knife to look younger is anybody’s guess. The most important thing is that Jeanine Pirro continues to entertain her fans through her television shows. What do you think of Jeanine Pirro plastic surgery rumors?