Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Gordon Ramsay Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Gordon Ramsay, arguably the most well known celebrity chef, is the subject of plastic surgery rumors. Back in 2010, Gordon Ramsay was upfront about his plastic surgery considerations. There were suggestions that he underwent laser wrinkle removal to look younger. But his latest appearance at the Teen Choice Awards in California created more speculations about his plastic surgery enhancements.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Photo credit: Getty Images

Watch a Young Gordon Ramsay back in 1998:

Compare that to a recent Gordon Ramsay interview with Jimmy Kimmel:

Gordon Ramsay and Laser Wrinkle Removal

Gordon spoke about the fine lines that surfaced with aging. He said as a matter of factly “’I’ve got four children, and they’d say: ‘Dad, why have you got so many wrinkles on your face when Clementine’s daddy has no wrinkles?’

“The lines were pretty horrific, like Scarface, and I was never embarrassed by it but my children helped me become more paranoid about it.

“There’s only so much s*** you want to take. I woke up in the morning and Matilda [daughter] was trying to squeeze pound coins in there.”

And after moving to Los Angeles, one makeup artist made a blunt comment that Gordon Ramsay’s face was the consequence of a car crash.

Gordon added: “They said: ‘Oh my god, when did you go through the windscreen?’ You put up with it, but then you get f***ing sick of it. I listened to what Simon Cowell said, and he said, ‘Get it done, it’ll make you look more…”

And he went on ‘It took four minutes each side, lasered not Botoxed. No one noticed until I mentioned it. When you don’t say anything you’re classified as a liar, so you can’t win. It’s got me more s*** in the past six months…

“Am I going to have any more work done? Of course I’m not going to have any more f***ing work done. The amazing guy who did it said to me, “Let’s get one thing right. I am not, under any circumstances, ever going to touch that forehead.”

Gordon Ramsay and Botox Rumors

Though Gordon Ramsay has said that he is never going to touch his forehead, the Botox rumors continue to circle around his latest unnatural look. Although Gordon Ramsay raised his eyebrows to show the wrinkles on his forehead, there were still some who say that his wrinkles have reduced.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

However, his latest appearance might look a bit unnatural due to the use of facial powder and makeup. Sometimes, men with makeup can look out of sorts in front of the camera. And there is every chance that makeup is the cause for the peculiar look and not Botox.

Some fillers might have been used on his face. This is especially obvious when you look at his before and after pictures at his chin area. His previous photos show some definite lines on his chin. However, those lines miraculously disappeared in his later photos. Might have been the clever use of facial fillers.

Gordon Ramsay and Facelift Rumors

Some say that Gordon Ramsay had a facelift to reduce his wrinkles. As facelifts provide instant remedy for wrinkles, there is a chance that Gordon Ramsay underwent the procedure.

From the shows hosted by Gordon Ramsay, we know that Gordon has always been direct and straightforward in his comments. And to think that he admitted to laser wrinkle removal procedures, it is hard to fathom Gordon not admitting to a facelift (if he has undergone one).

Gordon Ramsay and Veneers

Gordon Ramsey teeth before and after photo

Credit: (left) Kate Green /Alpha Press, (right) Abel Fermin/REX/Shutterstock

Having perfect set of teeth is very important to some celebrities. Just ask Tom Cruise and Hilary Duff. For Gordon Ramsay, he used to have a set of not-so-perfect teeth. In recent times, he can be seen brandishing a wide smile, showcasing a set of healthy and bright teeth. His new set of sparkling and well lined teeth makes him look much younger and neater.

Overall, Gordon Ramsay has not gone overboard with his plastic surgery experiments. But we certainly hope he will not do it in future. After all, natural is still better. Perhaps his fans will focus more on his delicious dishes rather than his plastic surgery exploits. What do you think of Gordon Ramsay plastic surgery rumors?