Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery rumours is about nose jobs, chin implants, lip fillers and breast augmentation. Like her father Kurt Cobain, her life is not free from speculations. But did Frances Bean Cobain really undergo plastic surgery? Let’s look at the before and after pictures to find out.

Frances Bean Cobain Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

Photo Credit: Right Jason Merritt Getty Images

Frances is a rock star just like her parents. Being a talented musician, she needs to keep with the rock star image. Female rock stars need to have a kind of grungy look. And you can tell from her photos that her plastic surgery procedures are making her look more like her mum.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery – Chin Implants

Her original and natural chin is not so pointed. Rather, her chin looked a bit curved up compared to now. It looked slightly protruding out but Frances Bean Cobain has corrected it to give it the more wholesome look. Her chin does not look so detached now and it adds to her nice face shape.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery on Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Her original nose looked a bit bulbous and rounded. But in her recent pictures, we can see that her nose bridge is straighter and also narrower. Her nose bridge also looks smooth now. The shape of her nose look more pointy and gives her a sharper look. The sharper look adds to her look of a rocker too.

Frances Bean Cobain and Lip Fillers

Watch a Video that shows Frances Bean Cobain as a toddler to growing up:

Compare to a recent Video of Frances Bean Cobain With Her Mum Courtney Love


One possible explanation for her full lips is the use of lip fillers. Her lips are as full as her mother’s. Notice that her color choice for lipstick is similar to her mum’s. By making her lips fuller, she projects a more sultry and sexy image as a female rocker. Kind of want to be a badass rocker and yet able to exude grungy sex appeal.

Frances Bean Cobain and Breast Augmentation

In line with the goal of being sultry and sexy, a nice boob job will complete the image. From her latest appearance, there seems to be an increase in her bust line. Though there has never been any admission of ANY plastic surgery on her part, the sudden increase in breast size has sparked off numerous breast implants rumours. Whether its true or not, most of her fans have no complaints.

With her weight loss, Frances Bean Cobain is looking more and more like her mum as years go by. We look forward to more great music tracks from her as she continues her journey being a bona fide rockstar. Let us know what you think about Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery.