Drake Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Drake Undergo Plastic Surgery or Liposuction?

Drake, one of the most popular rappers from Canada, is being accused of having liposuction from Joe Budden. Joe Budden made a comment on Drake’s washboard stomach muscles on his track “Afraid”. This all happened when Drake posted a picture of himself having some serious workout, showing off his flat and toned stomach.

Photo credit: (left) Splashnews.com

Photo credit: (left) Splashnews.com

Male celebrities undergo plastic surgery to maintain their looks. Just think of Kenny Rogers and Tom Cruise, who might have enhanced their looks with plastic surgery. However, it is rare that a male celebrity would take short cuts to appear slimmer. Looks like there is a much shorter way to get those six pack abs.

Watch what others have to say about Drake’s ripped body:

With all the speculations, some renowned plastic surgeons also weighed in with their opinions. One plastic surgeon mentioned that the difference in Drake’s abs could be achieved with proper dieting and exercise. It is indeed possible to have such abs in a short time with disciplined weight loss.

And it is not just his abs that look good. His pecs look solid as well. And if Drake did undergo liposuction, his body might look a bit unbalanced as he might not have the time during recovery to develop his pecs.

Check out his picture:

Photo Credit: (left) No Byline

Photo Credit: (left) No Byline

This piece of news is rather interesting as it is rare to hear of rappers undergoing liposuction. Usually they are known to have muscular bodies with ripped muscles. But such Drake plastic srugery speculations are based on mere rumors and remain unproven.

If Drake has indeed achieved such astounding results using proper dieting and disciplined exercise regime, then he has set a wonderful example for all fans to follow. If not, it does not really matter. All that matters is his music. Anyway, he is not an artiste without controversy. Getting punched in the face or pissed on at a movie theatre did not stop his momentum towards stardom. What do you think? Did Drake undergo the alleged liposuction procedure?