Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Make Him Look 20 Years Younger

Brad Pitt’s good looks has attracted lots of plastic surgery rumours. As he approach mid-50s, the cosmetic surgery rumours will get more intense as years go by.

Things didn’t help when he attended the 2016 Golden Globes along with Ryan Gosling, looking almost the same age as Ryan. The age difference between these two gentlemen is 17 years! Yet, Brad Pitt looks like he never left his 20s. With such good maintenance against the effects of aging, tongues started to wag about the possibility of plastic surgery done on Brad Pitt.

How did Brad Pitt look so much younger

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Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Speculation is Stronger

Though there were other noteworthy gossip from the Golden Globes event, like what Brad Pitt spoke to Selena Gomez, all eyes were focused on Brad Pitt’s gleaming face. Many viewers of the event started to ask “what’s his secret” and some brought their curiosity to the table by posting tweets on twitter.

One of them tweeted “ I’m just confused at what kind of spell was put on brad pitt that keeps him young looking forever????”

@DavidCruzTMM tweeted “What ever potion, lotion or magic witch doctor Brad Pitt is using to look so young, I WANT IT.”

@foomayzhu said “Is that 2016 Brad Pitt??? Why he look so young??”

Comparison Of Brad Pitt To Benjamin Button

And the tweets just kept coming. Brad Pitt is the talk of the show on the Golden Globes awards. There were even comparisons of Brad Pitt with Benjamin Button, one of the characters he played almost 7 years ago.

Brad Pitt in his younger days

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Previously, Brad Pitt kept a beard and looked his age. Just a few years ago, he kept his hair longer and beard more visible, and no one doubted his age. Now back to his clean shaven self, he is indeed beating the aging effects. Watch the video below an interview about By The Sea,

However, Brad Pitt plastic surgery rumours are not new. In Nov 2015, while attending the Opening Night Gala at the American Film Institute Fest 2015, Brad Pitt was already looking 20 years younger than himself. The award winning actor and producer looked like he entered into a time machine and came back younger. And there was talk of him undergoing plastic surgery to keep his age down. Some even said that he had found “the right doctor”.

Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Rumors Started in 2007

In 2007, there were rumours that Brad Pitt underwent plastic surgery to correct his bagginess under his eyes. Some even went to say that he had his jaw fixed to make it more defined. Observers said that in the years following 2007, wrinkles on his forehead and some of his facial scars disappeared. That gave birth to rumours of face lifts and botox.

Even his nose was not spared. Rumours say he now has a narrower nose bridge and less bulbous nose after rhinoplasty or nose job.

In 2013, Yahoo Lifestyle suggested that one of the most sexiest man in the world, Brad Pitt, underwent plastic surgery to have his ears fixed. This is probably because his ears were protruding no more.

Being a ladies man, and having been through some high profile relationships with actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt has to keep up with his looks. His wife, Angelina Jolie, is also not spared from the tabloids, with reports ranging from the trivial to the ridiculous. But we will leave Angelina plastic surgery speculations for another day.

Brad Pitt has Never Admitted to Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Though plastic surgery has become more accepted in the entertainment industry in recent years, it is still considered taboo by some. With rising stars such as Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea, plastic surgery has been brought to the fore front of anti-aging. But Brad Pitt has never admitted to undergoing any plastic surgery.

With actors like Harrison Ford showing the way of aging gracefully, we hope that Brad Pitt follows in their footsteps. Whether he has undergone the knife or not, it is more important that Brad continues to make movies that we love and stay the heartthrob always in the hearts of women around the world. What do you think of Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery?