Bella Hadid Nose Job – Did She Undergo Rhinoplasty?

Bella Hadid Nose Job Rumours – True or False?

Since Bella Hadi came onto the scene walking for Desigual in 2014, there was much talk about her plastic surgeries. While we documented at length about her plastic surgeries in another post, today we shall focus on her nose. Did Bella Hadid fix her nose?

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Signs of A Nose job

Firstly, we need to find out what are the signs of a nose job. With advancement in rhinoplasty techniques, the scars of a nose job are well hidden. Open rhinoplasty where an external incision is made will usually bear a higher risk of scarring. But a good and reputable plastic surgeon will be able to hide the scar from view.

For closed rhinoplasty, there is hardly any scarring.

But even if there are scars after a nose job, they can be hidden by clever makeup. It is no surprise that Bella Hadid might be able to hide her scars. After all, she is a professional supermodel!

Thus, if a nose job is done well, it leaves very little tell tale signs. To determine if Bella Hadid underwent a nose job, you have to check out the changes in her nose shape.

Bad Signs of a Nose Job

Sometimes, signs of a bad nose job can be obvious. This happens to nose job done by experienced plastic surgeons too. Think about it – Michael Jackson could not have chosen a novice for his nose jobs, but still, his nose jobs ended badly.

Some bad signs of a nose job include:

– The nose is too scooped

– The nose is too upturned

– The tip is too pinched

– Nostrils ended up too big

– Nose view from the front looks like a straight pencil

– The nose looks disproportional

– Collapse of the nose side walls

When you look at Bella Hadid before and after photos, you can see that her “nose job” is done well. There are no signs of a bad nose job as above. Her nose looks elegant and with her beautiful pair of eyes, just make her irresistable!

Bella Hadid Nose Job Done Well

So, if Bella Hadid underwent a nose job, her plastic surgeon did a wonderful job. There are no deformities on her nose. Her nose looks natural and that is why there is a constant debate about her nose job. Check out more of Bella Hadid nose jobs before and after photos below:

Did Bella Hadid go for one Nose job or multiple nose jobs?

For most nose jobs, once is good enough. Unless the first rhinoplasty was a disaster, there is no need for a second nose job. Some suggest that Bella Hadid might have undergone multiple nose jobs to attain the perfect nose. But we can never be sure. The only thing we can do is to take a look at how she has changed over the years. Hopefully, we can identify the years where she underwent a nose job.

Here is a photo of Bella Hadid taken in 2010. You can see that her nose tip was slight long and droopy.

Ethan Miller Getty Images

In March 2014, she was still looking natural. Her face seemed rounder. There is a slight bump at the tip of her nose.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Half a year later in September 2014, she demonstrated mastery over her makeup techniques. Her facial color made her nose look smaller and sharper. But the bump on her nose tip was still there.

Taylor Hill/ Getty Images

Here is a picture taken in December 2014. She looked casual yet very beautiful in this shot. She kept up with her trend of using light coloured makeup. Her nose looked more defined, but did not arouse any suspicion of a nose job.

Venturelli/GC Images

In the picture below taken in June 2015, Bella Hadid looked solemn and still. Her nose still looked defined at the nose tip. There were no hints of rhinoplasty.

Dimitiros Kambouris/ Getty Images

Finally, Bella Hadid decided to smile at the cameras. In the photo below taken in January 2016, Bella Hadid looked splendid. Her nose tip was still unfixed at this point.


Bella Hadid experimented with slightly darker makeup in this photo taken in March 2016. Her eye makeup colors made her look slightly teary. But still amazingly beautiful. Her nose? Nothing done.

Getty Images

However, things started to change from September 2016. In the photo below taken in September 2016, her nose bridge seems to be thinner somewhat. Her nose tip looked very defined. Cannot rule out the possibility of different lighting. But the changes are pretty obvious.

Mike Marsland/WireImage

Things started to look really weird from May 2017. In this photo taken in May 2017, her nose seemed to be dragged down. Her nose looked disproportional to her face. Did she try to thin out her nose bridge? What do you think?

Getty Images

Then in June 2017, (see below) her nose bridge seemed slightly crooked. Her right side of the nose seemed to have flattened out. Could have been the lighting though. What was the cause? Only she knows. Check it out:

Getty Images

Bella Hadid was modelling in Paris on July 4, 2017. Here, a close up of her photo showed a very defined nose tip. Her nose seemed “pencil like” as her nose bridge runs all the way to her nose tip. Looked slightly unnatural but not a definitive sign of a nose job. Check it out:


So, here is another side by side photo of Bella Hadid in her younger days versus how she looks like now. Do you see any differences in her nose?

Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin, (right) Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Overall, no one can really tell if Bella Hadid underwent a nose job. But going by the photos, the changes in her nose shape seemed evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The changes could have been due to her use of makeup colors. Anyway, whether she underwent a nose job or not, many fans will agree that she looks amazingly beautiful. What do you think? Are the Bella Hadid nose job rumours true?