Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Rumors. Are they True?

Ariana Grande Cosmetic Surgery Photos

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The main discussion about Ariana Grande plastic surgery talk are the possibilities of a nose job, breast augmentation, lip fillers and eye lifts. We can observe the before and after photos to see if there is any obvious sign of cosmetic surgery or enhancements.

Ariana Grande Has A Sharper Nose Now

In the older photo, Ariana Grande seem to have a rounder nose and less sharp nose. In the later picture, you can see that her nose looks better and sharper. Though we cannot be sure that she underwent rhinoplasty, but photos suggests some surgical enhancements has been done. The result of the job is pretty well done and she looks much better.

Watch an interview conducted by Ariana Grande back in 2011:

Compare that to the recent interview of Ariana Grande:

Being the pop princess, she has to keep up her good looks to compete with other celebrities. In terms of her face shape, she seem to have a more triangular face now, looking sharper than before. This helps to portray a more matured look in Hollywood. The refinement is obvious and she is looks ready for more grown up roles if Hollywood permits.

Ariana Grande Lip Filler Rumours

There are also Ariana Grande plastic surgery rumours about her lips. But when we observe the before and after pictures, it seems that she has done minimal adjustments to her lips. Perhaps just a little bit we cannot say for sure. Nonetheless, she still looks beautiful with or without lip fillers.

Some critics and observers goes to say that she might have taken to liposuction to reduce her weight but that sounds a bit ridiculous. This is because Ariana Grande has always had a smaller body frame and her recent weight loss could be due to normal dieting and not such extreme measures such as liposuction.

Ariana Grande Boobs Enhancement Rumours

And of course, how can you get leading roles in Hollywood without a pair of enhanced boobs? Though speculation is rife about her boob job, her increased bust size could well be due to her growing older through puberty and natural breasts growth. Sometimes, critics fail to take into account the age of the celebrity when they burst onto the scene.

Conclusion on Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery

So, whether Ariana Grande plastic surgery rumours are proven we will never know. But we can say that she has grown into a prettier celebrity from her younger days. All these comments and criticism on her looks will not stop her from building on her stardom in Hollywood.