Ben Affleck Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ben Affleck Plastic Surgery Rumors. Did he Undergo any plastic surgery enhancements?

Ben Affleck has been an ever popular actor with stunning handsome looks. With his already sharp  nose and nice features, did he really go for cosmetic surgery to make himself look better? Currently, botox rumours seems to abound due to his raised eyebrows and eye bag corrections.

Ben Affleck plastic surgery rumors

Photo Credit :Getty Images

He has been the star man of many blockbuster movies. And it is understandable that to keep landing the major heroic roles, he needs to look good all the time. At his age of 43, his smooth complexion has caused a lot of fans to talk about his plastic surgery possibilities.

No Drastic Plastic Surgery on Ben Affleck it Seems

Watch Ben Affleck in a trailer for The Company Men a few years back:

Compare it with his polished face in the Jimmy Kimmel show:

But if you look at the before and after photos, it seems that Ben Affleck did not undergo much drastic changes in his facial features. Yes, he still looks very handsome, albeit more mature now. But there is no strong indication that he went for repeated botox injections.

His face looks sharper during his younger days. But that is perhaps due to the natural effects of aging. Some say he might have undergone teeth enhancements or dentistry procedures. Even if he has done so, it seems to have a good result as he looks fantastic.

Some say that his forehead is free from wrinkles. But that depends on whether he was smiling in the pictures. In the pictures where he smiles, you can see slight wrinkles on the forehead. His cheeks look puffy but not too puffy. It might be due to some slight weight gain as a man reaches his mid 40s.

No Confirmation that Ben Affleck Plastic Surgery Rumors Are True

There is never a confirmation that Ben Affleck plastic surgery rumours are true. When you look at the before and after pictures, do you think Ben Affleck has undergone plastic surgery? We feel that Ben Affleck has just managed to age gracefully.