Amber Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Amber Rose Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Amber Rose, one of the popular American musicians, model and performer, is subjected to much plastic surgery rumors lately. As with many Hollywood celebrities, looking good is the number one priority to keep themselves at the top of their career. Common plastic surgery procedures include Botox injections, breast augmentations, facial fillers and the increasing trend towards butt implants or butt augmentation.

Did Amber Rose Undergo plastic surgery

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Amber Rose is a popular Amercian Model who gained notoriety when she posed for a Louis Vuitton advertisement featuring Kanye West’s sneaker line. She was best known for her relationship with Kanye West after being spotted by the rapper in the music video “What Them Girls Like”. Their romance lasted from 2008 to 2010. Latest news has it that Amber Rose filmed “Walk of No Shame with Amber Rose” in 2015 with the Funny or Die viral video that helped promote the Amber Rose’s Slut Walk that was held in October 2015 in Los Angeles California. Amber Rose also has her own line of eye wear and music videos.

Watch Amber Rose in a recent interview:

The video below shows Amber Rose at the Slut Walk Event:

Amber Rose has never admitted to any plastic surgery procedures. Still, the rumors persists in online discussion forums. In order to determine if Amber Rose did undergo plastic surgery, we need to take a look at the before and after pictures.

Amber Rose Plastic Surgery – Possible Butt Implants

Photo Credit :(right) fameflynet

Photo Credit :(right) fameflynet

Butt implants are getting popular with Hollywood celebrities. For Amber Rose, her before pictures show a much slimmer and natural looking butt. Butt shape tends to be streamlined with the body. However, in the after photos, you can see that Amber Rose’s butt seems to be jutting out quite a bit. Some say that its because of a weight gain that causes the protruding butt. But its hard to fathom such powerful impact on the butt based on weight gain. And it cannot possibly be due to a sudden butt growth after puberty. Take a look at the before and after pictures of Amber Rose and judge for yourself.

Amber Rose Plastic Surgery – Possible Boob Job

Photo Credit: (right) Jesse Grant Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Jesse Grant Getty Images

Another body area that most female celebrities focus on is the breasts. Some say have bigger breasts can build the confidence of any woman. Well, for Amber Rose, she shares the same opinion it seems. Her recent appearances show her boobs to be huge and round. This is a far cry from her earlier days where her breasts look more natural. Perhaps Amber used the power of silicone to boost her boob size. Or could it be the clever use of a push up bra? Well, looking at the photos, we believe there is just so much a good push up bra can do.

Amber Rose and Botox Rumors

Photo Credit: (right)

Photo Credit: (right)

There were also talk online that Amber Rose has such flawless facial complexion because of Botox injections. Amber Rose is now aged 32 and for her to subject to Botox is a little bit too early. Botox is one of the most popular non invasive plastic surgery. It is generally used to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Overdose of Botox can cause a lump and unnatural look on the face. For the later pictures of Amber Rose, her face still looks natural and she does not seem to need any alteration by Botox.

Amber Rose and Possible Nose Job

Amber Rose is also subjected to much gossip about a possible nose job she has done. Her older pictures do show a slightly more rounded and bulbous nose. Rhinoplasty or nose job is commonly used to reshape the nose. The common desired outcome of rhinoplasty is to have the nose bridge slightly narrower and the nose tip more pointed and sharp. For Amber Rose, her more recent photos do show a slight improvement in her nose shape. However, such slight improvements in photos can also be due to the lighting or clever makeup.

And we find that for Amber Rose to look this good now after giving birth, its an incredible feat in itself.

Overall, the plastic surgeon (if any) who has been working with Amber Rose seem to be doing a great job. There are no signs of artificial fillers on her face. Even her boobs, though looking rounder, still looks natural. Perhaps one thing we admire about Amber Rose is her preference for a short haircut which seems to take many years off her age. Plastic surgery or not, we look forward to more performances and creative masterpieces from Amber Rose in the years to come. What do you think of Amber Rose plastic surgery?