Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Susan Sarandon Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Susan Sarandon is a veteran in Hollywood. She has made many appearances on screen and won many awards and accolades among her peers. Susan is often the talk of the town regarding plastic surgery. Being a sex symbol in her younger days, she is always being scrutinised for any changes in her looks or body features. Some of Susan’s plastic surgery rumors include facelifts, botox injections, fillers use and breast augmentation.

Since 1970, Susan Sarandon has dazzled her fans through her amazing acting skills. She started her acting career in the film Joe, before appearing in A World Apart. Susan subsequently went on to win industry recognised awards like the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for The Client and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress for Dead Man Walking.

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Susan Sarandon is also active in the television community. She is a five-time Emmy Award nominee, for some of her roles in sitcoms such as Friends and Malcolm in The Middle. In short, she has done it all in the acting industry. Thus, for her to stay atop of the game for so many years, there is a need to keep herself looking young and presentable. That is where the use of plastic surgery might be necessary.

Susan Sarandon is well known for her curvy figure and sexy looks. Though she is approaching age 70, she still looks sultry for a lady of her age. Even though she has admitted undergoing plastic surgery, she has never overdone any procedure to make herself look artificial or unnatural. Procedures she has admitted to have underwent include liposuction which was used to remove the excess skin on her neck. Susan also mentioned that she removed excess fats on her face, in order to have a sharper look and higher cheekbones.

Watch Susan Sarandon in her latest interview on Jimmy Fallow Show 2016:

Compare that to a young Susan Sarandon with the Late David Bowie below:


Susan Sarandon and Botox Use

Though Susan Sarandon has been open about some of the procedures, other plastic surgery procedures are not so much acknowledged by her. Despite Susan’s admission that Botox actually frightens her, there is widespread speculation that she has used it to keep the wrinkles off her face. Some fans insist that her flawless and smooth facial skin is due to the subtle Botox treatment she is receiving. However, Susan has never personally admitted to using Botox. Looking at the before and after pictures of Susan Sarandon, her face does not reek of Botox, but does look too good to be true as only very minor wrinkles are visible. For a lady aged almost 70 to look like this is unbelievable.

Susan Sarandon and Breast Augmentation

Susan Sarandon boob job

Having a big bust size helps a lot in Hollywood. A nice set of boobs can get you recognised and cast you in more starring roles. Having been in Hollywood for so many years, Susan Sarandon understood the impact of big breasts long ago. In her earlier appearances in movies, Susan has always been spotted with cleavage revealing shots. Now as she age, her breasts do not look as saggy as they are supposed to be. Either some photos are taken while she was wearing some strong support bra or she had the help of a great plastic surgeon. But there is no doubt that her bust size is holding up well against the effects of aging.

Susan Sarandon and Facelift

Susan Sarandon photos today

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is the facelift. It reduces the severity of the wrinkles on the face and allows sagging skin to look tighter and lifted. Aging causes the loss of collagen in the skin and facelift forces the skin to tighten, thereby reducing the drooping effect. For Susan Sarandon to have such a youthful look, there might have been a few facelifts she has undergone.

Susan Sarandon is an icon in the entertainment industry. She has managed to look sexy till today. And for a lady who have won so many awards, it does not hurt for her to undergo some minor surgery to look better. Most importantly, she is still actively working on new films to get us glued to the television or movie screens. What do you think of Susan Sarandon Plastic surgery?