Edie Falco Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Edie Falco Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Edie Falco, one of the most prominent television actresses in America has been the subject of much plastic surgery talk since 2014. Due to her everlasting wrinkle free looks and slightly stiff facial expressions, netizens have started online discussions whether Edie underwent the knife to keep her wrinkles at bay. Her clean, smooth and clear skin, has sparked plastic surgery speculations. While there are no formal admissions from her, the rumors still persist. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include chemical peels and botox injections.

Edie Falco Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Edie Falco is a popular American television, film and stage actress. Her most famous stints include her role as Diane Whittlesey in Oz, Carmela Soprano in The Sopranos and Sylvia Wittel in Horace and Pete. Edie Falco has had an amazing career. She has won four Emmys, 2 Golden Globes and 5 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Being a survivor of breast cancer, Edie Falco is indeed a strong woman in every way.

Looking young forever is the dream of every woman. Edie Falco might have resorted to plastic surgery to maintain her youth. One way of determining whether she underwent the knife is to look at her before and after photos.

Watch Edie Falco in an interview back in 2009:

Compare that to the Edie Falco recent interview on Jimmy Fallon Show:

Edie Falco and Botox Injections Rumors

Edie Falco’s smooth skin is evident for all to see. However, if she did use botox, it is hard to tell. This is because her face does not show any signs of botox overdose. Overdose of botox results in lumpy looks in areas such as the forehead and cheeks. But such signs are absent. If she had used botox sparingly, her plastic surgeon has done an incredible job.

One other possibility is that Edie Falco might have used chemical peels to get rid of the dead skin cells. This is because her face looks tight and fresh from all angles. However, some people do not regard chemical pills as plastic surgery. They deem it too light to be considered as an invasive form of plastic surgery. Nonetheless, Edie Falco still looks natural and void of any obvious plastic surgery scars on her face or body.

Overall, we appreciate the tough fight Edie Falco had against cancer. And her amazing comeback from the disease to remain so active in the entertainment circle is commendable. Whether she underwent plastic surgery or not is not the point. The point is that we have a lot to learn from this brave woman who battle the odds and still remain successful till this day. Respect.