Prince Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Prince Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Prince, who is regarded as one of the most influential musicians of all time, has been the subject of plastic surgery gossip. Prince has sold more than 100 million records all around the world, making him one of the best selling artistes of all time. Besides winning an incredible 7 Grammy Awards and an American Music Award, Prince also demonstrated his excellent acting skills when he won an Academy Award for the film Purple Rain. With all the success, his appearance on stage and on the red carpet has been scrutinised by the media. Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include a nose job, lip injections, skin lightening and Botox injections.

Photo Credit: (left) Warner Brothers

Photo Credit: (left) Warner Brothers

Prince started from humble beginnings. Born in Minneapolis to a father who is a pianist, Prince took an interest in music from a young age. At 7 years old, Prince wrote his first tune, “Funk Machine”. This was the first signs of a musical genius. He went on to play football, basketball and baseball in high school. When Prince met Jimmy Jam in 1973, he amazed him with his quick mastery of various musical instruments. His work ethic and dedication to perfection were also noticed.


Soon his hardwork paid off. in 1982, Prince released an album 1999, which sold over 3 million copies. The song Delirious hit the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Most importantly, “International Lover” got Prince noticed worldwide when it received a nomination at the 26th Annual Grammy Awards.

Watch Prince’s first interview in 1997. He is so humble in the interview:

Watch another flashback interview on the Larry King Show in 1999. Boy, we miss Prince so much:

In this interview with Oprah Winfrey, when asked what he wants to be remembered for, Prince said “The Music”:

Between 1984 to 1987, Prince had a string of hit songs, including “Raspberry Beret” which hit number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and “Pop Life” which hit Number 7. He also proved to be a very successful songwriter. The song he wrote “Manic Monday”, recorded by The Bangles, hit Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. From then on, Prince’s musical career never looked back. One of this most memorable moves was to change his name into a symbol. It was not only till 2000 that he returned to using Prince to address himself.

Prince has never confessed to any plastic surgery procedures. Despite intense speculation throughout the years, no one was able to find any evidence at all. Some fans suggest that Prince’s vegetarian diet might have played a part in keeping him looking youthful.

However, there are also arguments that being a vegetarian can lead to premature aging as well. This is due to the lack of essential dietary fats necessary for healthy joints, proper heart and brain function, anti-inflammatory effects all over the body. Not to mention that dietary fats play a part in maintaining a smooth and glowing skin. But whatever it is, it is very unlikely that Prince has undergone any surgical procedures.

Prince and Botox Injection Rumors

Botox used to be popular among people who are seriously aging, developing deep, hard to neglect wrinkles. But due to its effectiveness, Botox has soared in popularity among the young as well. It is quick to administer and the effects are visible instantly. However, the widespread acceptance of botox as a mainstream plastic surgery procedure has led to many botched jobs. Not only does it give botox a bad name, some of the botched job pictures give plastic surgery a bad reputation as a whole.

Photo Credit: (left) NPG Music, (right) Kevin Winters Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) NPG Music, (right) Kevin Winters Getty Images

Most botox botched jobs are due to the excessive application of botox. Being too ambitious can backfire in the use of botox. Signs of excessive botox use include lumpy and unnatural looking face. Facial expressions can become constricted too.


For Prince, his flawless look sparked botox injection speculations. However, his later photos show a natural looking face with no signs of botox overdose. Indeed, it seems like he managed to age gracefully. There are some signs of crows feet developing in his eyes but thats about it. Even so, that is pretty hard to spot. It is quite unlikely that Prince has undergone botox injections.

Prince and Skin Lightening Rumors

Photo Credit: (right) Kevin Winter Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Kevin Winter Getty Images

Another ridiculous rumors about Prince is that he underwent skin lightening to have such a relatively fair complexion. This came about when Prince appeared in light colored skin, especially in his promotional photos. One possible explanation for his fair appearance could be due to the use of powder in make up. In the later years, Prince usually appeared on stage with makeup on his face. As we all know, makeup can alter the skin tone and skin color. It is highly possible that could be the reason. As for his magazine photos, the light skin tone could just be due to the clever use of Photoshop.

Though Prince has left us in April 2016, his contribution to the music industry cannot be forgotten. Throughout his career, he has helped countless budding musicians to gain a foothold in the music industry. And many times, he was not credited with the help. He played the electric guitar uncredited on several Madonna songs like “Keep it Together”, “Act of Contrition” and “Like A Prayer”. His unselfishness has led to many celebrities giving tribute after his death.

Prince should be remembered not for his alleged plastic surgery procedures (which we think he had none), but for his achievements in the music industry. Truly, he is one of the best musicians ever to grace the stage. May he rest in peace and be remembered the right way.