Minzy Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Minzy Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Minzy, one of the most popular recording artist in Korea, is the subject of numerous plastic surgery rumours. She is formerly of the girl group 2NE1. However, since 5 April 2016, she has officially departed from the group to have her own recording contract. It is recently announced in May 2016 that Minzy has signed with Music works and a solo album is in the works.

Minzy nose job before and after

Check out Minzy in her younger years. Take note of her flatter nose:

Compare that to her appearance over her the years:

Minzy and Nose Job Rumors

It is not surprising that nose job rumors have surfaced for Minzy. Her recent nose since 2015 has been more narrow at the nose bridge. Though there is no distinct different in her nose tip, the thinner nose bridge did not escape the eyes of netizens.

In fact, Minzy did admit to having a nose job. But it was not for cosmetic reasons – it was done to solve her long suffering from rhinitis. To clarify her position, Minzy spoke up and said “There’s a lot of talk about my change in appearance these days. I’m not the type of person who can hide things, so I wanted to come out and tell everyone right away. I had been suffering from rhinitis for a long time, so I always had a hard time while singing and dancing. When I went to the hospital, they told me that because my nose was crooked, I had to get surgery for a perfect recovery.”

Minzy plastic surgery before and after photos

“It was the first time I’d ever undergone surgery, so I was worried at first. Then my mother suggested that while I’m fixing my crooked nose, I should receive cosmetic surgery as well. That’s why it took even longer for me to decide.”

She went on to say, “CEO Yang Hyun Suk is against plastic surgery so I didn’t dare bring it up, but I got the courage and discussed it with him. Then he said, ‘In the past, Gummy and Wheesung also suffered from rhinitis. As long as you are going to, you should go with your mother’s advice.’ With a lot of bravery, I underwent surgery for rhinitis and received cosmetic surgery for my nose.”

Her nose job seemingly have given her a better matured look. Despite Minzy’s admission that her nose job was out of necessity and not vanity, most people believe that she has opted to go under the knife for a better looking nose.

South Korean stars are no strangers to plastic surgeries. Many Korean celebrities underwent the knife and came out with impressive results. But not all plastic surgeons are perfect, some surgeries can go awfully wrong. Another member of Minzy’s previous pop group, Park Bom, is one example of a plastic surgery disaster.

Whatever it may be, Minzy looks like a top drawer as she embarks on her solo career. With her singing skills and dance moves, its only a matter of time she carves out a successful musical career on her own. What do you think of Minzy plastic surgery rumors?