Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Melissa Rivers Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Melissa Rivers, the famous daughter of Joan Rivers, is the subject of much plastic surgery rumors over the years. It is no secret that Joan Rivers resorted to plastic surgery to look young. Looks like its a case of like mother, like daughter. To Melissa’s credit, she did not lie about her plastic surgeries. Instead of behaving like other secretive celebrities, Melissa Rivers admitted to her plastic surgery procedures. Some of her alleged plastic surgeries include Botox injections, a nose job and breast augmentation.

Melissa Rivers Plastic surgery before and after photos

Melissa Rivers is famous not only for her mother’s accomplishments. Melissa is an established actress, television host and producer herself. Outside of the entertainment circle, Melissa Rivers is also an accomplished and well recognised equestrienne competing in various show circuits. Her acting career includes roles in Beverly Hills 90210, Silk Stalkings and The Comeback. In 2015, Fashion Police was slated to return on August 31 2015 and Melissa Rivers were to be the co-host. With such an active role in the entertainment business, it is not surprising that Melissa Rivers will strive to look her best in front of cameras.

Watch an interview with Melissa Rivers a few years back below. Her lips look a bit puffed up:

Compare that to a recent interview with Melissa Rivers on Today:

Melissa Rivers and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs, one of the most delicate plastic surgeries, remain as a popular option for celebrities wanting a sharper nose and thinner nose bridge. Nose jobs can be a major disaster if not done right. In fact, there is a chance of a bacteria infection that can eat up the flesh if not properly healed. Nonetheless, thousands of people still opt to take the risk in order to look much more handsome or beautiful.

For Melissa Rivers, her before and after photos show a noticeable difference in nose shape. In her younger days, her nose look more bulbous and rounded. Though she claims that her nose job was done as a teenager, it seems that more work was done after that. As time went on, her nose shape seems to change gradually.

Melissa Rivers and Botox Injections

One of the most asked questions of Melissa’s mother, Joan Rivers, is how much botox injections did she have. Botox can produce fantastic results if used sparingly. However, as users chase perfection, they tend to overdo on the botox, resulting in a lumpy and plasticky look. The plastic surgeon administering the botox injections should be able to communicate to the patient what is the right amount to use.

Photos Credit: Getty Images

Photos Credit: Getty Images

For Melissa Rivers, she admitted that she uses botox twice a year. This is evident as her forehead is free from wrinkles. In some of her pictures, her smile looks slightly unnatural and her skin looks rather taut and tight. And if she is using botox two times a year, it is likely that she might have overdone during those twice a year sessions.

Melissa Rivers and Cheek Augmentation

One of the signs of aging is sagging cheeks. Some say that Melissa Rivers used cheek implants to hold her cheeks up. Well, such cheek implants can create a lumpy look. For Melissa Rivers, her smile will accentuate the presence of something foreign in her cheeks.

Her cheeks look fuller and higher than in her earlier photos. Such significant changes cannot be due to weight loss or skin creams. It is probable that Melissa Rivers did something to her cheeks to perk them up.

Melissa Rivers and Lip Injections

Thick and luscious lips is all the craze at the moment. Somehow, having thicker lips will portray a sexier image for many people. As lip fillers are easily injected into the lips and the recovery is fast, many celebrity go for this seemingly simple plastic surgery.

However, lip fillers injections are far from being simple. Some celebrities who tried it had botched jobs. They end up with excessively swollen lips, just ask Farrah Abraham. For Melissa Rivers, her lips look thicker but not swollen. This shows that her plastic surgeon has done things in moderation. Instead of going for the swollen lips, her plastic surgeon knew when to stop.

Melissa Rivers and Brow Lift

Another popular Melissa Rivers plastic surgery rumor is about her eyebrow lift. As her eyebrows look much higher and elevated in her later photos, netizens start to discuss about the possibility of a  Melissa Rivers brow lift.

In her recent photos, her eye brows look really elevated. Perhaps she wanted to prevent herself looking old with sagging eyebrows. But she might have overdone it as the position of her eyebrows look unnatural upon close examination. But if you are just looking at Melissa at a fleeting glance, it is hard to tell whether she had a brow lift.

Overall, Melissa Rivers still look largely natural now. However, at the rate she is going for plastic surgeries, it is a matter of time she undertake the plastic surgery title from her mother Joan Rivers. As the saying goes, like mother like daughter. How truer can it be for this case? What do you think of Melissa Rivers plastic surgery?