Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Maria Menounos Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Maria Menounos is a popular celebrity who has played many roles in her career. Through her popularity, there is much speculation about the possibility of plastic surgery performed on her. Some of the most discussed plastic surgery procedures about Maria includes nose job and breast augmentation. Though Maria has denied such allegations, there is still a separate group of fans who believe that she underwent some plastic surgery enhancements.

Maria Menounos is an American actress, journalist, television host and also a professional wrestler. She has appeared in various shows such as Today, Access Hollywood and Extra. Maria Menounos is also a self professed fan of the WWE. Maria made appearances in WWE back in 2009. She also appeared occassionally in the wrestling ring from 2011 to 2016.

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin

Maria Menounos Is a Diva in WWE

Being in WWE, it helps to have a huge set of boobs. Think of the past diva of WWE. Stars like Chyna, Lita, Ivory and Trish Stratus all have big breasts. It adds to the sex appeal and it is definitely more appealing to WWE fans to see women with ample assets being flipped about in the ring. Maria, being one of the wrestlers in WWE, naturally attracted a lot of attention to her boob size.

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin

While her bra size is at 32C now, there are people who believe that she achieved her current bust size through breast implant surgery. However, this is a debatable accusation. From the before and after pictures of Maria Menounos, there is no obvious signs of breast enlargement. The perceived increase in her boob size could very well be the use of push up bras and the use of clever dresses. Although the rumors are intense that she has undergone a boob job, fact remains that she refuses to admit it.

Watch Maria Menounos seemingly Defying Aging on the Jimmy Kimmel Show lately:

Compare that to the video below back in 2004:

Maria Menounos Weight Loss

Some other outrageous rumors include the use of liposuction to reduce her weight. It is well documented that Maria Menounos had an impressive journey from an oversized woman to a slim figure we see today. However, in her interviews as reported in DailyMail, she stressed the importance of dieting in her weight loss regime. Never once was any surgical weight loss method mentioned. For that, we believe Maria lost her weight the natural way, without any assistance from plastic surgery. Maria Menounos also appeared in several bikinis after her weight loss and their is no apparent sign of liposuction done.

Maria Menounos Nose Job Rumors

Another allegation of plastic surgery is her nose job. Many observers claim that there is a difference in the shape of Maria Menounos’ nose over the years. However, when we observe the before and after pictures, there seems to have only slight differences. Such slight differences could be due to the use of lighting in the photos or make up colors. Even the proper use of lighting can create different contours in photos. Furthermore, considering the fact that she is a professional wrestler and might get back into the ring at anytime, Maria Menounos would be silly to wear a surgically altered nose into the ring. Thus, the chances of Maria having a nose job is slim.

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin, (right) Jason Merritt Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin, (right) Jason Merritt Getty Images

Overall, the focus should be on Maria Menounos talent and adaptability to many roles in her life. It is not easy to be a diva in WWE, as there are thousands of women who would want a shot at fame during the WWE Divas Auditions. For Maria Menounos to be a journalist, as well as a professional wrestler, is unheard of. Whether Maria underwent the knife or not, she should be recognised for her contribution to the entertainment world. What do you think of Maria Menounos plastic surgery rumors?