Hani Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Hani of EXID Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Hani, who is one of the most popular singers from EXID, is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. She shot to fame with the kpop group EXID in 2014, mainly due to the success of the pop song “Up & Down”. As South Korea is known to be a country steeped in plastic surgery enhancements, Hani is continuously subjected to plastic surgery speculations.

Hani Plastic surgery before and after photos

One of the best ways to determine if Hani has undergone plastic surgery is to compare her before and after photos. Some netizens insist that her face shape has changed so drastically that it is impossible for her not to have undergone the knife.

Watch Hani in a recent interview below:

Compare that to when she was a fresh faced 16 year old below. She appears in 0:42 of the clip:

Hani even went as far as to share an X-ray of her face to prove that she did not go for plastic surgery. She once appeared on a television program which featured a doctor who explained that her facial features are natural.

Hani sharper chin

It did not help when a video of Hani undergoing an audition at age 16 surfaced online. Some harsh observers commented that Hani did not look as well as now. Despite her denials, there were some determined observers out to prove that she underwent plastic surgery.

However, on close observation of her photos, the netizens’ comments were not unfounded. It is quite clear in the photos that her cheeks looks unnatural. Her cheeks used to protruding out of her face. However, in the later pictures, you can see that the protrusion of her cheeks is gone. Such obvious distortion of the face gave rise to the plastic surgery rumors. Not only that, her chin used to be round in shape. But in her later pictures, her chin looks much sharper and pointier.

Hani Natural chin

Some fans say that Hani might have achieved her sharper chin through weight loss. However, weight loss does not cause such a drastic structural change on the face. The most distinctive change from weight loss might be the hollowing out of the cheeks and not the sharpening of the chin. And there was no hollowing of the cheeks to speak of.

Anyway, no matter what the netizens speculate, only Hani knows the answer to her plastic surgery procedures. All we can do is to look forward to more spectacular performances from Hani and wish that she does not go overboard with the plastic surgery procedures. What do you think of Hani plastic surgery rumors? Are they true or false?