Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery Before and After

Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery Rumors

Eva Mendes has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors over procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or nose job, dermal fillers or Botox and brow lift. Though Evan Mendes has never admitted to the plastic surgeries, a look at the before and after photos provide some clues if she really underwent cosmetic surgery.

Eva Mendes, Natural Sexiness or Make-Over?
eva mendes plastic surgery before and after

Who do you think about Eva Mendes? A great actress who got famous through box office movies such as We Own the Night, Ghost Rider, Training Day, Hitch, and 2 Fast 2 Furious. She is a sexy celebrity that can catch your eyes by her body shape. But does this sexiness come naturally? The answer can be seen by comparing her past and present appearance. Is there any difference you see in the pictures above?

Eva Mendes has been active in Hollywood since 1990s. She was involved in a series of roles in B movies such as Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998) andUrban Legends: Final Cut (2000), she made a career changing appearance in Training Day (2001). Since then she has co-starred in movies including All About The Benjamins, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Ghost Rider, We Own the Night,Stuck on You, Hitch and The Other Guys.

Mendes has been a model and ambassador of Cocio chocolate milk, Magnum ice cream, Revlon, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Thierry Mugler perfume, Reebok,Campari apéritif, Pantene shampoo, Morgan and Peek & Cloppenburg clothes. She designs a fashion collection for New York & Company.

Being such a popular actress and products ambassador, there is the pressure on Eva Mendes to maintain her beautiful look and hourglass figure.

Here is an interview with Eva Mendes after childbirth, Check this out:

Certain observations about her appearance reveal some possibility of plastic surgery done. At her age, it is important to upkeep her beauty and image in front of viewers’ eyes. As such, it comes as no surprise that she might have undergone the knife.

Eva Mendes and Rhinoplasty

The main suspicion comes from the shape of her nose. Many conclude that she underwent the process called Rhinoplasty. The before and after effects can be clearly identified when we look at the two pictures above.

The first picture was taken when she was very young, and the second picture captured in 2015 as posted by the Huffington Post. These two pictures gives significant evidence about Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery. We can see some differences between the face of Eva Mendes in her young age with her recent face.

The first prominent difference arise from her nose appearance. It is sharper in her recent face. This makes for a strong case that she did a nose job or rhinoplasty. Her nose used to be more bulbous and round. But of recent years, her nose seem to have grown sharper and more pointed. Her nose bridge seems to have thinned, a possible tell tale sign of a nose job done.

Eva Mendes and Brow Lift

Another difference came from her brow. It seems that she did brow lifting to reshape her eyebrows to make them look more exotic and sexier. Her new brows seem to elevate more and form a more shapely curve. Though we cannot confirm there was brow lift done, she definitely looks sexier than before with her improved eyes.

Eva Mendes And Botox

But that was not enough. As she approaches age 40s, she realises that she need to combat the natural formation of wrinkles. A normal person at age 40s will demonstrate some additional wrinkle lines on the face. But we can clearly see here that her face is smooth and almost wrinkle-less.

There are speculations that Eva Mendes used Botox to smooth out her fine lines and wrinkles. One expert doctor also commented that her smooth forehead could be due to the clever use of Botox at the right places.

Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery breasts

Eva Mendes And Breast Augmentation

The next area of focus is her hot and sexy body. Her body is well known to be the reason why she is so popular among her fans. And naturally, people question about the size of her breasts. She often dress up to emphasis her well shaped breasts.

And the difference in her boobs size are significant between the past and present. And we know that sexier women stand a higher chance of success in Hollywood. We can catch one example from the two pictures above. You can see that her present bosom is much fuller than the past. Many fans believe that she did in fact undergo plastic surgery for her bust job. And many agree that it was a job well done. Whatever it is, she has the right to choose which procedure to go.

However, it must be note that Eva Mendes has spoken out against plastic surgery, saying “No, not for me. That’s a brutal operation. Very invasive. I’m really into the subconscious, you know? I wonder if they can hear the doctors talking about you when you lie there. Because you’re out, but you’re still alive. I’d want to be plugged into my iPod or something.”

As such, even though Eva Mendes might have done some plastic surgeries, it will be embarrassing to admit to any plastic surgery procedures. What do you think of Eva Mendes plastic surgery?