Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Rumors Before and After Comparison Photos

Did Christina El Moussa Undergo Plastic Surgery?

One of the up and coming superstars in reality television, Christina El Moussa, is in hot plastic surgery gossip around the internet. With her superb good looks and sharp business acumen at age 33, Christina El Moussa has captured the hearts of many fans. Other than flipping houses, Christina El Moussa has been flipping the hearts of many men unknowingly using her beauty. But the question remains if she underwent the knife or not.

Photo Credit: (left) Twitter @TarekChristina, (right) Sylvain Gaboury Patrick McMullan Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Twitter @TarekChristina, (right) Sylvain Gaboury Patrick McMullan Getty Images

Watch a short video intro of Flip or Flop in 2014:

Compare that to a recent interview in 2016 about the show:

Who is Christina El Moussa?

Christina El Moussa gained fame through the HGTV show Flip or Flop. The show primarily focuses on buying houses, renovating or reconstructing them, then selling them for a profit. Christina was offered a role on the television series after a demo of herself and husband (now in the midst of splitting) was submitted to HGTV.

The success of the show relies heavily on the chemistry of Christina El Moussa with her husband Tarek El Moussa. Both of them have flipped numerous properties on the show. “Flip or Flop” has become one of the most followed television shows on HGTV. Her popularity on the show made her a rich woman. She is reportedly making at least $10,000 per episode of the show. Christina El Moussa is rumored to have a net worth of about $3 Million.

The birth of her two children were also big news on television. Christina gave birth to her first daughter in 2010 and a son in 2015. It was not long ago that the Christina and Tarek celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary. It is still a shock to many viewers that their marriage is on the rocks.

Some fans have remarked about how Christina is able to preserve her slim figure after giving birth to two children. There were some small talk about liposuction but largely unproven. Some jealous souls also came up with other Christina El Moussa plastic surgery rumors. Some of the speculated plastic surgery procedures include nose job and facial fillers.

No Visible Evidence of Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery

Despite all the rumors, when you look at the now and then photos of Christina El Moussa, all you can see is a consistent Christina El Moussa. There is hardly any signs of surgical alteration on Christina.

Photo Credit: (left) Twitter @TarekChristina, (right) Sylvain Gaboury Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Twitter @TarekChristina, (right) Sylvain Gaboury Getty Images

Her nose looks the same, though her nose is not at its sharpest. But it looks nice on her. Her smile is natural. Her cheeks look normal and not lifted. Her jawline is the same as her photos 4 years ago. Christina is too young to have any neck lines. She has a perfect looking neck. Even one of her most prominent features, her thick eyebrows, look well placed and beautiful.

All we observe is that Christina does look a tad bit more motherly than her younger years. But that is expected with motherhood catching up with her. All the Christina El Moussa plastic surgery rumors can be thrown out of the window.

Christina El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa are Splitting Up

Overall, there is a general sadness among her fans that Christina and Tarek are splitting up. They were married in 2009. After years of seeing them together on television, it is heart breaking to hear about their break up. There are many fans who wish that they will patch up and get back together.

Watch videos on possible reasons why Tarek and Christina are splitting up:

Some feel that they should stick together for their lovely kids. It is sad to witness a beautiful couple going their separate ways. But only they know the inside story. Let’s hope that Flip or Flop will continue to be screen on television. Who knows? They might just come together back again because of the show. What do you think of Christina El Moussa plastic surgery rumors?