Amanda Holden Plastic Surgery Before and After

Amanda Holden Plastic Surgery

Amanda Holden and Her Controversial Plastic Surgery Suspicions

Amanda Holden is known as an actress, presenter, and singer. She got her famous name since she became the judge of Britain has got talent since 2009. She has not got her debut on acting field until she became a contestant on a famous game show, Blind date that aired during 1991. Amanda Holden has became a celebrity with doses of gossips about her.

Some of the gossip came from her divorce and her second marriage that made people know more about her personal life. Amanda Holden is a mother of two children. Her beautiful face and the fact that she has two children earned her the title of a Hot Mama.

Aparting from people’s opinion about her personal life, Amanda Holden is also a subject of plastic surgery speculation. Some pictures of her face then and now, gave some assumptions that she had done some procedures to maintain her beauty in front of television’s audiences.

Holden does not look like a 44 year old. Amanda Holden didn’t deny that she used Botox treatment to keep her face younger. But she has never talked to the public that she would stop using it because she is scared about the repercussions. Her shooting planning in Africa at that time became one of her reasons to stop using Botox because she feared the sunshine will damage her face.

However maybe because she stopped using botox, wrinkles appeared on her face. To her, using Botox is common amongst celebrities. Shortly after the shooting in Africa, she got the smoothness of her face back.

Beside her Botox issue, Amanda Holden is suspected to have undergone face-lifting. Many people suspect that her beauty is the outcome of facelifting and Botox.

However, she refuted this claim. She expressed that face-lifting is too much for her. But despite the issue about the treatment and procedures that might be done by her, she is still look adorable on television. In addition, since she has given birth for two children, it is necessary for her to undergo some treatment as she needs to maintain her beauty. As a public figure, looking good is an asset in the entertainment industry.

And Amanda Holden is no exception.