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Courteney Cox Before Plastic Surgery And After Lip Fillers and Botox

Courteney Cox Before Plastic Surgery – After Breast Augmentation and Botox

When Courteney Cox appeared at a recent LA Event, people could hardly recognize her face. The famous actress, who has admitted to using Botox in the past, had fuller cheeks and seemed to have undergone eyelifts and face lifts. Courteney Cox is really fighting to preserve her youthfulness and beauty. Other stars like Tom Cruise and Sharon Osbourne are also trying to turn back the clock.

Courteney Cox Over The Years – Any Plastic Surgery evidence?

There seems to be work done on her face. Her unnatural look is due to her smaller eyes and tauter skin. The wrinkles seem to have disappeared from her forehead and her smile is tight.

Some feel that Courteney Cox has overused Botox and it has made her look worse than before plastic surgery.

Courteney Cox Says She did not Go under the knife

However, Courteney Cox told Closer Magazine ‘It’s no secret I’ve had some Botox in the past, but I won’t go under the knife. Continue reading →