Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Rose McGowan Undergo Plastic Surgery?

This is one question that Rose McGowan have had to face for years. It is no surprise that Rose is being brought up on plastic surgery disaster discussions. The speculations arise because of her artificial and lumpy looking face, which is very different from how she looked like in younger days.

Rose McGowan is born in 1973 in Certaldo, Italy. Her parents returned the United States when she was 10 years old and settled in Eugene, Oregon. In her younger days, she was living as a teenage runaway and associate with some bad company of drag queens. Her parents divorced subsequently and Rose McGowan stayed with her dad. At a young age of 15, she went to live on her own in Los Angeles.

Rose McGowan Early Days

McGowan acted in a series of films dating back to 1992. It was her role in the comedy The Doom Generation that caught the attention of film enthusiasts. After receiving a nomination for the “Best Debut Performance” at the 1996 Independent Spirit Awards, Rose McGowan had a break when she was offered a supporting role in the hit horror film Scream.

Rose McGowan became famous mainly for her role on the television show Charmed and movies like the Black Dahlia and Grindhouse.

Rose McGowan Appearance has Changed

Rose McGowan Looks Different then and now

Photo Credit: (left) CBS Paramount International, (right) Sipa

McGowan always carried herself well. Hardly you will find a photo of her on the red carpet unprepared. Appearing glamorous most of the time, McGowan has endured a fair share of criticisms about her growing unnatural looks lately. Many of her fans want the truth as to whether Rose McGowan has gone for plastic surgery.

Rose McGowan Eye Enhancements

It was rumoured that Rose McGowan underwent surgery to enhance the look of her eyes. Not that it was out of her own will, but rather an accident that happened in 2007. The story was that Rose McGowan was involved in a car accident that left her a terrible scar underneath her eye. The scar was possibly caused by her glasses that cut her during the accident.

I didn’t realize I was hurt until I put my hand to my face and felt the flap of skin,” McGowan said, explaining how she’d felt directly after the accident had taken place.

There is no better reason to enhance her looks than this accident. Looking at her before and after pictures, there is a strong possibility that some work has been done around her eyes. There are now no scars on Rose McGowan’s face. However, McGowan’s facial skin does look stretched out and tight looking.

Rose McGowan Looking More Unnatural

There were also observers saying that Rose McGowan is addicted to plastic surgery. Her face is looking increasingly lumpy and artificial. Though Rose McGowan is a natural beauty to begin with, her pursuit for perfection seem to have backfired.

Her use of fillers looks certain as parts of her face looks fuller and unnaturally shaped. There were also talks about her having breast implants to make her bosom bigger. But these rumours are never proven. For the record, Rose McGowan always had a set of sizeable boobs. Her current boobs do not look like those supported by implants. Typically, breasts implants make the boobs look as if they are on the verge of exploding.

Rose McGowan Before and After Pictures

Rose McGowan plastic surgery rumors

Photo Credit: Getty Images

When you look at the before and after pictures of Rose McGowan, besides the natural signs of aging, you can see that her chin looks more defined than before. Could it be the case of chin augmentation?

Some say that it could be due to weight loss. However, Rose McGowan has always been quite slim. Any further reduction in weight should not cause such a big difference to her jawline.

But one must note that photographs can be photoshopped. Even if there are no adjustments, the lighting and the angle do make a difference. Rose McGowan might be using a different set of makeup for the different photos. As such, some differences cannot be used to conclude the possibility of plastic surgery procedures.

Rose McGowan Looks Like Michael Jackson?

Rose McGowan plastic surgery

Photo Credit: Instagram RoseMcGowan

Recently in July 2014, online comments about Rose McGowan looking like Michael Jackson had her fuming mad. The online comments were targeted at a picture McGowan posted on her Instagram account. It showed the Charmed actress wearing a pair of sunglasses. Some fans view it as close resemblance to Michael Jackson.

However, her loyal fans were quick to defend her on Instagram. But seriously, we do not think she looks like Michael Jackson. Perhaps its just the sunglasses playing tricks.

What do you think?

Rose McGowan Nose Job

McGowan’s nose is also subject to debate. However, normally after a nose job, the person’s nose is slimmer and more pointed. That is usually the desired outcome of a nose job. However, in the case of McGowan, her nose shape seems to be bigger and her nose looks more bulbous in her after pictures.

Could Rose McGowan be after a bigger nose? If that’s the case, then it is very unusual. Or could her nose be the result of a botched rhinoplasty procedure? Possibly, but thank God that it did not end up looking like LaToya Jackson or Michael Jackson.

Looking closer at her facial features, Rose McGowan’s face seems a little bit drooping on the left side (while facing her. Could this be the case of uneven facial fillers? Her older photos does not reflect such imbalance at all.

Rose McGowan Before and After Videos

While photos can be edited to achieve dramatic before and after effects, videos represent a more objective assessment. Check out Rose McGowan Before and After Videos to see if she indeed underwent cosmetic surgery:

This is an interview with Rose McGowan back in 1999:

Compare it to the recent interview Rose McGowan Had:

Whether Rose McGowan underwent the numerous suspected plastic surgeries is anyone’s guess. No one can conclude if Rose McGowan went under the knife. But one thing is for sure, McGowan looked much prettier in her younger days. And most would wish that she had preserved her looks naturally and not subject herself to the temptation of plastic surgery.

What do you think of Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery?