Joan Allen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Joan Allen Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Joan Allen, who has recently reached age 60, is an established actress with roles in many movies since 1977. Her everlasting looks has attracted lots of plastic surgery gossips on the internet. Some of the plastic surgery rumors include a facelift, botox injections, liposuction and cheek fillers. To determine if Joan Allen underwent the knife, you have to take a look at Joan Allen before and after pictures.

Photo Credit: (right) Carolyn Cole Los Angeles Times

Photo Credit: (right) Carolyn Cole Los Angeles Times

Joan Allen has worked in theatre, film and television. She achieved many milestones in her acting career. Her career spanning almost four decades is decorated with industry recognised awards. Joan Allen was a three-timei Academy Award nominee. Her stage play has also earned her a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her Broadway debut in Burn This (1988). Recently she also starred in the ABC drama The Family. With her still taking on new roles, it will be responsible of her to look her best whereever she goes.

Watch Joan Allen when she won the Tony Award back in 1988. She looks amazing and so slim:

Compare that to a recent interview on Good Morning America below. Her acting skills still shine through so well. Amazing actress over the years:

Joan Allen and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are commonly used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is generally “tightened” or “pulled” to eliminate the wrinkled look on older people. Facelifts are considered one of the most common plastic surgeries available. They can take years off the face of an individual with one operation.

Photo Credit: (left) Paramount, (right) Robert Deutsch USA Today

Photo Credit: (left) Paramount, (right) Robert Deutsch USA Today

For Joan Allen, wrinkles start to form as she reach late forties. Though makeup is a good alternative to remove wrinkles, it is not a permanent solution. Joan Allen has never revealed if she underwent a facelift. However, from the tightness of her facial skin, it is highly probable that she might have tried it.

Joan Allen and Liposuction Rumors

Another popular Joan Allen plastic surgery rumor is liposuction. Liposuction provides a quick way to reduce weight. Instead of going through the tedious tasks of physical exercise routines, liposuction provides people a convenient way to cut the flab.

Photo Credit:(left) Theo Westenberger Getty Images, (right)Mike Pont Getty Images

Photo Credit:(left) Theo Westenberger Getty Images, (right)Mike Pont Getty Images

However, liposuction is not a cheap option. A typical liposuction procedure is out of reach for the general population. For Joan Allen, with her earnings, the cost of liposuction should not pose a problem at all. Some netizens say that Joan might have undergone liposuction on the tummy, thigh and arms. Such allegations cannot be proven and till the day Joan speaks up, no one will really know.

Joan Allen and Botox Injections Rumors

Botox injections is another convenient way to remove wrinkles. Coupled with facelifts, they can be effective to put the wrinkles away. However, some botox patients have unrealistic expectations. They tend to be overly ambitious on what botox can do for them. Overdoes of botox usually results in a lumpy and unnatural face which is irreversible.

For Joan Allen, some netizens observe that her forehead looks very shiny, without any wrinkles. As botox injections are commonly applied to the forehead to remove lines, her “perfect” forehead has attracted unwarranted attention. Even though there is a possibility that she have used botox on her forehead, it is hard to conclude as she still looks largely the same.

Overall, Joan Allen has not gone overboard with the plastic surgeries. Her looks has remained normal thus far. Let’s hope that she will not be too reliant on plastic surgery to keep herself looking young. We look forward to more movies and stage dramas from Joan Allen for many years to come. What do you think of Joan Allen Plastic surgery?