Rachel Hunter Plastic Surgery – Does She Believe in it?

Rachel Hunter Feels the Pressure to Look Good

Rachel Hunter says that she faced the pressure to keep up with her looks using plastic surgery. On the Television Critics Association meeting on Tuesday, former supermodel Rachel Hunter says that she was “horrified” to see photos of herself as she grew older.

Rachel Hunter Plastic Surgery Rumors

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She said on FOX411 “I was very much considering plastic surgery, and then I had an amazing opportunity to go on this journey which really changed my view on the whole idea of it,” she shared. “That moment of beauty when a woman actually feels beautiful— it’s the synchronicity between internal and external that have to have this amazing harmony moment.”

Rachel Hunter, the former wife of Singer Rod Stewart, says that she tried to hide areas of imperfection with scarves. She said that people also questioned her reluctance to get rid of the “deep lines” around her mouth.

With her new show on Ovation,Rachel Hunter Tour of Beauty, Rachel Hunter has a different view of beauty. The show takes viewers around the world in search of beauty secrets and the definition of beauty in different countries.

“After going on this journey and seeing other cultures, away went that superficial idea of beauty” says Rachel Hunter.

This statement sums up what Rachel Hunter thinks about plastic surgery:

‘Ideas of beauty are old and need to be shattered. We have no self-acceptance. If we don’t enjoy who we are then how can you offer fully any sense of beauty or well-being or longevity?’ 

However, this is quite a far cry from what she mentioned as reported in Womensweekly in 2011. Back then she said “But if I’m honest, I really don’t care. If I have to have a facelift to get rid of my turkey neck or take out wrinkles, I will – as long as I feel good.”

Perhaps with age, Rachel Hunter has changed her point of view. At age 46, she is blessed with good genes as she retains her beautiful features that made her such a popular model during her heydays.

In August 2015, she shared with Viva’s beauty editor, Janet Mackay, that external care of the body, such as exfoliation of skin are important, but the internal care is important as well. She mentioned that it is also important to eat right, have a healthy diet to keep the body looking great.

Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty will be on Ovation on 17 January, be sure to catch it for some beauty tips from around the world, minus the plastic surgery.