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Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kathy Griffin Admitted to Plastic Surgery Procedures

Popular two time Emmy winning comedian, Kathy Griffin, is no stranger to plastic surgery. Kathy has been open about the plastic surgeries she had and even said “I’ve had a face lift, eye job and all that stuff. It didn’t help me one bit. It didn’t get me happier or make me look particularly younger”

Or did it?

Kathy Griffin plastic surgery rumors

Photo Credit: Pinterest

With her success, there is increased pressure of looking good in front of the camera. Kathy Griffin also appeared as a guest in some television shows. As such, just like any other woman, Kathy wanted to look better than her natural self and opted for some cosmetic surgical enhancements.

What Plastic Surgeries did Kathy Griffin Undergo?

Kathy Griffin left everyone guessing what were the other procedures when she said she had the face lift, eye job and “all the other stuff”. But looking at her before and after pictures, we can see that she had her wrinkles pretty straightened out. To achieve this, she either used Botox or dermal fillers.

Kathy Griffin also has an incredible glowing face with lots of enthusiasm. She looks attentive all the time and that led to the suspicion that she underwent facelift procedures , brow lifting and chemical peels. These procedures probably add to her everlasting beauty.

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Jenelle Evans Plastic Surgery Before and After Lip Fillers

Jenelle Evans Plastic Surgery Besides Her Breast Augmentation

Looks like Jenelle Evans could not resist the lure of plastic surgery as she is reported in OK! Magazine to have gotten lip injections. This is a follow up procedure after going for breast augmentation in May 2012.

Jenelle Evans with her new pouty lips

Photo Credit: (left) Fox (right) Instagram

Her instagram account flaunts the effects of Juvederm as her lips really get puffier and more pouty.

Now, on her latest Instagram update, her selfie sparked cosmetic surgery rumours amongst all fans.

Some fans comments:

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Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery – Remove Her Ribs For Slimmer Waist?

Kylie Jenner Extreme Plastic Surgery – She Wants To Remove Her Ribs

Kylie Jenner has taken her love for plastic surgery to another level without minding the scar. Kylie has already undergone plastic surgery procedures such as botox and lip injections to improve on her looks and style. But this latest news on Kylie Jenner takes it to a new level of cosmetic surgery, removing ribs to achieve a slimmer waist.

Kylie Jenner considering removal of ribs

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Mary-Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Mary-Kate Olsen Plastic Surgery. What Did She do To her Face?

When was the last time you couldn’t tell the Olsen twins apart?

Those days are long gone because it seems like Mary-Kate Olsen has undergone some serious plastic surgery to get herself differentiated. They now look incredibly different.

Watch this video when they appeared on the set of Ellen and you can see the remarkable differences:

Though termed as fraternal twins and not identical twins, both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen looked like each other from young. Check out the pictures below when they were still small kids.

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Kim Kardashian Butt – Butt Plastic Surgery Trend

The Kim Kardashian Butt – The Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Butt implants and butt augmentation rule the plastic surgery world now. Looks like instead of enhancing the front bust of a woman’s body, its the rear end that counts.

Following the strong examples of Kim Kardashian, who is arguably the most influential in plastic surgery terms, women are flocking to get their butts implants done. Other superstars that had their butt implants OR suspected to have butt implants include superstars like Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez.

Did she go for the Butt Job

Lil Kim Photo Credit: Getty Images

Butt Augmentation and Butt Implants Demand are Rising

It has been reported in NBC news that the demand for butt implants and butt lifts are growing since 2014. This trend is set to continue into 2016. In fact, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Reports, buttock augmentation or labiaplasty, had the most significant percentage increase of 58% and 44% respectively compared to 2012 amongst all other plastic surgery procedures.

Most Popular – The Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the most popular kind of butt augmentation is called the Brazilian Butt lift. The Brazilian Butt lift is a procedure where fat is taken from areas where patient least want them and then injected into their “you know where”. Most of the time, the unwanted fat is taken from the stomach or thighs of the patient.

Though it is still lagging behind the most popular plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, eyelid surgery and liposuction, the cost of butt augmentation does not come cheap. A typical butt augmentation procedure will set you back by around $12500.

Fats In Your Stomach And Thighs can Help

If you are endowed with enough fats in your stomach or thighs, things are pretty straight forward. But if you are naturally short of disposable fats, then the only option is to have butt implants to get your butt looking perky and sexy. However, butt implants are usually made of silicone and we know the risks involved. Drawing from the “explosive” experiences of silicone breast implants, it is definitely unwise to overdo butt implants, because it is an area under intense pressure while seated. Most doctors say that buttock implants are safer because they are made of soft silicone rubber and not silicone gel.

But didn’t most doctors say silicone breast implants were safe as well?

Butt Augmentation and Butt Implants Recovery time

The recovery time for butt implants and the Brazilian Butt lift is about two weeks. During the recovery process, you are not supposed to sit at all. There is a special outfit that will help hold the butt in place, which works very much like a bra for your boobs. You will be told to lie on your sides or your tummy during the crucial recovery phase.

Just so you know, butt implants risks include infection, scarring, nerve damage, implant rupture or explosion, implant migration and seroma.

This latest plastic surgery trend of butt augmentation and butt implants will continue for some time. Some observers say that it is just a fad, led by some celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lil Kim who have been flaunting their rear assets. Perhaps its really a trend that will die down in a few years. But we just hope that things will always be under control till the slim and athletic look is preferred once again.

So if you are still after the Kim Kardashian Butt, you have been warned.