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Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lee Da Hae Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lee Da Hae is a popular South Korean actress who is recognised as a master of many languages. Being the first Korean actress to articulate her lines in Korean, English and Chinese, she stands out from the sea of Korean celebrities. However, as of recent times, Lee Da Hae is suspected to have undergone plastic surgery by some netizens. Some of Lee Da Hae alleged plastic surgeries include double eyelid surgery, nose job, botox injections, jawline reshaping and facelift.


Lee Da Hae made a name for herself by first winning the Miss Chunhyang Pageant in 2001. Considered by many a natural beauty at that time, Lee Da Hae struggled to establish herself as a leading actress, often being relegated to supporting roles. However, she had her big breakthrough in 2005 when she starred in the comedy My Girl. My Girl enabled Lee to have a huge following in South Korea. Her fame led her to star in more films, including The Slave Hunters, Miss Ripley and Hotel Kind. Due to her fluent Chinese, she was also featured in Chinese drama serials like Love Actually and Best Couple in 2016.

Over the years, viewers observe that Lee Da Hae’s appearance changed over time. Somehow, she looked prettier as she got older. Now at age 32, it remains a constant challenge for Lee Da Hae to look young. As new stars emerge, it is important for her to slow down the effects of aging to stay competitive for leading roles.

Watch a young Lee Da Hae being interviewed:

Compare it to a recent Lee Da Hae interview below:

Lee Da Hae and Nose Job Rumors

When Lee Da Hae first won the Miss Chunhyang pageant, her nose looked slightly flat. She had a round nose tip, which is typical of any Asian face. However, in her later photos, Lee Da Hae appeared to have a sharper nose and thinner nose bridge. Somehow, Lee has managed to change her nose shape after puberty. Could it be due to weight loss? Very unlikely.

Photo Credit: (right) VCG Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) VCG Getty Images

When asked if she ever had plastic surgery, Da Hae said “I used to be a fat girl. I worked hard to lose weight and also did some ‘remodeling’ to my face.” The host looked shocked, and immediately said, “I thought you didn’t get any plastic surgery!” Upon hearing this, Da Hae laughed, “Fantastic! Please continue to think like that!”

That gave the strongest clue whether Lee had undergone the knife, though no specific procedure was mentioned.

Lee Da Hae and Jawline Surgery

One of the natural ways to have a sharper face is simply to lose weight. Losing weight allows a person to shed some of the stubborn baby fat. Such fat cannot be lost using facial exercises but sheer weight loss.

However, in today’s world, it is common that people want results fast. Just think about instant coffee and instant noodles. Now, people who want to look thinner and sharper go for instant jawline reshaping surgery.


Despite it being a painful process, people undergo the surgery in search for a slimmer looking face. Depending on the severity of the corrections, jawline surgery can take weeks if not months to recover fully.

For Lee Da Hae, looking at her before and after photos, her jawline has changed tremendously. From what was squarish from her cheeks down, now she appears with a sharper chin and a more slanted look from her cheeks down.

There are two camps of thought about her jaw. One group insists that she attained her sharper face due to fierce dieting and weight loss. While the other group feels that even with drastic weight loss, such changes to her face could not be possible without plastic surgery. What do you think after looking at the pictures?

Lee Da Hae and Double Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Looking again at the before photos of Lee Da Hae, it is obvious that she had slit shaped like eyes in the past. When she first started, her eyes were small. But they miraculously became bigger in the later years.


And it does not help to stop the rumors when her eyes were spotted with double eyelids.

Almost every observer will recall she had single eyelids initially.

It did not take long fore people to spot that.

But then, most people do not view double eyelid surgery as plastic surgery. It is just a process to attain double eyelids.

Whatever it is, whoever did the job for Lee Da Hae did an amazing job. Her eyes sparkle with life and expressions nowadays.

Lee Da Hae and Botox injections

At age 32, Lee Da Hae is still considered very young. Botox, which is a popular remedy for fine lines and wrinkles, is often used by celebrities of an older age group. Typically, wrinkles start to form as soon as age 40. That is when people start to notice those creepy wrinkle formation lines.


For Lee Da Hae, her face still looks natural, with no clear signs of botox use. However, she might have used botox so wisely that no one could detect the erroneous application. Whatever it is, whoever applied botox on her (if she ever used it) has done an amazing job. Lee Da Hae looks so amazing today that she must have left someone speechless.

Lee Da Hae and Facelift Rumors

Another alleged plastic surgery of Lee Da Hae is facelift. A facelift is not an easy and straightforward procedure. The recovery time is lengthy and the chance of an infection is always there. Despite the pain and inconvenience, many people still opt to undergo facelifts.

For Lee Da Hae, she does not show any signs of facelifts. If she had undergone multiple facelifts, her face should look tight and taut by now. But she still stays natural looking, dispelling some of the facelift gossip. Whether she had facelift or not, one must say that she looks like a stunnign beauty today.

Overall, Lee Da Hae deserves more recognition for her great self upkeep. Its more meaningful to catch her latest drama serial than to speculate which part of her body underwent the knife. We look forward to more entertainment from the both of them. What do you think of Lee Da Hae plastic surgery rumors?

Hyuna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Hyuna Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Hyuna, who achieved fame and success with the group 4Mintute and Wonder Girls, has transformed herself so much, leading to much plastic surgery gossip on the internet. Her solo career has taken a flying start and some of her songs made it to the top of the charts. With success came scrutiny in her appearance, leading many to suspect that she has undergone the knife. Some of the alleged plastic surgery rumors include double eyelid surgery, jawline surgery and a nose job.

Photo Credit:(right) Instagram

Photo Credit:(right) Instagram

Hyuna, also known as Kim Hyuna, is a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter and model. She had great success both as a solo singer and part of a group. In 2008, her single “Hot Issue” was an instant success and set her for superstardom. Not forgetting her appearance on Psy’s worldwide hit Gangnam Style made her a household name. But for all the fame she received, could she resist the temptation of plastic surgery? Let’s check out some Hyuna before and after photos.

Watch a young Hyuna calling her mother in the video below:

Compare that to a recent interview with Hyuna and her interactions with her fans:

Hyuna And Double Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Having double eyelids make a person’s eyes look bigger. However, that is not the only way to have bigger eyes. With today’s makeup technology, it is possible to have bigger eyes just by applying the right contrasting tones around the eyes. However, there are some celebrities who still opt to undergo the knife, enduring the pain to have permanent double eyelids.

Photo Credit: (left) CUBE Entertainment

Photo Credit: (left) CUBE Entertainment

For Hyuna, her before and after photos show eyes of different sizes. It could be due to lighting to clever makeup but one thing is for sure, the difference is quite remarkable. In her earlier photos, her eyes look more slit like and smaller. In her later photos, she shows off a pair of rounder and bigger eyes. It is hard to tell if she has undergone the knife to achieve such effect.

Whatever it is, she definitely looks better with her “bigger eyes” now.

Hyuna And Nose Job Rumors

Almost every celebrity suspected of undergoing the knife has to go through the “did she have a nose job” visual test. Many nose job patient opt to have a sharper nose with a thinner nose bridge. As many Asians tend to have flatter noses, nose jobs are extremely popular in South Korea. However, in their pursuit for the perfect nose shape, one has to put up with the risk of a botched nose job, which can cost much more than the first rhinoplasty procedure.

Photo Credit: (right) Chelsea Lauren Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Chelsea Lauren Getty Images

For Hyuna, some observers say that her later photos show a sharper nose and a narrower nose bridge. Her nose bridge looks more defined now. And the shape of her nostrils look narrower and smaller too. However, we should not be to quick to assume that she has undergone a nose job because such differences could be due to the clever use of makeup too.

Looking at her before and after photos, what do you think? Observe the space between her eyes and you might get your own conclusion.

Hyuna And Jawline Surgery Rumors

Jawline surgery is often used to achieve a V shaped face. Many celebrities are not happy with their round shaped faces. When in the extreme, a round shaped face could make someone look like the descendants of Flintstones or worse still, be labelled a “potato head”.

Naturally, for those celebrities with a round chin and broader lower face, their desire is to reshape their jawline. And frankly, it takes a lot of courage to undergo this surgery as it takes an awful long time to recover. For some people, the mere imagination of the pain during recovery is enough to put them off.

For Hyuna, much of her jawline surgery rumors stem from the change in her face shape within a short period of time. However, some of the later photos were taken from a higher angle, which typically results in her face looking sharper than usual. This photo taking technique is not only used by celebrities but also common people who want to look slimmer on their Whatsapp profile.

Some fans attribute her sharper looking face to her weight loss. It is possible that Hyuna achieved her sharper look through dieting and regular exercise. To be fair, her earlier photos show her with slight babyfat which could be lost through a weight reduction programme.

Anyway, it is hard to imagine Hyuna going for such an extensive surgery on her already beautiful face. And at her age, it is seriously unnecessary. But when it comes to South Korea plastic surgery, anything is possible.

Overall, Hyuna has grown prettier over the years compared to those Gangnam Style days. Her eyes seem bigger, and she has a edgier vibe to her personality. To say that she has undergone extensive plastic surgery is not really fair as she still looks largely similar to her younger self. Perhaps its her makeup artist who is performing those visual miracles. What do you think of Kim Hyuna plastic surgery rumors?

Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jennifer Hawkins Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Hawkins, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, is the subject of much plastic surgery talk. Being the winner of Miss Universe Australia and the current host of Australia’s Next Top Model, Jennifer Hawkins has to look her best at all times. Her entrepreneur pursuits in the swimwear and self tanning products make maintaining her sexy physique a top priority. But the question remains what kind of plastic surgery has she undergone?

Photo Credit: (left) Getty, (right) Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Getty, (right) Wireimage

Jennifer Hawkins is an Australian model, brand ambassador, businesswoman and television presenter. Despite all the plastic surgery rumors circling her, she has never admitted to having any plastic surgery performed. It is quite remarkable that she has maintained, or even enhanced her beauty as the years go by. Gone are the days when she looked like a fresh faced girl as a teenage legal secretary. Nowadays, she looks even sexier than when she won the Miss Universe Australia Pageant, sparking intense rumors of her going under the knife.

Some of Jennifer Hawkins plastic surgery speculations include a nose job, chin implant, facial fillers and cheek implants. To have an idea of what she has done, one has to look at Jennifer Hawkins before and after photos to find out.

Watch Jennifer Hawkins in an interview with the Herald Sun Online almost 9 years ago:

Compare her to her recent appearance in an interview. She has just gotten more beautiful than ever:


Jennifer Hawkins and Nose Job Rumors

A favorite of celebrities, the nose job, has its risks as well as benefits. Any botched nose job sticks out like a sore thumb on the victim’s face. And if you are not careful, you may end up looking like Michael Jackson after numerous revision rhinoplasties.

Photo Credit: (left) Getty, (right) Brandon Voight Splash News

Photo Credit: (left) Getty, (right) Brandon Voight Splash News

For Jennifer Hawkins, her nose shape is already pretty sharp to begin with. Even during her teenage days, you can tell that her nose is already quite pointed. She already has a beautifully shaped nose since young. Some of the speculations point to the subtle changes in her nose shape.

Much of the alleged changes could be due to the different camera angles. It is highly unlikely that Jennifer has undergone a nose job as she would have requested for much greater changes than this. Till today, her nose remains natural and untouched, it seems.

Jennifer Hawkins and Chin Implant Rumors

Chin implants are not exactly popular with celebrities. It is quite an extreme procedure to attain a more pronounced chin. Most people who undergo chin implants want a more defined and sharper chin. If performed poorly, a botched chin implant surgery can result in a witch like face.

Photo Credit: (right) News Corp Australia

Photo Credit: (right) News Corp Australia

For Jennifer Hawkins, we wonder why there are rumors of a chin implant. Her chin looks the same as the day she won the Miss Universe Australia contest. There seems to be no differences in her recent pictures at all. Yes, she does look more mature than she was 12 years ago, but that’s about it. Perhaps the chin implant rumors were planted by some jealous soul who felt that she must have had something done.

Jennifer Hawkins, Cheek implants and facial fillers Rumors

Facial fillers are often used to iron out any creases and fine lines on the face. Generally, facial fillers are used by people above the age of 40 when the inevitable wrinkles start their assault. While some claim that Jennifer Hawkins fantastic wrinkle free complexion is due to facial fillers, other argue that it could be due to her disciplined skin care regime.

Photo Credit: (right) Getty

Photo Credit: (right) Getty

It sounds quite ridiculous that Jennifer Hawkins would undergo facial fillers to look better. For goodness sake, she is only age 32! And it must be noted that under heavy makeup, some people look like they have undergone plastic surgery. That might be the case for Jennifer Hawkins. For those of you who are married, think of your wedding day, your makeup artist might have dolled you up till you look so different from your normal self.

Jennifer Hawkins does not need facial fillers at her age.

Another ridiculous speculation is Jennifer Hawkins having cheek implants. The first question is , why would she undergo that at age 32? Jennifer does not look like she would behave like a crazy Teen Mom reality star at all.

Besides, her facial tone is just perfect for her age. Still looking supple and healthy, it is hard to imagine that Jennifer Hawkins will go to such extreme and undergo cheek implants surgery. Furthermore, her cheeks still look normal and there seems to be little signs of it.

Jennifer Hawkins and Lip Fillers Rumors

Ah… this is the part that gets a little bit tricky. Lip fillers are the latest trend to hit the plastic surgery scene. Women are obsessed with having thick and plump lips. At least according to them, having pouty lips increase their sex appeal. Apparently, many women feel that they look better in photos when why have slightly swollen lips.

For Jennifer Hawkins, there are some snap shots that showed her with plump lips. Compared to her earlier photos, it is pretty noticeable that she has done something to her lips. Whether it is lip fillers or implants we will never know, but its quite possible that she has undergone some procedure.

In some of her later photos, her lips do not seem as bloated as before. This could be due to some of the lip fillers (if she used them) losing their effect. Typically, lip fillers take some maintenance work. The patient will need to “top up” the lip fillers if they want the desired effect to last. Maybe she underwent a few lip fillers sessions and stopped soon after. Only she knows.

Whatever it may be, Jennifer Hawkins looks hot and stunning today. She has maintained her body curves and beauty extremely well. And if she did it all the natural way, she is a fantastic role model for everyone around. Should she try the lip fillers at all? Well, we hope she ditches it for good. As for the other plastic surgery rumors, they are just probably made up stories. What do you think of Jennifer Hawkins plastic surgery rumors?

Candice Swanepoel Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Candice Swanepoel Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Candice Swanepoel is a popular supermodel who ranks amongst the top earning models in Forbes. Her most famous shots come from working with Victoria’s Secret. She was the supermodel who opened the first Victoria’s Secret Store in Canada back in 2010. And she is consistently ranked in the top 100 Sexiest Women in the World in FHM since 2010. In 2014, Candice Swanepoel was ranked No.1 in the Maxim’s Hot 100 List.

Photo Credit: (left) Fashion Gone Rogue

Photo Credit: (left) Fashion Gone Rogue

With such a quick rise to superstardom, Candice Swanepoel’s facial features and body is always under constant scrutiny. Blessed with a thin body frame and legs with the right proportion, one of the main focus is on her boobs. Another noticeable change in Candice face is her nose shape. Netizens are still speculating whether Candice underwent plastic surgery to have her nose fixed.

Check out a Candice Swanepoel interview back in around 2011:

Also in 2011, she was featured in a Victoria’s Secret Showcase with Doutzen Kroes:

Compare that to a recent Candice Swanepoel interview:

So did Candice Swanepoel undergo rhinoplasty?

Looking at her before and after pictures, her nose seems to have undergone some dramatic changes. What used to be round and bulbous has become sharper at the tip and narrower at the nose bridge. This is a common desired outcome for nose job patients. They want to have a more elegant look by having a sharper nose.


However, there are some who argue that the differences in her nose shape is due to clever use of makeup colors. But there is only so much colors can do. They can change the depth of colors but should not be able to alter the nose shape as a whole. Looking at Candice Swanepoel before and after photos, what do you think?


Candice Swanepoel and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Another popular Candice Swanepoel plastic surgery speculation is a boob job. Breast augmentation as many call it, is a popular option for models and celebrities. It can result in an instant boost of two cup sizes or more.


Looking at the before and after pictures of Candice Swanepoel, it is hard to tell if she has undergone a boob job. With the latest bra technology and innovation, push up bras can do wonders to the boob shape. Some bras come with cleavage enhancing features that can make an A cup look like a D cup.

Though we are tempted to say that Candice Swanepoel might have undergone a boob job, we cannot because she appears to have smaller boobs in some outfits and bigger boobs in others. And the photos are taken within the same time frame. So perhaps there is no truth in the breast implants rumors at all. Credit to the advancement of push up bra technology.

Overall, Candice Swanepoel looks stunningly beautiful today. It is hard to imagine her still in the streets of South Africa if she wasn’t talent spotted. Let’s look forward to the day when she finally has her Hollywood breakthrough. What do you think of Candice Swanepoel plastic surgery rumors?

Jen Selter Butt Plastic Surgery Photos – Are They Real?

Did Jen Selter Undergo Butt Plastic Surgery?

Jen Selter, one of the most prominent social media star, is the subject of much plastic surgery rumors.  Her butt became the major talking point as it got more and more shapely over time. There is not very much particularly wrong with Jen Selter, just that she is becoming the butt of much bodybuilding discussions.


Photo Credit: Jen Selter Instagram

Jen Selter has consistently been the focus in a male dominated bodybuilding industry. As she is a lady in the fitness industry, her comments and appearance are always under constant scrutiny. In fact, Jen Selter is so popular online that she has appeared in magazines like Elle, FHM, Muscle & Fitness, Vanity Fair and MAXIM. To be featured in just one of those magazines would be a dream come true for many. But to feature in so many magazines, there must be something special about Jen Selter.

Here is Jen Selter being interviewed, you should check it out:

And this is Jen Selter back in 2014:


Photo Credit: Jen Selter Instagram

Photo Credit: Jen Selter Instagram

Photo Credit: Jen Selter Instagram

Photo Credit: Jen Selter Instagram

Besides Jennifer Lopez who made the jutting butt a main feature of female beauty, Jen Selter can be credited for taking it mainstream. Her “belfie” has impressed and puzzled many online fans. Such is the furore she created that she gained a massive 4 million Instagram followers in less than two years. And to date, her number of followers has increased to 9.9 million and counting.

But the question on everyone’s mind is – did she get her butt through a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Photo Credit: Jen Selter Instagram

Photo Credit: Jen Selter Instagram

That is one hell of a question which even the experts could not answer. Some medical doctors actually believe that she might have gotten her butt shape through rigorous and disciplined exercises, targeted at her bum area.

And the fact that Jen Selter has never admitted to any butt implants surgery adds more weight to her being the Real McCoy butt queen without any surgery.

Photo Credit: Jen Selter Instagram

Photo Credit: Jen Selter Instagram

Another point to note is that Jen Selter does provide some valuable advice and tips on her website. Some of which includes workouts and squat routines to build up the butt.

If she undergone the Brazilian Butt Lift, it will be hard for her to demonstrate and do those exercises regularly we presume.

Overall, we choose to believe that Jen Selter has never undergone any butt lift. Let those jealous souls continue to rant about her butt. We look forward to more motivational quotes and photos on Jen Selter’s Instagram account. What do you think of Jen Selter Butt Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Alena Shishkova Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Alena Shishkova Undergo Plastic Surgery?

With the invention of social media, it does not take a blockbuster movie to become a celebrity online. Alena Shishkova is one of the examples where having a strong social media presence can clinch endorsement deals. Alena Shishkova has 4.5 million followers on Instagram and it is inevitable that suspicions of plastic surgery surface.


With a natural thin body frame, Alena Shishkova is made to be a famous model. Her looks gained her much fame when she was the crowned Vice Miss Russia. That was back in 2012. Alena went on to be a famous model for photo shoots, money spinning advertising projects and a famous feature at fashion launches.

Watch Alena Shishkova contesting for Miss Russia back in 2012:

Compare that to a recent interview on Russian Television, Alena has not aged at all. But her boobs seem bigger, could be due to a good bra though:

Alena Shishkova and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are popular with celebrities because the nose is the central feature of the face. Any changes to it will affect the overall look of the celebrity. Many yearn for a sharper and thinner nose bridge. Despite the risks that comes with a nose job, many still opt to undergo the knife to take a chance of having their perfect nose.


For Alena Shishkova, her before and after photos show a distinct change in shape of her nose. One must say that even before any surgery was done, her nose was already really nice. However, her recent photos show an even better shaped nose. Her nose bridge is narrower and her nose tip is more defined. If she did undergo a nose job, it is indeed a success. Combined with her other facial features, her nose shape change enables her to have a more sultry and confident look.

Talk about adding a bit of mystique to your face. Alena has done it so well.


Alena Shishkova and Lip Fillers Rumors

When she took part in the beauty pagent, there was not much of an emphasis on her lips. The main focus of the contest was largely her body and overall beauty. However, recent photos of Alena Shishkova shows frequent shots of her with pouty lips.


In fact when you check out her Instagram account, most of her pictures show her either faking a kiss or twitching her lips. Looks like she is seriously proud of her pumped up lips.

Alena Shishkova and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Boob job, or breast augmentation, is the solution for women dissatisfied with their boobs. Most women opt to have bigger breasts after the operation, while a very small minority want to reduce their boob size. Despite the known risks of this procedure, and some hoaxes about implants exploding on planes, many women undergo this procedure in the name of vanity.



For Alena Shishkova, she was not known to have the biggest boobs in the beauty pagent. However, her recent pictures show drastic differences in her breast size. in fact, some netizens feel that her boobs are getting too big for her small frame. Comparing the diameter of her arms to her boobs, there is obviously some body imbalance present today.


In Russia, there are people who name her the Megan Fox of Russia. Well, to have that title says something about how the Russians rate Alena. Other than the plastic surgery rumors, there is very little in common between Megan Fox and Alena Shishkova. Till the day Alena comes back with a few blockbuster movies then we can revisit the comparison again.

One more point to note is Alena Shishkova already has a child! Rumors has it that the father of the child is none other than her ex-boyfriend, Russian rapper Timati. Most women go slightly out of shape (some tremendously out of shape) after child birth. But for Alena Shishkova, her figure remains as slim as ever.

This shows Alena’s dedication to her beauty and body figure. There is no hint of her childbirth, other than perhaps her bigger breasts.

Latest has it that Alena Shishkova was featured in Vogue Italia Magazine and Italian Glamour Magazine. She was also a catwalk model for Olesya Malinskaya at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2013. Looks like her career is indeed going places.

Let’s look forward to more contributions from Alena Shishkova in the entertainment circle. With her stunning good looks, she can easily usurp some of the leading roles in Hollywood. The only obstacle is the language barrier. If she can master the English language, she can fast forward her journey to super stardom. What do you think of Alena Shishkova plastic surgery rumors?