Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Halle Berry Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Halle Berry is one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood. She has always denied having undergone the knife and insists that everything about her is natural. Despite claiming that she was tempted by the lure of plastic surgery many times, she proclaims her innocence towards plastic surgery enhancements. Some of Halle Berry plastic surgery speculations include a nose job, botox injections and breast augmentation.

Halle Berry Breast Augmentation

Halle Berry is an American actress, film producer and a former fashion model. Her track record in acting is impressive. She started garnering attentions when she finished as the first runnerup in the Miss USA Pageant and coming in 6th place in the Miss World Pageant in 1986. Her natural beauty is undeniable. Together with Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry had her breakthrough in the show Boomerang, which also spawned the evergreen hit by Boyz To Men “End of the Road”.

Halle Berry went on to star in many more blockbuster movies. She starred as Storm in the X-Men series and also in their sequels. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 for her role in Monster’s Ball.

Her work with renowned brands like Revlon requires her to keep looking good. And since she has been in beauty pageants before, she understands the importance of keeping herself looking beautiful always. But the question remains whether Halle Berry did it the natural way?

Catch a Glimpse of Halle Berry in 1986 during the beauty contest. Watch all the other beauties before Halle Berry appears at 3:56 of the video:

Compare that with the recent Halle Berry interview with Jimmy Kimmel. And I am sure you agree that Halle Berry looks better with age:

Halle Berry and Nose Job Rumors

One of the most popular plastic surgeries in the United States is the nose job. Primarily used to make the nose blend better with other facial features, nose jobs can go awfully wrong even with a small mistake. Revision rhinoplasty can prove costly and yet ineffective in correcting early mistakes.

Photo Credit: (left) Kevin Mazur Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Kevin Mazur Wireimage

Funny thing is, people tend to look more handsome or beautiful when they have sharper noses. And people of Asian and African descent tend to have rounder and flatter noses. Though we cannot speak for all, there is a high percentage of people who wish to have sharper noses and narrower nose bridges.

For Halle Berry, her nose shape seems to have changed over the years. From a more rounded and bulbous tip, her nose has transformed to a sharper and more pointed one. However her nose is absent of scars, perhaps due to the highly skilled plastic surgeon. Her nose bridge looks narrower. And the nose job, if any, has been carefully done not to cause a drastic change. Her nose now looks very well balanced with the rest of her face.

Halle Berry and Botox Injections

Botox is widely used by celebrities to remove wrinkles on the face and neck. The ease of administration through injections makes it an easy option. Without the need to think too much, many celebrities choose Botox as a short cut and convenient way to take years off their faces. However, there are more instances of unnatural looking faces than successful applications of botox.

Halle Berry Boob job

For Halle Berry, as she is getting older, felt the pressure to keep looking young to compete with younger talents in Hollywood. According to Halle Berry, she has never resorted to botox to remove wrinkles on her face. Botox can get addictive and lead to overdose. Overdose of Botox is usually caused by over zealous expectations from the injections. Just ask Priscilla Presley and Meg Ryan what the consequences will be.

Halle Berry And Boob Job Rumors

Boob job is another popular procedure for celebrities to enhance their sex appeal. Big boobs enables the female celebrities to wear low cut dresses, revealing deep cleavages on the red carpet. However, there are some cases of disastrous breast augmentation procedures, resulting in uneven breast sizes and “hollowing” of the chest. Some examples of boob job disasters include Tori Spelling and Heidi Montag.

For Halle Berry, since her participation in beauty contests, there has been speculations whether she underwent the knife to have breast implants. During beauty contests such as Miss World, plastic surgery is not allowed on any individual. As such, it is fair to compare her breast size during her younger days to her breasts today. In some of Halle Berry before and after photos, it is evident that her current set of boobs look rounder and tighter. This could be a sign of breast augmentation surgery. In her older photos, Halle Berry already has big boobs but they have a more natural shape.

Despite all the plastic surgery rumors, Halle Berry insists that she has never used plastic surgery in any way. Whether she have had plastic surgery, her talent still shines through in her work. It is only natural for a lady pursue the fountain of youth to stay young forever. But whether Halle Berry used surgical means to achieve that is a question she needs to answer herself. What do you think of Halle Berry plastic surgery rumors?