Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Eva Longoria have plastic surgery?

Everyone has an eye out for Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. The Hollywood actress is as famous for her role as Gabrielle Solis as she is for her looks. Like many actresses, she does an excellent job of taking care of her appearance.

Who is Eva Longoria?


Eva Longoria changes from 2001 to 2009

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Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery

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Longoria’s career began in 1998 when she won the Miss Corpus Christi title. Talented and beautiful, she triumphed in a series of talent contests that took her to Los Angeles.

The actress starred as Isabella Brana on the daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. She then signed on as Gabrielle Solis on the Prime Time drama, Desperate Housewives. Longoria made the pampered character popular beyond belief.

The actress has published books and is a noted philanthropist.

Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery Rumours

The star gained attention when her appearance started to change. Rumours about possible plastic surgery started about five years ago. Her appearance is almost flawless although she has reached her forties.

Watch this short video of Eva Longoria in 2004:

Compare that to a recent interview on Wendy Williams Show: 


The changes to her looks are subtle. You will only notice them when you compare earlier and present photographs of her. That said, they are clear if you take the time to spot them.

Hollywood pundits have speculated that the actress used surgery to enhance her image. Longoria herself has always denied that she relied on surgical processes. Pictures of her tell a different story.

Eva Longoria and Botox

We know that the Latina actress is in her forties. It is almost impossible for a woman of that age to have wrinkle-free skin. A person past forty usually shows the signs of ageing.

The wrinkles that she had a few years ago vanished without a trace. Eva’s skin is taut, with no creases. The star has said good riddance to the crow’s feet around her eyes. Many plastic surgeons believe that she relies on Botox injections to keep her skin supple.

Eva Longoria and Breast Implants

Eva Longoria Breast Augmentation

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A comparison of Eva’s earlier and later pictures will show differences in her figure. She was lean before, but her form is now curvier.

Take a close look at her in an evening dress. Her breasts are supple, and much rounder than before. She has bid goodbye to an almost flat chest.

Eva Longoria and Rhinoplasty

Longoria’s recent photographs show that she has a straighter nose. It is also slimmer.

Many of the actress’s fans think that she achieved this change with a rhinoplasty. A small minority of them believe that makeup caused this new effect.

Eva Longoria and Lip Fillers

The star’s lips look a bit bigger than they did before. Eva is an expert on choosing flattering lip colors. That said, lip fillers are a better explanation for her fuller lips.

Eva Longoria and Skin resurfacing

Eva Longoria has maintained her looks well

Longoria’s skin tone appears more even. It looked a little patchy in her early photographs. She may have gone through a laser resurfacing procedure to smoothen it.

It is up to you to decide if the star has used surgery to give her image a boost. Fans love the Desperate Housewives icon for taking care of her image. Most of them would say that she looks even better now than she did when she first rose to fame.