Drew Barrymore Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Drew Barrymore Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Drew Barrymore is a popular American actress, author, model and producer. Her acting career began when she was just a small child, playing the role of Gertie in E.T. Over the years, Drew Barrymore changed in appearances over and over again. She is still a very attractive lady. However, the debate rages on about whether she has undergone plastic surgery. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a nose job, cheek fillers, lip fillers, botox injections, breast reduction surgery and breast lift.

Drew Barrymore plastic surgery before and after photos

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Who Is Drew Barrymore?

Drew Barrymore was born on 22 February 1975 in Culver City, California USA. Her parents and grandparents were all into acting. With Steven Spielberg being her godfather, it was only a matter of time that Drew Barrymore became a famous actress.

Drew Barrymore appeared in movies that we will never forget. Some of those memorable movies include Charlie’s Angels (2000), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and He’s Just Not That Into You.

Drew Barrymore with Lucy Liu In Charlie’s Angels

Barrymore also honed her skills as a director. She directed the film Whip it but did not have significant progress after that. She contributed back to society as an Ambassador Against Hunger For the United Nations World Food Programme. Barrymore made a personal donation of $1 million to the programme.

Drew Barrymore have had three failed marriages. Her ex-husbands are Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green and Will Kopelman. She has two kids, Oliver Barrymore Kopelman and Frankie Barrymore Kopelman.

Here is an interview Drew Barrymore had with Oprah Winfrey in 2013:

Compare that to a recent interview on the Jimmy Fallon Show in 2017:

Drew Barrymore And Boob Job

Since adulthood, Drew Barrymore’s boobs have been the centre of attraction.In 1992, she made a statement about her breast reduction surgery, saying

“I really love my body and the way it is right now. There’s something very awkward about women and their breasts because men look at them so much. When they’re huge, you become very self-conscious. Your back hurts. You find that whatever you wear, you look heavy in. It’s uncomfortable. I’ve learned something, though, about breasts through my years of pondering and pontificating, and that is: Men love them, and I love that.”

Her statement said it all about her breasts. So, instead of going for breast implants, Barrymore opted to have her breast size reduced. Check out some of her before and after boob job photos:

Drew Barrymore boob job reduction breasts boobs

Drew Barrymore breast reduction surgery before and after

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Drew Barrymore big boobs reduction

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Drew Barrymore and Botox Injections

Botox is the perfect solution against fine lines and wrinkles. However, many women got overly ambitious. Overdose of Botox results in an unnatural look. The question remains whether Drew Barrymore succumbed to the lure of Botox.

Drew Barrymore facial fillers before and after

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Some say that her forehead looks incredibly smooth. But let’s not forget that Drew Barrymore is not in her fifties, but she is only 42! It is still common for women at age 42 to look flawless. Having a smooth forehead is NOT a sure sign of botox use. Besides, she has always got supple skin texture. Check out her before and “after” photos below. Did she use botox?

Drew Barrymore botox before and after

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Drew Barrymore and Nose Job Rumours

Noses come in all shapes and sizes. But, many people desire to have smaller and sharper noses. To have a successful nose job, you need to engage an experience plastic surgeon. Not all nose jobs are performed for vanity purposes. Some people undergo a nose job to correct breathing problems.

Most importantly, your nose should look balanced with the rest of the face after surgery.

Rhinoplasty rumours have been circling Drew Barrymore for years. However, when you look at her younger photos, she already had a sharp nose. She did not look like Pinocchio but her nose was pointed enough. Her before and after photos did not show much difference in her nose shape.

Her face shape did change slightly due to weight fluctuations, but to suggest her nose shape changed is rather absurd. Check out Drew Barrymore before and after photos below for yourself. Did she undergo rhinoplasty (nose job)?

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Drew Barrymore lip fillers

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Drew Barrymore and Lip Fillers

Since the early 2000s, lip fillers have garnered a huge following. Having a pair of thick and pouty lips is a must for some women. Some believe thicker lips look sexier to men. Ask any man on the street and not all will agree.

However, the effects of lip fillers are temporary. To maintain the desired effect, one has to go for repeated treatments. Did Drew Barrymore undergo those painful lip fillers injections?

When you look at the before and after photos of Drew Barrymore, you can hardly see any differences in her lip thickness. We could not understand why some observers insist that Drew Barrymore has juicer lips now. Though Drew Barrymore has sexy lips now, we feel she has been having them all along. Here is another set of Drew Barrymore before and after photos. Do you think she has used lip fillers?

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Overall, we see that Drew Barrymore has matured over the years. Motherhood must have created a more conservative Drew Barrymore. Rather than shock her fans, Drew Barrymore has toned down since 2 years ago. Other than her self-confessed breast reduction surgery, all those plastic surgery allegations were just rumours. What do you think of Drew Barrymore plastic surgery?