Anjelica Huston Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos – Awful!

Did Anjelica Huston Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Some Hollywood celebrities age very well. They look as good as when they were young. However, that cannot be said of Anjelica Huston. For many years, she was the beauty of Jack Nicholson. She had an amazing body and looks that could melt the hearts of men. But as she grew older, her face shape started to change drastically. What was once a beauty on screen looked like a beast at close quarters. Some of the alleged Anjelica Huston plastic surgeries include botox use, cheek fillers and chin augmentation.

Anjelica Huston plastic surgery before and after

Credit: (left) Chris Felver Getty Images, (right) Frazer Harrison Getty Images

Who is Anjelica Huston?

Anjelica Huston is an American actress, director and former fashion model. She was a prolific actress, winning an Academy Award for her performance in Prizzi’s Honor. She received Oscar nominations for Enemies, a Love Story and The Grifters.

Anjelica Huston was well known for her slim figure and super model looks. Just to give you an idea how beautiful she looked, here are some photos of Anjelica Huston with Jack Nicholson (and more):

Anjelica Huston Jack Nicholson together

Anjelica Nick slim and beautiful days

And then there were the modelling photos. Wouldn’t you agree she looked stunning then?

Anjelica Huston sexy model

And who can forget her Oscar Victory? –

Anjelica Huston winning OscarAin’t she beautiful back in those days?

Sad to say, she did not keep herself in such great shape. Her natural gothic looks made her the perfect fit for Morticia Addams, a character in The Addams Family movie. After that movie, everything seems to go downhill from there. Her looks just got worse and worse.

Soon, it became apparent that she must have done something to her face to worsen her looks. Nowadays, she looks frighteningly scary.

Here is Anjelica Huston receiving her Oscar many years ago in 1986:

Compare that to a recent interview Anjelica Huston gave:

Anjelica Huston and Botox Use

Botox is a convenient solution for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Nowadays, you can walk into any plastic surgeon office and get a jab for less than a thousand dollars. But, an overdose of botox can have disastrous consequences. It can make your face bloat up like Shrek. Still, some celebrities take their chances. They get too ambitious with botox and end up looking like a freak.

Take Anjelica Huston for example. Once upon a time, she had this very well shaped face. Her face shape was angular and sharp, which was what many would die for. Her face shape was probably why she became a supermodel in her younger days (of course, she had a thin frame that helped).

But along the way, she seemed to value botox more than anything else.

She once explained: “ I went to a doctor who said,’ Anjelica, we have this wonderful new thing, it’s called Botox’. ‘He took a huge needle and plunged it into my third eye. The pain was something inexplicable. I gasped, I writhed and when I came to, I had a headache that lasted four days. A serious one.’

Huston claimed that she never tried botox again. But judging by her before and after photos, she might have dabbled in it. Her incredibly smooth facial skin looks out of place, kinda freakish to us. Check some of her before and after photos out. Tell us what you think:

Credit: (left) Terry O’Neill Getty Images, (right) Pascal Le Segretain Getty Images

Anjelica Huston and Cheek Fillers Rumors

Cheek fillers are used to pump up sagging cheeks. Gravity is constantly working on our faces. And as we age, facial muscles start to sag, losing the battle against gravity day by day. Some genius then came up with this thing called cheek fillers to solve the sagging cheek problem.

Did it work? Well, for many celebrities, it was a disaster. Either they were too ambitious, or the plastic surgeon sucked at cheek fillers placement. Its hard to find any celebrity who have done it well.

For Anjelica Huston, her cheeks seem pretty lifted.

But they just look out of place.

See, most people see their aging facial features as separate isolated features. So they tend to focus on enhancing each feature, neglecting other parts of the face.

This is clearly seen on Anjelica Huston. Though her cheeks look lifted, but her sagging neck skin just looks too loose. The folds under her chin look scary. Check them out:

Credit: (left) J.P. Aussenard Getty Images, (right) Alberto E.Rodriguez Getty Images

Anjelica Huston and Chin Augmentation Rumors

Chin augmentation is used to sharpen a person’s chin. Some people with “potato” chins would undergo this painful process in hope of a sharper look. But, not all procedures have a fairy tale ending. The plastic surgeon can fumble, turning it into a horrible experiment.

Like we have mentioned before, Anjelica Huston had a chin to die for. She was slim and had a sharp face.

But she kinda lost her way.

She gained weight over the years. Then her face started to gain significant volume. Her chin seems to have tucked into her neck over the years. Can’t really say its due to chin augmentation though. Something was done on her lower face, just couldn’t figure out exactly. Can you?

Angelica Huston Chin augmentation before and after photos

Credit: (left) Harry Langdon Getty Images, (right) Steve Granitz Getty Images

For Anjelica Huston to look so different from her younger days, she must have done some serious alteration to her face. To have a better understanding what she did, it helps to take a look at the evolution of her looks. Check this out:

Anjelica Huston was very, very beautiful when young. Here is a picture taken in 1983. She could easily have been one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood then:

Credit: Ron Galella Getty Images

And she kept up with her good looks throughout the 1980s. Here is another shot of Anjelica Huston in 1985:

Credit: Harry Langdon Getty Images

Then there was this beautiful shot taken in 1986. Why it was in black and white was anyone’s guess:

Credit: Ron Galella Getty Images

It is pretty clear that Anjelica Huston did not mess around with her face in the 80s. So, here comes the 90s. Here is a shot taken in early 1990s. Was she trying to hide some plastic surgery secrets?

Credit: Terry O’Neill Getty Images

Then here is a shot taken in 1992. Notice her smile lines were starting to show. Her smile lines make her look scary today:

Credit: Ron Galella Getty Images

Another shot taken in 1996 (below) . Here, you can see she was looking slightly unnatural. Some parts of her face just didn’t look right. Do you agree?

Credit: SGranitz Getty Images

In 1998, things got worse. The picture below says it all….

Credit: Tony Barson Archive Getty Images

By Year 2000 (see below), Anjelica Huston must NOT have noticed those smile lines getting deeper…

Credit: Robin Platzer/Twin Images Getty Images

However, things took a positive turn between 2000 and 2002. Evidently, from the photo below taken in 2002, Huston looked better than in 2000:

Credit: James Devaney Getty Images

Someone should have put a “STOP” sign in front of her plastic surgeon office. In 2003, she looked unnatural again:

Credit: Mark Sullivan Getty Images

After 2003, things just got worse and worse, year after year. She should have put on the brakes on plastic surgery enhancement. Here is a shot taken in 2005:

Credit: Kurt Vinion Getty Images

Though one might argue that she recovered some of her looks in 2006, there were still signs of alteration:

Credit: Michael Tran Getty Images

Alright guys, from here on, every Anjelica Huston photo will look pretty scary…

Credit: Steve Granitz Getty Images

By 2013, Anjelica Huston seemed to have lost control of her facial muscles. Her lumpy look was obvious to many. Scroll UP and DOWN to see the dramatic differences:

Credit: Taylor Hill Getty Images

Her 2014 shot wasn’t any better. Still the same scary look that will put any baby to tears…

Credit: Rommel Demano Getty Images

And here she is in 2017. Do you think she would have looked prettier if she didn’t undergo plastic surgery?

Credit: Anthony Harvey Getty Images

Overall, no one can doubt Anjelica Huston’s talent as an actress and director. But we wish she made better decisions in maintaining her youth. And we hope someone encourage her to get a NECK LIFT soon! Because that will remove those layers of sagging skin around her neck. Till they day she admits her plastic surgeries, we can never know what she did. What do you think of Anjelica Huston plastic surgery rumors?