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Lee Jong Suk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lee Jong Suk Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lee Jong Suk is one of the most famous and well loved South Korean actors today. However, when the photos of his younger days surfaced, he became the centrepiece of plastic surgery rumors. Most of Lee Jong Suk plastic surgery rumors is about a possible nose job he had. To find out, you need to take a close look at Lee Jong Suk before and after photos.

Lee jong suk plastic surgery before and after photos

Lee Jong Suk debuted in 2005 as a runway model and is the youngest male model in the Seoul Collection program for Seoul Fashion Week. He was nominated for the Most Popular actor and Best Actor at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards. For his performance in Pinocchio, he was also awarded the Best Male Actor. With his soaring popularity, it is no wonder that Lee Jong Suk has to keep up with his looks to capture the hearts of his fans.

Watch Lee Jong Suk in his days as a runway model:

Compare that to a recent interview below:

Lee Jong Suk and Nose Job Rumors

South Korea is known as the land of plastic surgery. There are many reputed plastic surgeons in South Korea. Plastic surgery is so popular in South Korea that there are numerous plastic surgery reality shows on television.

Lee jong suk nose job

Generally, many Koreans have noses that are not in their desired shape. For many Asians, they wish for a sharper nose and a narrower nose bridge. For Lee Jong Suk, older photos show a nose with a bigger base and rounder tip. And the older photos were taken when his nose was already fully developed.

Lee jong suk rhinoplasty

Then, in his later photos, you can see that his nose bridge has become narrower with a sharper nose tip. Overall, it seems that his nose has shrunk in size with sharper tip. This nose reshaping or nose job has enabled him to look much better in photos. Not only Lee Jong Suk, other korean actors like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have also undergone the knife to look better.

Overall, Lee Jong Suk has improved his looks over the years. If he has really undergone a nose job, we must say that the plastic surgeon has done an incredible job. At age 26, Lee Jong Suk has bountiful of opportunities in the future. We look forward to more acting performances from Lee Jong Suk. May he continue to bring us award winning performances on screen. What do you think of Lee Jong Suk plastic surgery rumors?

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Bradley Cooper Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Bradley Cooper, one of the most popular actors in America, is the subject of plastic surgery discussions online. In recent months, Bradley Cooper seems to have undergone a massive makeover, making himself look better than ever. With his sharper looks, many fans believe he has undergone plastic surgery. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include botox injections, nose job, facial fillers and chemical peels.

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Abaca

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Abaca

Bradley Cooper is an American actor and producer. He is a very successful actor with roles in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and American Sniper in 2014. He has received nominations for 4 Academy Awards. Three of the nominations are for his acting performance and the other for his producing role. Besides, his starring role for the Broadway The Elephant Man also won him a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play nomination. With such a fantastic track record and bright future ahead, it is no surprise that Bradley Cooper will want to maintain his looks with plastic surgery.

Watch this video on the Evolution of Bradley Cooper:

And watch this recent interview Bradley Cooper had on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

Bradley Cooper and Nose job Rumors

Nose jobs are commonly used to change the nose shape. The most desired outcome is a smaller and sharper nose, though it does not apply to everyone. As the nose is the central feature of the face, it is one of the most commonly tweaked facial feature. However there must be care to not be overly ambitious as it can lead to a serious flawed job.

For Bradley Cooper, his before and after photos do not show a drastically different nose shape. His nose remains largely the same. Upon closer examination, his nose looks more refined and distinguished. Whether he underwent a nose job is anyone’s guess. But it is rare for someone to undergo a nose job with such subtle changes in nose shape. Perhaps Bradley Cooper asked for just a slight change? Only he holds the truth.

Here is the gradual changes over the years:

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Gregg Deguire Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Gregg Deguire Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Amy Graves Wireimage, (right) J.Vespa Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Amy Graves Wireimage, (right) J.Vespa Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Kevin Mazur Wireimage, (right) Jason Laveris Filmmagic

Photo Credit: (left) Kevin Mazur Wireimage, (right) Jason Laveris Filmmagic

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Kopaloff Filmmagic, (right) Theo Wargo Wireimage for Tommy Hilfiger

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Kopaloff Filmmagic, (right) Theo Wargo Wireimage for Tommy Hilfiger

Photo Credit: (left) Jeff Vespa Wireimage, (right) Alberto E.Rodriguez

Photo Credit: (left) Jeff Vespa Wireimage, (right) Alberto E.Rodriguez

Photo Credit: (left) Karwai Tang, (right) Abaca

Photo Credit: (left) Karwai Tang, (right) Abaca

Bradley Cooper and Botox Injection Rumors

Bradley Cooper’s smooth skin and youthful looks over the years have led many to believe he resorted to plastic surgery. Botox is one of those magical inventions that can take years off a face. The instant effects of Botox has driven many to rely on it as a wrinkle removal tool.

But there are also cases of Botox overdose. Signs include an unnatural looking lumpy face. For Bradley Cooper, despite the rumors of botox use, his face still looks largely natural. His smiles and facial expressions do not look restricted in any way. Thus, there is no confirmation if he really used botox. Maybe he used an effective skin serum to maintain the suppleness of his skin? After all, he is only in his early 40s, using Botox at this age is rather extreme for a guy.

Bradley Cooper and Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used to aid the skin to regenerate itself. Regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. Chemical peels are used on the face, neck or hands to reduce the wrinkles.

For Bradley Cooper, there were suggestions that he might have used chemical peels to keep his wrinkles at bay. While it is possible, it is hard to tell if Bradley Cooper used chemical peels as they leave no scars, just a general improvement in appearance. But if Bradley Cooper did use them, we must say it has done wonders for him.

Overall, Bradley Cooper looks fantastic for his age. He has defied the effects of aging over the years. Maybe he has look more matured but not much older. At his age now, it is near the peak of his acting prowess. Let’s look forward to more leading roles and more entertaining movies from Bradley Cooper. What do you think of Bradley Cooper plastic surgery rumors?

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Wayne Newton Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Wayne Newton is one of the best known singers in Las Vegas. He is also well known to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance his looks. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a facelift, Botox injections, brow lift and a nose job. You can tell he looks different when you check out Wayne Newton’s before and after photos.

Wayne Newton plastic surgery before and after photos

One of the most celebrated entertainers in Las Vegas, Wayne Newton had greatest hits like “Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast, Years and Red Roses for a Blue Lady. With his elevated status as a superstar, pressure got to him to maintain his youthful looks. Whether he got what he wanted from the  plastic surgery procedures is up to anyone’s guess.

Wayne Newton and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are quick solutions for fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines are wrinkles are the usual enemies of women. However, somehow, Wayne Newton might have found them distracting as well. From his before and after pictures, Wayne seems to have performed a few facelifts as he has unnatural tight and smooth skin. Bearing in mind he is already age 74, the lack of wrinkles spark facelift rumors on the internet.

Wayne Newton nose job

Though his face is smooth, it looks like his face is frozen most of the time. The movement on his face seems restricted. The restriction adds to the difficulty in movement of his facial features.

Wayne Newton and Botox Injections Rumors

Botox is another commonly used plastic surgery procedure to remove wrinkles. As Botox injections are generally non-invasive, they prove to be a popular option for celebrities who want to take years off their face.

Unfortunately, many celebrities go overboard with Botox injections. They end up with lumpy and unnatural look on their faces. For Wayne Newton, Botox use might have caused his smile to look unnatural and restrictive. However, it must be noted that Wayne Newton has never admitted to Botox use.

Watch Wayne Newton in an interview done years ago:

Compare that to a recent Wayne Newton Interview about his 12,000 sq ft house!:

Wayne Newton and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs rank as one of the top 5 plastic surgeries in America today. Most patients want a sharper and smaller nose. Sharper noses are generally known to make one look more handsome and prettier. However, nose jobs are risky. A botched nose job is almost impossible to correct. The cost of revision rhinoplasty surgeries can amount to a small fortune.

Wayne Newton botox injections

For Wayne Newton, his nose looks slightly different from his younger days. His nose bridge seems more pronounced compared to his younger days. However, his nose tip remains largely the same. It is rare for anyone to have rhinoplasty without changing the shape of the nose tip. Thus, it is hard to tell if Wayne Newton has gone under the knife.

Wayne Newton and Eyelid Surgery

Another popular Wayne Newton plastic surgery rumor is eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is generally used to adjust the eyes of the patient. Some want to have double eyelids while others may want to reduce the fine lines around the eyes. As a person age, one of the first signs of aging are the lines around the eyes, especially the crows’ feet.

For Wayne Newton, his latest photos show no signs of wrinkles around his eyes. It is an incredible feat to have no wrinkles around the eyes at age 74! Either Wayne Newton has a super effective eye cream or he has used surgical intervention. Only he knows the answer.

The question remains : Should Wayne Newton have plastic surgery? There are some fans who feel that Wayne should have stayed natural and age gracefully. There are also other fans who appreciate Wayne Newton’s talent more than his plastic surgery ventures. Whatever it is, we wish good health and life to Wayne Newton. What do you think of Wayne Newton plastic surgery rumors?

Johnny Depp Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Johnny Depp Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Johnny Depp, one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood, have had plastic surgery rumors circling him for the longest time. Being one of the best looking male actors in Hollywood, there is a natural pressure for him to keep up his looks. As new and younger actors come on the scene, Johnny has to maintain his youth to land the leading roles in Hollywood movies. The main speculations about Johnny Depp are the use of botox and facial fillers.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Johnny Depp is an American actor, producer and musician. But he is better known as a top actor in Hollywood, commanding huge fees to star in blockbuster movies. His greatest hits include the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland. He has been nominated for numerous acting awards including the Academy Award for Best Actor. Johnny Depp is also a Golden Globe award winner for the title of Best Actor. In 2012, it was published in the Guinness World Records that Johnny Depp was the highest paid actor for that year, raking in $75 million for himself.

To maintain his status at Hollywood and still remain a hero in his films, it is important for Johnny Depp to look young. Now at age 53, it remains a big mystery to many how he manages to look so young. Johnny Depp has never admitted to any plastic surgery and definitely such gossip is not his focus anyway. Some of Johnny Depp plastic surgery gossip surfaced in 2010 when some renowned plastic surgeons started to comment that Johnny Depp might have used Botox and facial fillers to hold back the fast surfacing wrinkles that come with age.

Some six years later, Johnny Depp has managed to put the wrinkles at bay. Dr. Paul S Nassif agrees that “Johnny Depp doesn’t seem to have had any major work performed on his face. There is a possibility of Botox and fillers, but that is about all. His look is natural and he wouldn’t benefit from any additional work.

Watch the charming and confident Johnny Depp in an interview in 1989:

And compare that to Johnny Depp’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel:

Johnny Depp and Nose job rumors

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

There are also subtle differences in Johnny Depp’s nose shape over the years. The change in shape is not glaringly obvious but there seems to be a slight tug on the nose. Her present nose looks sharper and more defined. However, due to so ever slight difference, there is a chance that the effects came about as a result of good lighting or photo taking angle. Taking in account that most celebrities want their nose jobs to have a much obvious result, it is unlikely that Johnny Depp went for a nose job with such low expectations.

Johnny Depp and Facelift Rumors

Another popular Johnny Depp plastic surgery rumors is about facelifts. Facelifts are popular with celebrities as they provide a quick solution to wrinkles. One facelift can eliminate many wrinkle lines at a time. However, the major drawback of a facelift is that the facial skin can appear too taut or “pulled back”.

For Johnny Depp, though his face is free from wrinkles, it does not look taut at all. In fact, in recent months, he has gained quite a bit of weight. That additional facial fat might have contributed to his lack of wrinkles. In fact, his appearance in September 2015 has raised questions about his lifestyle. Looks like he managed to gain a few stones of weight in just over a year. Some even say that Johnny has lost that boyish charm with his ridiculous weight gain.

The only positive thing that arose from his weight gain is probably her smooth facial skin.

Overall, Johnny Depp has lasted the test of time. The only battle he has now is to reduce his weight. Clearly, he has lost much of the boyish charm due to his weight gain. If he continues his weight gain, any other form of plastic surgery will not help him. Let’s just hope that his next plastic surgery consideration is not liposuction. What do you think of Johnny Depp plastic surgery rumors?

Zac Efron Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Zac Efron Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Zac Efron has never admitted to undergoing any plastic surgery. However, this heart throb of many girls has always been the speculation of cosmetic surgery. Most of the rumours circle around the shape and sharpness of his nose. And to find out more, you have to take a look at the before and after photos of Zac Efron.

Photo Credit: (left) Getty Images, (right) Anthony Harvey Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Getty Images, (right) Anthony Harvey Getty Images

Zac Efron is the main star of the High School Musical Movies. He is a popular actor, singer and producer. His role in the High School Musical shows lasted from 2006 till 2008. His role in the series propelled him to superstardom in the entertainment industry. He went on to star in successful films like Neighbours, Dirty Grandpa and Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising. His career spurt has not stopped. It is reported that Zac Efron’s net worth was worth $18 million in May 2015. Now, that is a pretty high net worth individual for someone aged 28.

Watch the video below when Zac Efron is about age 21 and looking really good already, but still, his chin does not have the chiseled look yet:

And compare that to the present well built Zac Efron:


With all the fame and fortune, it is no wonder that Zac Efron might want to improve his facial features. Plastic surgery used to be common amongst ladies only. However, in the 1990s, male celebrities started to hop onto the plastic surgery bandwagon and experimented with a few procedures. After all, with the millions of dollars they make in their movies and endorsements, what is a few thousand dollars to make themselves look younger?

Zac Efron and Nose Job Rumors

And one of the most popular plastic surgeries is nose job or rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is popular because many celebrities want to have a smaller land more pointed nose. Generally, celebrities who undergo nose jobs have a rounder nose. They feel that the shape of the nose could be enhanced. Their desired outcome is to have a sharper nose to balance up the other facial features.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest

For Zac Efron, you can see that his nose was rounder and more bulbous during his younger days. His nose bridge was thicker than what it is now. One renowned plastic surgeon even commented that his tip cartilages appear smaller and his nasal bones have been narrowed.

However, it was agreed that Zac Efron has improved his looks through the alleged nose job. Despite many who said that Zac already looked good before his “new” nose, Zac has greatly enhanced his appeal by having a better shaped nose.

Zac Efron and Jaw Reshaping

There are more ridiculous rumours about Zac Efron plastic surgery, One of the most astonishing rumours is Zac Efron having Jaw reshaping procedures. Some netizens even go to say that Zac might have had Jaw implants.

Though it is true that Zac Efron’s jaw has become sharper over the years, it is unthinkable that he would undergo such a drastic plastic surgery just to have a squarer chin. And there are no scars to speak of. And based on the before and after pictures of Zac Efron, his chin has indeed become squarer and more defined. However, one must also consider the age at which the photos were taken. Most of the younger pictures of Zac Efron show a rounder chin. This could be due to a little bit of baby fat still left in him.

And we all know that it is normal for growing boy to have a squarer chin as they grow up. So, the idea of Zac Efron having undergone jaw reshaping procedure is quite far fetched.

Overall, Zac Efron is looking like the hunk we all expect him to be. Once young and scrawny, he has grown up to be one of the hottest stars in Hollywood with a seriously sizzling hot body. We look forward to more superb acting performances from him in years to come and may he never be addicted to plastic surgery. What do you think of Zac Efron plastic surgery rumors? Let us know below.

George Clooney Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did George Clooney Undergo Plastic Surgery?

George Clooney, one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, has aged gracefully. However, due to his good and charming looks, he is never away from plastic surgery gossip. For a man aged 54, it is incredible that he looks this good, without the help of surgical intervention. So did George Clooney undergo any form of plastic surgery?

George Clooney plastic surgery before and after photo

In an earlier interview with BBC Radio 4, George Clooney has specifically spoken against plastic surgery. “Clearly, I haven’t. For me, it isn’t an issue or an option,” George said when asked about dying his hair or contemplating going under the knife. “I don’t think it would make much sense, quite honestly. … I’ve seen it happen and … particularly on men, I don’t think it really works well. I actually think it makes you look older.”

Clooney joked that there are two options in life, “get older or die,” he revealed this in US Weekly.

George Clooney young and old

George Clooney has also stated that aging is a process which is hard to fight against. And he believes that there should be no attempt to look younger. “I’m a big believer in the idea that you can’t try to look younger,” the Tomorrowland star continued. “You just have to try to look the best you can at the age you are and not worry about it.”

George Clooney plastic surgery

What about his view on ladies who undergo the knife to look decades younger? Well, George says that his belief stays the same. He said “I will say that there’s nothing fun — and I know for actresses it’s infinitely worse because of public perception based on nothing except studios not hiring them and those sorts of things — but I think for all of us, you have to come to terms with getting older and not trying to fight it.”

Here is George Clooney on the David Lettermen show in 2015:

Compare the above video to a short clip about George Clooney below. Clooney appears at 1:04 of the video:

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John Travolta Looks Melted in His Latest TV Series

John Travolta Looks Like Melting in Latest Television Series

In John Travolta’s latest effort The People Vs OJ Simpson, his appearance has caused many comments. Comments are not related to his acting skills but on his facial appearance. Some even said that his plastic surgery add ons were melting on screen. Did John Travolta look that bad playing Hollywood legal hotshot Robert Shapiro?

The OJ Simpson trial caught the attention of the media and fans alike for a long time. This controversial criminal trial has raised many suspicions over the verdict the case. And now, the case seems to be over whether John Travolta underwent the knife for this role.

Does John Travolta Look Unrecognisable?

The series, which runs for 10 episodes, talks about the OJ Simpson case. OJ Simpson at that time was accused of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Though the verdict says that OJ was innocent, the general public could not accept the decision. And OJ Simpson certainly has lawyer Shapiro to thank for. Does John Travolta play Robert Shapiro’s role well? You be the judge.

John Travolta Mean Tweets

Photo Credit:

One thing though is that John Travolta has been on the receiving end of some really mean comments and tweets.

John Travolta OJ Simpson

As this is not the first time we are covering John Travolta’s plastic surgery procedures, it comes as no surprise that John Travolta looks vastly different from his old self. One thing though, his hair still reeks of a weaving job and his face still looks slightly unnatural. What do you think?

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Has plastic surgery changed Carrot Top?

“I’m sorry that I look good.”

Those were the words prop comedian Carrot Top used in an episode of Oprah, Where Are They Now. It was his comical answer to accusations that he had gone under the knife. Carrot Top is one of the most talked about plastic surgery gone wrong celebrity today.

The star’s typical response to these allegations is to evade them or laugh them off. In some interviews, he denies needing plastic surgery at all. The changes to his appearance show otherwise.

Who is Carrot Top?

Carrot Top, or Scott Thompson, attained fame because of his standout prop comedy style. According to the comedian himself, few other comics can write or perform prop comedy. His mane of bright red hair is as famous as he is.

These days, the star is well-known for another reason. Changes to his appearance have caused critics to speculate that he underwent plastic surgery. Many have remarked that his new look is rather freakish.

The prop comedian reacts to the negative feedback by using humor. He becomes evasive or denies allegations that he has used surgery to improve his looks. Stark contrasts between his early and present photos cast doubt on his denial. His earlier and later interviews reveal changes in his appearance. Take a look at them before deciding if the plastic surgery accusations are true.

Carrot Top in The Early Years

There are photographs of the celebrity at the start of his career circulating the net.

Carrot Top, in previous years, had thin cheeks. There was no puffiness.

Carrot Top had thin cheeks

Photo Credit:

His eyebrows were straight in the 1990s. The comedian had a narrow chin at the time.

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Tom Cruise Middle Tooth and Front Tooth When Smiling

Tom Cruise Teeth With Braces

Tom Cruise bad teeth has been the topic of many observers. There was a time when Tom Cruise wore braces to correct his front teeth. That was in the past. And when you have one of the most famous smiles in the world, it is important to get your middle teeth fixed.

Now, the focus seems to be on his right front tooth being in the middle of his face. Which is not really a bad thing to be honest.

Tom Cruise Right Tooth the Middle

Photos Credit: Getty Images

Back in 2002, Tom Cruise wore mostly invisible braces with ceramic brackets. However, the braces came off before the paparazzi caught on.

Tom Cruise Also appeared in BAFTA looking Puffy

Tom Cruise is no stranger to plastic surgery, In his latest appearance in BAFTA in 2016, there were strong suggestions that he underwent plastic surgery to keep the wrinkles off his face. Tom Cruise looked puffy and that gave rise to plenty of cosmetic surgery gossip.

One of the most notable facial traits of Tom Cruise is his broad wide smile, accompanied by his big front teeth and a strong nose. However, after he underwent the correct procedure, Tom Cruise’s right tooth was in the center in the middle of his face. With the latest adjustments, it seems like Tom Cruise needs to have further corrections again.

The Videos Below Will Show you Tom Cruise Progress over the Years:

This is Tom Cruise back in 1983 in an Interview on NBC:

This is Tom Cruise at his most handsome moment during an interview on Oprah’s show in 1988:

And this is Tom Cruise winning the Golden Globe Awards in 2000, with the award presented by Charlize Theron and Ben Affleck:

The Video Below Shows Tom Cruise in his latest appearance at the BAFTA awards with a “puffy look”:

Tom Cruise Front Teeth Looks Like Crowns

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EXO Plastic Surgery – EXO Kai Plastic Surgery Double Eyelids

EXO Kai Plastic Surgery Speculations

Looks like fans of EXO are having major discussions over Kai plastic surgery rumours. According to some fans, Kai looks to be suffering from the consequences of having too many plastic surgeries in too short a time.

Kai was born on January 14 1994. To date, he is just 22 years old. He is recognised as one of the young and upcoming stars in Korea. In January 2016, it was announced that Kai will be acting as the male lead actor in the web drama “Choco Bank”

Is there any reason why Kai should undergo plastic surgery at such a young age? Is it just hearsay or is it the truth?

Did Exo Kai Undergo plastic surgery

Photo credit: (left), (Right)

As we know, South Korea is one of the most popular destinations for plastic surgery. Not only is the cost lower than most of United States, the quality of the plastic surgery is said to be unparalleled.

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