Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Susan Lucci Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Susan Lucci, one of the most prettiest women during her heydays, is being suspected of undergoing plastic surgery as she age. Her everlasting good looks, even into her mid 60s, has generated lots of online gossip. Her wrinkle free face has led many to believe that she might have undergone facelifts to keep the line away.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest

Susan Lucci is an American actress, television host, author, singer and businesswoman. She made a name for herself playing Erica Kane on the drama All My Children. Susan Lucci became so successful in daytime television that The New York Times listed her as the highest-paid actor in daytime television. In 1991, her salary was rumored to be more that US$1 million a year.

An admirable fact about Susan Lucci is that she has remained married to the same spouse since 1969. It is indeed a rare achievement in Hollywood. Most of the Hollywood marriages breakdown eventually. Could Susan Lucci’s everlasting good looks play a part in the happy marriage?

Some of Susan Lucci plastic surgery rumors includes facelift, eyelift, brow lift, cheek implants and breast augmentation. Just taking a look at Susan Lucci before and after photos, we can piece together what she might have done to her face and body.

Watch an interview with Susan Lucci about her lengthy career below:

Compare to the video below where she gets interviewed recently:

Susan Lucci and Breast Implants Rumors

Susan Lucci has always kept a slim figure. During her younger days, she has maintained a to-die-for body. Her overall good looks led her to leading roles in TV dramas. However, in her earlier years, it seems that her breasts were smaller. They looked more natural in the early days. In some of her later photos, her breasts look unnatural. Some of the lines on her upper breast look like the outlines of embedded breast implants.

Susan Lucci Boob job

However, Susan Lucci has never commented on any breast augmentation surgery. As such, it cannot be confirmed that she has undergone one.

Susan Lucci and Eyelid Lift Rumors

Another popular plastic surgery in the United States is Eyelid surgery. As a person age, one of the obvious tell tale signs is the lines around the eyes. Crow’s feet can form at the outer corner of the eyes. Tired skin around the eyes can result in a droopy look too. All such effects of aging causes an unpleasant look.

For Susan Lucci, despite being aged 69, she has very few lines on her face. The shape of her eyes is no different from when she was young. There are no eyebags at all, which is simply amazing! Some say that its the result of eye creams and contouring treatment. While some insist that she has undergone eyelid surgery. Whatever it is, her eyes does not have the slightest hint of tiredness at all.

Susan Lucci and Facelift Rumors

One of the most effective ways to remove fine lines on the face is undergoing a facelift.

It helps to decrease the number of lines on the face and the effect is immediate. There is no faster way to take a few years off the face. That is the reason why facelifts are so popular among aging celebrities.

Photo Credit: (left) Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Wireimage

However, overdose of facelifts causes taut and tight skin, resulting in a very “restricted” look. Based on Susan Lucci recent photos, he face still look natural. Facelift she might have undergone but not too excessively. If she has had plastic surgery, we must admit that her plastic surgeon has advised her well. Susan has managed to look like she is in her 40s today.

Susan Lucci and Cheek Implants Rumors

A saggy look on the face is a big NO NO for celebrities. As a person age, facial skin begins to sag. One of the areas most prone to sagging is the cheek. And saggy cheeks can add years to a face. For Susan Lucci, her cheeks are very much lifted and even “puffier” than during her younger days.

This observation caused many to speculate that she might have undergone cheek implant surgery. However, she has remained quiet on such allegations. Her recent photos show a very well balanced face and, like Christina Hendricks, still looking natural although there is a high possibility that some work was done. One theory is that she might have used Botox sparingly to remove the fine wrinkles, being careful not to overdose on Botox use.

Though Susan Lucci did not comment on the plastic surgery rumors, she gave some tips on how she manages to look so young. In an interview with Huffpost Live, Susan Lucci had this to say:

“I drink two cups of coffee in the morning, and then it’s hot water and lemon for the rest of the day. It hydrates, it’s comforting … and it keeps me away from too much caffeine,” Lucci said. “Also, I have read recently in a number of different places that hot water and lemon balances your pH, so it helps you maintain a healthy immune system, and it boosts metabolism.”

“Everything I do is Pilates-based, which is dancer strength training. I didn’t want to bulk up. I’m very petite, so Pilates is what dancers use and that was good for me,” Lucci said. “I try to combine some cardio, too, and whatever I’m doing, it’s all about the core and flexibility and balance.”

Overall, Susan Lucci still looks vibrant and fresh today. She looks incredibly beautiful for a person aged 69. Just like Christina Hendricks, she has managed to age without looking aged. Truly, she is an inspiration to many women who want to know her anti-aging secrets. Whether she underwent the knife we can never be sure. What do you think of Susan Lucci plastic surgery rumors?