Stella McCartney Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Did Stella McCartney undergo Plastic Surgery?

Stella McCartney is the subject of cosmetic surgery rumours due to her before (2014) and after (2015) photos. To turn back the clock, it seems that she has tried plastic surgery to give her face a younger look. But she has not commented on her new looks.

Stella McCartney Plastic Surgery Rumors are getting around due to her appearance on instagram 2015

Photo Credit Reuters (left) and Instagram (right)

Mixed Comments on Stella McCartney Plastic Surgery

Some say its just the lighting. As reported in The Sun, there are many cruel comments about her latest picture on Instagram. Some examples are:

mamalonga wrote: “What’s happened to her face.”

Silvia_penny said: “She went to the wrong doctor!”

debkurtz posteD: “Cheek filler pumped in.”

isabelcostaofficialI was the most harsh, writing: “I’m shocked! She looks like Chucky’s sister! What happened to growing old gracefully ? Never expected this from Stella.”

But there were some who tried to defend Stella McCartney

stebandido said: “So Beautiful Stella” and silvia_golita added: “Come on guys, it’s just the lightings.”

Could Stella McCartney “Plastic Surgery” Be Due to Lightings?

Perhaps its really the lightings that cause her face to look sharper and cheeks looking higher. But there is also the possibility of Stella undergoing cheek fillers.

Actresses who are suspected to have used cheek fillers include Meg Ryan and Courteney Cox.

But being in the limelight as a designer, Stella has to look good and there is nothing wrong with enhancing her already good looks with some tucks and pulls.

Anyway, fillers like juvederm and botox are getting increasingly common amongst plastic surgery patients. But we wish that Stella had a better plastic surgeon.

Perhaps its too early to tell if she underwent plastic surgery but the Stella McCartney plastic surgery gossip and rumours will always be there till the day she addresses it.