Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Shin Se Kyung undergo plastic surgery? Well, there was a strong denial from Shin Se Kyung’s agency in 2012. Speculations went wild during her appearance on KBS/’s show “Entertainment Relay”. Some said she had eyelid surgery, cheek implants and jawline surgery.

Shin Se Kyung’s Camp Denies Plastic Surgery

There was a clear reaction from Shin Se Kyung’s camp. One of her representatives stated that “She did not get plastic surgery. She underwent procedures to remove scars on her face. There are scars on both of her checks. She underwent surgical scar removal procedures during her time off.”

The representative continued, “The scars on both her cheeks showed up on HD TV. It was a very complicated procedure to get rid of the scars, much more complicated than getting a laser procedure. They had to cut through her skin. Her face swelled, which is why it appeared very full.” He added, “The scars were very deep. No matter what she did, they would always appear on screen. Even when she auditioned as a kid, she was turned down because of her scar. It wasn’t something that could have been easily removed through a laser procedure. She’s been pushing it off and off, and just recently, got it done.”

He concluded, “It hasn’t been long since she got the procedure. Had she gotten plastic surgery during her break, we wouldn’t have shot a CF or agreed to the interview with ‘Entertainment Relay.’” 

Well, was her representative telling the truth? The only way to find out is to compare before and after photos of Shin Se Kyung.

Here is a video of Shin Se Kyung 5 years ago:

Compare that to her recent interview:

Who is Shin Se Kyung?

Shin Se Kyung is a South Korean actress, singer and model. She had her major breakthrough in the sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof” in 2009. From then on, she went on to star in other popular films. Some of them include Hindsight(2011), R2B: Return to Base (2012) and Tazza:The Hidden Card (2014). One of her latest films is Black Knight in 2018.

Did she enhance her beauty before she became famous? Or did she use plastic surgery halfway through her acting career? Let’s find out!

Shin Se Kyung and Eyelid Surgery

One common desire among women is to have bigger and brighter eyes. Some are contented with what eye makeup can do for them while others go under the knife. Despite the pain, many choose to endure the inconvenience of eyelid surgery.

For Shin Se Kyung, did she undergo eyelid surgery? Well, you got to check out the before and after photos to have a conclusive answer.

Below is a set of before and after photos. On the left, you can see that Shin Se Kyung has got on double eyelids. But on the right, her double eyelids are pretty obvious. Could she have developed double eyelids magically? Well, some say frequent use of contact lenses is able to “create” double eyelids. But we highly doubt so. What do you think?

Shin Se Kyung and Cheek Implants Surgery

More uplifted and bubbly cheeks are preferred by many celebrities. Why? Well, having more pronounced cheeks created a cuter look. For Shin Se Kyung, having nice cheeks is very important as she is constantly exposed to closeup shots.

Credit: (Right) Han Myung Gu /Getty Images

Some claim that her cheeks look very different from her younger days. However, when you look closely at the before and after photos (above), you can see that her cheeks are just slightly different. Perhaps its due to her smiles that create the illusion that her cheeks are higher. When you look at similar photos when she is not smiling, her cheeks look the same. What do you think?

Shin Se Kyung and Jawline Surgery

Another popular plastic surgery allegation about Shin Se Kyung is jawline surgery. The common objective of a jawline surgery is to have a sharper chin and narrower face. This gives the effect of a much sharper look, which is preferred by many actors and actresses.

For Shin Se Kyung, there is very little difference in her jawline shape. Some websites show her jawline has grown sharper. But mostly, its due to different camera angles. Different photo angles can give the impression that her face shape has changed. But if you look at the before and after photos above, her face shape has remained the same over the years.

Another possible cause for the change in her jawline could be weight loss. But, there is hardly any evidence that she reshaped her jawline.

Overall, Shin Se Kyung has remained beautiful over the years. Those plastic surgery rumours will never die as long as Shin Se Kyung remains a superstar. It will make more sense for fans to appreciate her talent rather than focus their attention to her facial changes. What do you think of Shin Se Kyung plastic surgery rumours?