Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Serena Williams Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Serena Williams is an extremely competitive tennis player who has dominated the courts for many years. Her physique strikes immediate fear in her opponents. With those well defined, muscular arms, each stroke of her tennis racquet could unleash a tennis cannon ball towards the opposing player. However, with her powerful physique, much has been said about her butt. Questions were raised if she underwent butt augmentation. There were also rumors about a possible nose job and breast augmentation too. So did Serena Williams undergo plastic surgery at all?

Photo Credit: (left) French Open 2002, (right) Axelle Bauer Griffin FilmMagic Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) French Open 2002, (right) Axelle Bauer Griffin FilmMagic Getty Images

Serena Williams is one of the most well known tennis players in the world today. Born on 25 September 1981, she has won numerous tennis championships. Some of Serena Williams conquests include the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

Serena Williams is an amazing athlete. Why do we say that? Well, to have a career spanning almost 17 years is an incredible feat. And we all know how tough tennis is. The constant sliding and anticipation during every game can take a serious toll on the physical body. From her first US Open title in 1999 to her French Open victory in 2015, Serena Williams has stood the test of time. She has outlasted tennis greats like Hingis and Capriati to remain at the top of her game.

Watch Serena Williams answering a few questions recently on Vogue:

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And who can forget when Serena Williams and sister Venus were interviewed by TransWorld Sports when they were just 11 and 12 years old:

Serena Williams and Nose Job Rumors

One of the most talked about plastic surgery rumors is Serena Williams nose job. Nose jobs are the favorite choice of many celebrities because a sharper nose can transform the way a person looks immediately. The nose, being the central feature of the human face, could alter the way a person look instantly.

Photo Credit: (left) Vince Caligiuri Getty Images, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Vince Caligiuri Getty Images, (right) Getty Images

The discussion on Serena Williams nose job is about the shape of her nose. Some netizens suggest that she has undergone rhinoplasty to gain that sharper nose. They rely on before and after photos and observe that her nose shape has changed.

But when you look at the before and after photos again, the differences in her nose tip could be due to the different lighting in which the photos were taken. Furthermore, most of the photos have Serena Williams tilting her head in a different angle. Anyway, based on her busy training schedule, its hard to imagine Serena Williams going for a rhinoplasty procedure.

Because the recovery time for a nose job is approximately 2 weeks. To go 2 weeks without training is unacceptable by any professional athlete, unless its due to injury.

But to miss training for vanity reasons seems rather far fetched. So, despite there are slight “differences” in her nose shape, it is unlikely that Serena Williams underwent a nose job.

Serena Williams and Butt Augmentation Rumors

Butt augmentation has been ever popular since the butt showing antic of Jennifer Lopez. Having a jutting butt suddenly became the “in thing” among women. Though not universally accepted by men, jutting butts have seen a strong following. With celebrities like Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj focusing on having a protruding butt, butt implants have soared in popularity in recent years.

Photo Credit: (left) AKM GSI

Photo Credit: (left) AKM GSI

For Serena Williams, she always had a seriously “strong” butt since the start of her career. Her butt consists more of muscle than anything else. Her strong looking butt gives the impression of superb power and thrust. However, netizens use her jutting butt to suggest that she underwent butt augmentation.

Looking at some of the before and after photos of Serena Williams, there seems to be no change in her butt size. Some of the comparisons by netizens are flawed. Because the photos were taken in different positions. Some showed Serena Williams standing upright in one picture and the other picture shows Serena Williams with her back bent.

Anyway it is hard to imagine an athlete like Serena Williams undergoing butt augmentation for vanity purposes. Butt implants surgery is a rather invasive surgery requiring weeks of recovery time. She would have driven her coaches crazy to undergo such a process. And her butt looks beautiful to begin with, so why would she want to mess with it?

Thus, a butt augmentation on Serena Williams is very unlikely.

Serena Williams and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Another popular plastic surgery speculation about Serena Williams is about her boobs. Some suggest that breast augmentation was done on Serena Williams because her boobs were slightly saggy based on some photos.

Well, to be fair, many boobs are saggy if the dressing allows them to sag. It is unfair to compare photos where her boobs were slightly “freer and hanging” versus photos when her boobs were held tight by push up bras.

Photo Credit: (left) Walter Looss Jr Sports Illustrated, (right) Fameflynet UK Serena Williams Got a Boob Job? Are You NUTS?

Photo Credit: (left) Walter Looss Jr Sports Illustrated, (right) Fameflynet UK
Serena Williams Got a Boob Job? Are You NUTS?

For Serena Williams, when she broke into the tennis world at a young tender age of 18, it was pretty obvious that she already had a formidable bust size. She was one of the hottest female tennis players because of her sizeable big boobs, though many men refuse to admit it. To say that her boobs are saggy and she used breast augmentation to lift them up is rather absurd. With her intense training for professional tennis competitions, it is certain that her chest muscles are powerful. And with a physique like Serena Williams, saggy boobs should not even exist. Not even in a natural state.

And just imagine if she had implants and had to compete in a Grand Slam competition. With the constant bouncing and shuffling on the court, it will be unwise to bring those implants along.

Thus those breast augmentation rumors about Serena Williams are unlikely to be true.

Overall, Serena Williams does not seem to have undergone any form of plastic surgery. She has never admitted to any cosmetic surgery procedure till today. Instead of speculating whether she underwent the knife, it is more appropriate to appreciate the many years of good tennis she has given us. Serena Williams is a prime example of what hard work and dedication to the sport can bring. She has shown that success is never about the race, color or any physical attribute. Success is about hard work, determination, focus and self belief. Let’s look forward to more exciting tennis matches involving Serena Williams in future. What do you think of Serena Williams plastic surgery rumors?