Wayne Rooney Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

Did Wayne Rooney Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Wayne Rooney, one of the top footballers in the world, has come under scrutiny lately for his appearance on television. He has been regarded as one of the finest footballers England has ever produced. Besides his footballing skills, he is also known to have publicly admitted his use of hair transplants to solve his balding problems. Now, it seems like rumors of him using Botox has resurfaced again.

Photo Credit: The FA

Photo Credit: The FA

Wayne Rooney has played football in various positions. He played as a striker for Manchester United and eventually was shifted to a midfield role as he approached age 30. Credit must be given to Wayne for honestly admitting his hair transplant surgery to his Twitter followers. He has removed hair transplants as a taboo procedure by being so frank about it. Truly, it is amazing how he has restored his full head of hair in such a short time off season.

Check out Wayne Rooney’s forehead looking perfectly smooth:

His recent appearance was nothing related to plastic surgery. In the UEFA Euro Football tournament, there were some displeasure between the Russian fans and England fans. That resulted in some unsightly scenes in the stadiums, including fights and taunts between the two groups of fans. Wayne Rooney made a plea to England fans not to create any more trouble lest the England football team be disqualified from the competition.

However, his appearance led to other speculations. In the video, his forehead did not move at all as he spoke. This is a sign of Botox use. Botox, though easily administered, can result in such unnatural movement of the face if used excessively. The big difference in the before and after photos of Rooney speaks for itself.

But, just like many celebrities, Rooney has never admitted to having plastic surgery. His consistent denials has cast doubt on whether he did undergo the procedure. No matter what, the thing that matters most to Rooney and his fans, is his performance on the field. Botox or not, that should never be a hindrance to a good football game. May Wayne Rooney continue to entertain us with his football skills. What do you think of Wayne Rooney plastic surgery rumors?